Friday 2nd of December 2022

House to house combat course

I have just emerged from the jungle of Real Estate, thoroughly bemused as to the reason for the existence of a somewhat, in my experience, doubtful so-called profession.

It is the only product or stock that is provided absolutely free to a retailer. As a vendor, you are financially responsible for the agents banner headline advertising in various publications that refer to your property. These costs are usually in increments of about $1,000 plus per month on average. Advertising “For Sale

A real estate question for Rimfire

Have you come across any good bulk purchase/development stories, along the lines of corporations treating suburban redevelopment as a form of resource monetisation?

I'm looking into one at the moment/year/probably decade involving a very few people maximising the profit value of a suburb.  It involves former board members of Halliburton/KBR and Reserve Bank board member Robert Gerard ,

Simply put, after a property group redevelopes the suburb , apart from the industrial land, iinto townhouses, the defence boom increases the industrial property's value dramatically.  Guess who owns the land?   Did I mention that the land is also on at the juncture of two railway lines, one to Port Adelaide and one to Darwin?

 In your line of work, surely you've encountered similar instances? 


G'day Rimfire, and welcome! I wouldn't mind seeing you write some more here mate.