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HELP! Wanted: Transcript of John Howards Televised Address to the Nation in Early 2003

HELP! Wanted: Transcript of John Howards Address to the Nation dated the evening of the Global Anti Protest Day - Sunday 16th February 2003??? (I was protesting at the base of Parliament House in Adelaide).

I specifically remember a line within the Address that I wish to revisit as spoken by our Prime Minister John Howard that night. I could not believe it at the time and yet I wasn't surprised. I remember the line rekindled my thoughts about the direction that Australia (following the UK and the US) could be heading during and possibly post Iraq invasion. Since early 2003 what I have seen and heard confirms it.

The day after the Global Protest I went online and printed out the transcript of his Address to the Nation and there it was in black and white. I have since shifted house and have misplaced the document and no longer have the URL. Its been over two years now and recently I went to find it again. I have been unable to find the original transcript of the National address for that evening.

I sent an email to the website requesting an original copy and I have yet to hear back from them in any regard. Searching here cames up with nothing

If anyone has it or could point me in the right direction as to its location or indeed any errors in my request, I would be most happy. If I am wrong in my instinct in this matter, I will apologise to the group, but for now I trust my instincts for they have served me well.

Kindest Regards

HELP! Wanted: Transcript of John Howards Televised Address to th

Hi John,

Nods yes it was the February 15th 2003, many thanks for clarifying that. But was'nt there a televised address that night (or shortly thereafter) wherein Mr John Howard specifically addressed the days protest as many Australians took to the streets and indeed worldwide? The line I was referring to which I reacted to at the time was in the order of :

"and anyone who protested/marched today is a terrorist themselves".

I remember it so vividly. Approximately 2.5 years before we heard of the new Anti Terrorism laws coming into effect. I'll be darned if I am going to forget that line, despite the fact that I may be a tad out on remembering the exact words and when it was said. But it was said in response to the Global Anti War Protest.  Any help would be most appreciated.

help wanted .....

Hi Soulace. 


The global protest day against the mooted invasion of Iraq was on February 15, 2003. 


The little rodent didn’t give an address to the nation then, as he was overseas in Jakarta. 


He did make a Ministerial Statement to the Parliament on February 4, 2003, wherein he detailed & attempted to justify the government’s position on Iraq – see link Ministerial Statement to Parliament on Iraq – but, after that, he headed off to Washington & London to meet with his fellow conspirators. 


Our boy made a host of statements to the media whilst travelling overseas. 


These interviews included outtakes of his meetings with Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney & Junior in Washington & then with Jack Straw & Tony Blair in London. All these statements can be found here - Interviews - Prime Minister of Australia (scroll down to February). 


Trust these leads are of help.