Saturday 15th of August 2020

the new BLOCK-head, junior trump, appeals to colorbond-roofed bogans...


Scott Morrison’s attempt to cut Labor’s grass almost ended in tears on Thursday morning.

The Prime Minister made an early morning visit to the Queanbeyan growth suburb of Googong to spruik $25,000 cash grants for residential construction.

has the coronavirus panic subsided and is the new catch phrase "I can't breathe"?...


New charges have been announced against all of the sacked police officers present at the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

simplified opinions, stupid politics, complex history, fooled journalists and the free media...


Why Were So Many Journalists Murdered in 2018?

To date, 34 of them were killed in retaliation for their work, nearly doubling last year's number.


the russian conundrum...


Perestroika (Перестройка) was a political movement for reformation within the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the 1980s and is widely associated with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and his glasnost (meaning "openness") policy reform. The literal meaning of perestroika is "restructuring", referring to the restructuring of the Soviet political and economic system.


Perestroika is sometimes argued to be a significant cause of the revolutions of 1989 (referred to as counter-revolutions by the USSR's defenders, and colour revolutions) and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which marked the end of the Cold War. 


the chinese again...


Australia's currency has risen sharply in recent days.


the world erupts as trump use divisive language...


The US President Donald Trump has been rushed to an underground safety bunker as violent protests raged outside the White House.

more social justice alla morrison: guilty of being poor and unemployed because there is no jobs...

find a job...

If you thought the almost billion-dollar Robodebt bungle would change the Morrison government’s prejudices towards millions of vulnerable and unemployed Australians, think again.

fading away before the skeleton arguments?...


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has refused to attend his call over, with a UK court still unable to find a new venue for his next extradition hearing.

more like wrestling than dancing...


In the light of the present general lockdown without mentioning its purpose we could ask a few questions regarding “free will” and a few philosophical attitudes, when faced by interferences such as war and diseases. 

did twitter push its own freedom of speech a bit too far?


US President Donald Trump says he is directing US Attorney General William Barr to work with states in an effort to enforce existing laws against so-called deceptive business practices of social media companies. 

interpreting inevitability...


Statistics, even in their crudest form of observation, can be brutal and manipulated to suit a social decision and help in the creation of myths. 


Claude Lévi-Strauss in The Structural Study of Myth, tells us:


6.2. As may be seen from a global inspection of the chart [an over-simplified chart of the Zuni emergence myth], the basic problem consists in discovering a mediation between life and death.


workchoices mark III


Unions and Labor both reacted cautiously to the news, with Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus saying unions would participate in the meetings. 

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