Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Broadband with a view to Reducing Environment change liabilities

Working together in theory, left out in practice!

A problem with the Australian Telecommunications plan is that simply waking up one day and deciding to ask someone if they want something never experienced and never needed as a consequence has obvious deficiencies, Public information could have began with a futuristic campaign based on our children's future needs, still with limitations children are better positioned to imagine possibilities not even contemplated as possible for many older Australians!

The Telecommunications Consumer caretaker Industry sustains very high levels of employment and livelihoods, growing on itself with job creation through stifled regulation, complacency and failure which helps feed the legal profession!

Mr. Conroy cannot frighten or bluff Telstra into self initiated behavior against shareholder interest; Telstra's on-hand resources and demonstrated use make this outside levels of publically acceptable accountability for finances both now and moving forward!

Debate is mostly coming from financial players, Government assistance for demonstrated public input is conspicuously absent, compare this campaign to that of GST for prospective of importance or value!

Many industry leaders have contrasting opinion, few have no self-interest, and some have the best understanding of social need being remarkably similar to their product and future mission statements?

Government Internet censorship including freedom of speech regulation boundaries, Governments interpretation of unwanted material, cost, implementation and market opinion seem mute points if you do not have the equality of non oppressed best internet speeds and per GIG competitive priced access.

Pragmatic self-interest parties with past roles in the sale of Telstra will not achieve the best outcome, separation of Telstra's physical infrastructure and removal of monopolistic possibilities is Australians right to defend itself from those that would do our economy harm through greed and personal gain, we need to write a law in the interests of all Australians with or without company shares.

A patriotic person would not risk undermining Government through exposure to imperfection; we are diplomatic and complacent to a massive employment Industry that will dominate all others into the future? This is the underlying problem and current conflict to unselfish forward thinking!

With all respect to shareholders their interests through directors is in conflict with democracy and equal opportunity through regulation that protects our encouragement of competition advantages moving forward. 

It was far from approved in any consumer based submissions to the previous Government that Australians would ever be held to ransom by Telstra regarding open Infrastructure access for competition; regulatory provisions have failed to protect Australian's rights to maintain the Trade Practices Act without conflict! 

Working towards totally openly accessible markets will naturally fulfill the Countries needs to the long term advantage!

Broadband Reducing Environment change liabilities

In an effort to balance the pendulum I am lobbing for the best outcome putting forward experience based concerns for the bush, particularly where business is limited by resource via climate and societal re-evaluation!

Many Isolated river communities in Australia that were born from water based agriculture or to service hubs, are now political burdens with less water, farms, revenue and sustainable services along with more labour efficient Technology and unemployment!

The previous Government once suggested people just move to the city?

What is the total Economy cost in letting these communities die through natural nutrition?

Negative revenue, degrading infrastructure, crime, physical/mental health, homelessness, loss of culture, arts, history and tourism!

Also increased burdens on major hubs to maintain network connections and extend social service boundaries. Maybe you just like to drive in the country and find it annoying a town no longer has a garage, ATM and VISA or the fuel is too expensive.

The problem is considerably complex and costly with the variable of Telecommunications access a limiting factor along with a large number of outback Australians still Computer illiterate!

I see the internet as the new opportunity without social or economic exclusion!

The new re-emergence of family corner stores that trade global!

Gary Looney

(A Citizen of Australia and all its Territories)

Menindee NSW 2879