Saturday 3rd of December 2022

Strategy? What strategy?

Hey all,

I keep wondering why no one is really interested in acting as a group. Isn't that why we are here?

Or are we all just warm and fuzzy as we are finding others who feel similar to ourselves?

Hamish started a strategy thread but the comments were so few it just demonstrated to me the following :

Yes, people want SOMETHING done,

Yes people want change,

Yes, they are ready to do SOMETHING,

Certain people only respond to certain people,

Yes strategy has been decided, by each individual that is, including me,

But we all keep doing what we were doing before we came here. Simply pursuing our own little project, in our own little way and I can see the result already. Bugger all. It is looking very much like a Comittee to me.

What's the point of having a team if every team member thinks they are the opening batsman, demon pace bowler, star full forward or similar. The result is 50 full forwards and no one playing defence.

Who is there to kick the ball to you? No one of course.

What about a bit of give from some of us to agree on something that this group can represent other than a collection of very well meaning and talented individuals?

The common enemy or target would be laughing themselves silly.