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Broadband with a view to Reducing Environment change liabilities

Working together in theory, left out in practice!

A problem with the Australian Telecommunications plan is that simply waking up one day and deciding to ask someone if they want something never experienced and never needed as a consequence has obvious deficiencies, Public information could have began with a futuristic campaign based on our children's future needs, still with limitations children are better positioned to imagine possibilities not even contemplated as possible for many older Australians!

The Telecommunications Consumer caretaker Industry sustains very high levels of employment and livelihoods, growing on itself with job creation through stifled regulation, complacency and failure which helps feed the legal profession!


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An Important Message to All Australians

Gidday to all Good Australians and Peoples of diverse cultures,

This post is being sent to you as an idea gleaned from the movie Pay It Forward. In that movie, a young man does a good deed and it automatically replicates itself in many forms across society. Good people do good deeds and it is easy to see why such deeds are mostly well received. They are good simply because we are doing something for someone else, rather than something for ourselves. This is the essence of being human and interacting with others. It creates warm fuzzy feelings inside which I am sure no one would say a bad word about.

Play it Forward >>

Rally for <insert cause here>

Over the past year I've attended quite a number of rally's. 2 IR rallies, 1 domestic violence rally, a couple of environmental rallies, and a few anti-poverty rallies. But what is the best outcome you can expect from such a rally. They are great for TV camera's, because they are often colourful, and they give you the 30 seconds on the screen to promote your cause, but a lot of effort goes into organising such events, both by the organisers, and the attendees. This is how I see it.

If a rally is held in close proximity to an election, and the rally relates to a political issue, then I can see that a rally will (hopefully) set the agenda for a few days, and perhaps scare the political candidates into taking a favourable position on an issue. Of course, a pre-election position, and actual outcomes are very different things.

A Tear in the Darkness - A Request for Help

Dear Members of yOurDemocracy,   

I take this opportunity, for that is what life is, to bring to your attention (or re-attention as the case may be) the following issue that concerns us all - our fundamental human freedoms and civil liberties. If recent history has taught us anything, then we know that we no longer have a democracy here in
, thanks to the introduction of the Anti-Terrorism Act and Sedition Law as enacted in 2005. 

HELP! Wanted: Transcript of John Howards Televised Address to the Nation in Early 2003

HELP! Wanted: Transcript of John Howards Address to the Nation dated the evening of the Global Anti Protest Day - Sunday 16th February 2003??? (I was protesting at the base of Parliament House in Adelaide).

I specifically remember a line within the Address that I wish to revisit as spoken by our Prime Minister John Howard that night. I could not believe it at the time and yet I wasn't surprised. I remember the line rekindled my thoughts about the direction that Australia (following the UK and the US) could be heading during and possibly post Iraq invasion. Since early 2003 what I have seen and heard confirms it.

The pros and cons of boycotts

I have been thinking about the possible avenues of action an individual, or collection of individuals can take against the policies of a foreign nation. I know groups like Amnisty do this kind of thing all the time, to the best of my knowledge via letter writing and awareness raising. The current topical example of this is the case of Nguyen Tuong Van, and the threats of boycotts of Singapore owned companies such as Optus and Singapore Airlines.

For a boycott to work, what has to happen? Obviously the concerned few will not be sending these companies broke, but could they be put under pressure? And how does one make sure that they know why they are under pressure? Letter writing to the board? Public demonstrations?

Top ten ways to change the world

1) Twirl a fire stick

2) Put a sticker on the back of your car

3) Sign a petition

4) Wear Bali pants

5) Make your own bead jewellery

6) Don't wash your hair

7) Sign an online petition

8) Join Greenpeace

9) Don't wear shoes

10) Vote for a major party

Citizen Initiated Referenda

I propose we start an action group to commence Citizen Initiated Referenda to take back control of our democracy from the party political machine(s).

Could any (all) of you better educated, informed and connected readers, bloggers and others please post links and material here to get us started on this movement.

I, for one, refuse to let this country sink into the hands of a bunch of conservative facists due to apathy.

Yours in Fury.

Citizen Initiated Referenda

I wish to urge Australians to TAKE BACK DEMOCRACY, directly and firmly, by commencing on a series of citizen initiated referenda. Some of the issues facing us have dire consequences and will change our country's character for a long time (if not forever).

I have come to believe that the politicians, we have supposedly elected, have totally disconnected themselves from the voting public. This phenomenon appears to be symptomatic of all politcial parties and is endemic across all constituencies. We have been left with no representation, depite a so-called Member of Parliament sitting in Canberra.

House to house combat course

I have just emerged from the jungle of Real Estate, thoroughly bemused as to the reason for the existence of a somewhat, in my experience, doubtful so-called profession.

It is the only product or stock that is provided absolutely free to a retailer. As a vendor, you are financially responsible for the agents banner headline advertising in various publications that refer to your property. These costs are usually in increments of about $1,000 plus per month on average. Advertising “For Sale

Strategy? What strategy?

Hey all,

I keep wondering why no one is really interested in acting as a group. Isn't that why we are here?

Or are we all just warm and fuzzy as we are finding others who feel similar to ourselves?

Hamish started a strategy thread but the comments were so few it just demonstrated to me the following :

Yes, people want SOMETHING done,

Yes people want change,

Yes, they are ready to do SOMETHING,

Certain people only respond to certain people,

Yes strategy has been decided, by each individual that is, including me,

But we all keep doing what we were doing before we came here. Simply pursuing our own little project, in our own little way and I can see the result already. Bugger all. It is looking very much like a Comittee to me.

Analysing apathy

Hey everyone, I've been pondering for a long time what it might take to attract the apathetic to get involved in this sourt of action, YD that is.

I was apathetic about politics for most of my life so I thought I'd describe how I used to live without getting involved or even interested in politics.

Maybe someone will get clues about how to change others.

I grew up in outback Australia, the NT and there really wasn't any politics up there then. The NT was administered by administrative arrangement mainly from Adelaide meaning there were no politicians to speak of.

So I never heard about politics. I grew up in the Beatles era so I lstened to music and hated the news etc. So world and national events outside music made little or no impact on me and everyone I knew.

Making a Difference - What can *I* do?

There are times when having discussions with those of my friends who are not as politically aware or as active as I am when I wonder what the point of it all is? After all, I'm just one person, who has one vote in a system that is not built to ensure we have an active democracy.

Fortunately, those times are the exception and not the rule otherwise I'd soon lose the motivation to be active and to try to make a difference. I attend forums and talk to those who are not politically aware. I share information and website addresses and talk about the inequities in society. I write letters to the paper, and to politicians and I've even tried my hand at old fashioned political involvement to little avail.

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