Wednesday 21st of November 2018

The Song of the Doctor

(Sung to tune of "Pinball Wizard")

Since I was a boy I've been a fan of Doctor Who
I'd cheer in in admiration at all the things he'd do
I'd hide behind the couch each time a Dalek came onscreen
But now something has happened that can't remain unseen

Chorus:) I used to want to be like him, when I had grown up

like having ants in our brain...


The federal government has commissioned an inquiry into mental illness and its impact on the economy, saying it wants to know whether Australia’s mental health funding is delivering the best possible outcomes.

donald is one of them — nothing more, nothing less...

the hero of a nation

It was once more with feeling. Thousands of protesters in Washington and cities around the United States gathered with a last-ditch appeal to their senators — "please don't send Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court".

yeah... petrol-heads and supercheap auto as well...


Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the Sydney Harbour Bridge should also be used to advertise sporting events and described opponents of the move to display racing ads on the Opera House sails as “precious”.

switching launching venue...


US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia


an ordinary bogan from the shire with not much interest in AFL, now believes in the west coast eagles...

scomo's beliefs

Scott Morrison spent three days this week in WA basking in an AFL grand final win and spruiking the Government's plan to legislate a GST fix during his first visit to the state since taking over as Prime Minister.

you have surrendered your life to your smart phone... no escape.

tweeting twit.

On Wednesday afternoon, nearly every smart phone in America blared and vibrated with an emergency alert – the first ever test of the national Presidential Alert system.

bad men, bad god, weird nature, complicated laws, jezebel, consent or not...


Life is weird. And we make it weirder with weird laws to prevent it being too weird, yet these laws rarely work and only cost money. If you have cash in the USA, your chances to see prison are far smaller than should you have committed a lesser crime and be poor. 

a slow tram delayed to somewhere light...

tram tracks

The civil construction company building Sydney's troubled light rail has revealed the project has been delayed again, and will not be complete until May 2020.

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