Thursday 22nd of August 2019

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buns, guns, god, greed and gormless america...


After Romance With Russian Agent, Overstock C.E.O. Takes Aim at ‘Deep State’

He was the chief executive of, a publicly traded e-commerce retailer. She was an ambitious graduate student from Russia.

The relationship between Patrick Byrne and Maria Butina became widely known on Monday, when his company issued a news release about it.






the @realDonaldTrump real-estate agent jokes about making a real offer with unreal cash...


US President Donald Trump appears to be making light of his own idea of buying Greenland from Denmark, tweeting a doctored photo of Trump Tower looming over a small village in the Arctic territory.

the dung beetles of the main stream media pushed the shit uphill...

dung pushers

Not a real beetle in this picture... The dung beetle pushes the shit with its hind legs, face down, rolling backwards...

to kill a mocking bird....

american eagle...

Trump Endangers the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act

August 16, 2019

The protection of threatened species will now be weighed against the economic benefit their extinction might mean. Meanwhile, states would no longer be able to review the impact of projects on water quality, in accordance with the decades-old the Clean Water Act


the united states of niccolò machiavelli…

Slowly but surely we come to “understand” politics. 

the dog on the tucker box...


It has been a long road home for Gundagai's much-loved Dog on the Tuckerbox after the 87-year-old bronze statue was vandalised last month.

... and women...



From Red Flag:

his ears were burning as well...

alan jones farts

Alan Jones has revealed he has written to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to apologise for a comment made on his program.

unable to find meaningful answers to existential questions? become a peaceful humanist...


One more quote from Louis Betty’s book, explaining the Houllebecquian worldview:

selected budget cuts by the christian scummo government...


Australia's special forces will sport new weapons and body armour as part of a $3 billion spend on new equipment and training over the next two decades.

Another Drunk Abo

Asleep on the floor with a pup in his arms 
in the free tram heading for town
The driver told him he'd have to get up 
as he gazed on him with a frown
As the tram trundled he got to a seat
and muttered while resting there
"Excuse me, will this give me a ride
across to Victoria Square?

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