Monday 29th of May 2017

What is global warming?


So. What is global warming?


Good question. Exclusive by Gus Leonisky.


Global warming is quite simple really. 


the love for the donald...



Joe Hockey has warned Australia against being "constant critics" of the Trump administration in its early days.

The Australian ambassador to the United States was in Canberra this week to weigh in on the federal government's new foreign policy blueprint along with all other ambassadors and high commissioners.

The administration is only 69 days into the four-year tenure, Mr Hockey said in a speech to the Sydney Institute.

"If this was a five-day international Test cricket match, we would still be in the first session on the first day," he said.

a lot of brain power used in a pea-shooting competition between somophores...

a lot of brain power used ina pea-shooting competition between somophores...

The ABC religion and ethics division is a source of constant disappointments. There is a lot of religious gobbledegook and little ethics in the daily sauce. Today we analyse what should have been a major breakthrough in helping students discover their purpose in life.

can the last one out turn off the lights?...

ice age

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order undoing a slew of Obama-era climate change regulations that his administration says are hobbling oil drillers and coal miners, a move environmental groups have vowed to take to court.

a mighty couple...


Many philosophers have tried to pit the enlightenment of sciences against old humanities in various formats, as if we should distrust sciences from giving us the clues of what we should know.

the same old amigo ...

the same old amigo ...

‘The nbn network is Australia’s exciting new landline phone and internet network. It’s designed to give you access to fast, reliable phone and internet services, no matter where you live’. NBN Connect Kit.  

Clusters Of Munitions Companies

The next bit is reprinted from the Advertisers letters page of Halloween 2014: IF the future frigates are to be built in Adelaide, and the ship chosen is the Type 26 Combat Ship, a new era in naval co-operation could begin.

The UK Navy are building 13 of these ships, with BAE doing much of the design work and Raytheon developing the navigation and bridge systems.

how murdoch's opinionators are used to disconnect the reality from our brain, as we fill our car petrol tank...


Houston we have a problem... If you read the Sunday Telegraph this Sunday (26/03/17), you would be made aware that civilisation was under threat from "terrorists", but we, the civilised mob would prevail against the sordid amount of terror we face. Our stiff upper lip, our "compassion" and our solidarity with our friends the Poms and the Yanks would make sure we would get through this serious crisis.


It is as if we did not create the problem. The terrorists are rat bags for disturbing our peace and we are so righteous in our suit and tie.


turnbull is front runner for an olympic medal in the turdthrowing event...

olympics alla aussie...

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has placed himself in the crosshairs of Australian sport's most bitter feud, in a move that could lead to the ousting of the country's most powerful Olympic official John Coates.

The ABC has also unearthed audio of the Prime Minister lavishly praising the woman who is challenging Coates.

Mr Fraudband (sung to the tune of Mr Sandman)

Mr Fraudband

Mr Fraudband you’ve screwed our dream

Made the biggest mess that we’ve ever seen

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