Tuesday 12th of December 2023


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To have people who help other people in positions of power.

2 types of people = people who predominantly help them selves (egotistic) and people who help other people (altruistic).

People who help othe people:
Doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, fire fighters, police, phsychologist, charity workers
Any occupation where the aim is to help people (without hurting other people).

Positions of power:
2 main types;
political MP's (federal, state, local)
Coporate Power (CEO's, Executives)

To be eligible for a political position (to get voted), a person has to work in a job above or one where the aim is to help people. They must be in the job for at least 4 yrs plus one yr in a problem area of the same occupation.

Problem Area:
Physical areas where there is more people to help with less resource to help them with base on the average (poor areas, remote areas).