Monday 29th of May 2017

stirring passions...


Malcolm Turnbull is finally trying to answer the lingering question of what he stands for.

It is no trivial matter because the hollowness at the core of his Government has been its fatal flaw.

a spewed dog's breakfast...

private health

History is repeating itself. Medicare was created by the Whitlam government because of the abject failure of private health insurance or, as it was then called, voluntary health insurance.

As a result of the growth of private health insurance since 1999 under the Howard government, Medicare is now seriously threatened. Government subsidies for private health insurance will take us back to the pre-Whitlam and pre-Medicare era.

chemical warfare...

chemical warfare

A white cloud of pesticides had drifted into Fidelia Morales's back yard, coating her children's swing set.

The 40-year-old mother of five gestured toward the citrus groves that surround her house in California's Central Valley as she recounted when an air blast sprayer sent chemicals floating onto her property last year – landing on her family's red and blue jungle gym.

farting about...

farting about

On April 15, a Navy photo showed the USS Carl Vinson south of its base in Singapore when it was supposed to be headed north towards North Korea per Trump’s orders. Trump said in an interview with FOX on April 9 that he dispatched the supercarrier the day prior to send a powerful message to Pyongyang.



a class apart ...

a class apart ...

“Earlier this week the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed the typical Australian was a 38-year-old woman living with her husband and two children in a three-bedroom house with a mortgage.

a bit more flogging of candidates would be welcome to maintain the true spirit of democracy...


This was the first step in becoming a representative of the Tiaxcallan people.


Next came the real hardship: starving, beating and bloodletting rituals for about two years on top of learning the moral and legal code of the city.


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