Tuesday 12th of December 2023

Top ten ways to change the world

1) Twirl a fire stick

2) Put a sticker on the back of your car

3) Sign a petition

4) Wear Bali pants

5) Make your own bead jewellery

6) Don't wash your hair

7) Sign an online petition

8) Join Greenpeace

9) Don't wear shoes

10) Vote for a major party

a friends additions to the list

Highly amused, I shared this list with a friend and he/she had two more additions to the list:

  1. Next time you're in a queue in a bank, start singing "Copacabana".
  2. Arrange for John Howard to lose his job and go on welfare.



Did the Earth shake for you

I know this could be seen in the wrong place but a serious addition to any serious list of sorts is: I could be wrong but according to the elastic rebound theory (Harry Fielding Reid) although nearly a hundred years old, the next earthquake following that of Mozambique (23/02/06) can be predicted north of New Guinea and the next one in the Los Angeles region... Hard to know but a 70-80 per cent bet is of the order...

Top ten ways to change the world

Top ten ways to change the world?

1. Listen to Classical music - Schoenberg, Messiaen, Rameau, Palestrina, Ockeghem and Haydn - up loud an annoy the neighbours.

2. Read Kant.

3. Sue an astrologer who gave you bad advice.

4. Walk down your own street in the nude.

5. Telephone Liberal Party politicians at 2 o'clock in the morning and complain about the Howard government.

6. Ring up Triple J and ask them why they play such conservative music and why don't they play more Beethoven.

7. Join a union and become an active member.

8. Complain about the vanity and "fashion-victimness" espoused by the Hi-5 children's group to television stations.

9. Refuse to listen to all pop and rock music for one year.

10. Wear suits and ties and try to dress as conservatively as possible.