Friday 25th of May 2018

NATO demolished the state because...


Seven years ago, on 19 March 2011, the war against Libya began. It was led by the United States first through the Africa Command, then through NATO under US command.

armour-plated like Cryptocheilus bicolor... while talking about poison...


This large Australian wasp, Cryptocheilus bicolor, more than 35 millimetres in length, is a predator of the large huntsman spiders (Sparassidae) and wolf spiders (Lycosidae). It stings the spider it in its soft belly in a powerful fight "for the death" which the wasp always win, though the wasp does not kill the spider, just paralyses it. The spider is then dragged to a burrow. The wasp lays an egg on the spider, and conceals the nesting chamber at the end of the burrow. When the grub hatches it feeds on the "alive" spider before pupating in a thin silky cocoon in the cell. (

The Bleeding Nun of Lindenberg


We should see ourselves as no more than monkeys in evolution. We are not there yet. 

nothing new with the red ball...

red ball

This illustration from 1885 in the Bulletin shows "the death of cricket in Australia".

Nothing new.

helping putin...


President Trump’s supporters, up to and including Trump himself, have tried to delegitimize Robert Mueller’s necessary investigation for crassly partisan purposes. But it’s also true that Trump’s opponents, eagerly taking reports of each new crumb of circumstantial corroboration as ironclad proof of collusion, are rapidly delegitimizing the presidency, our government and democratic processes.

the russians glow in the "spectral evidence"...


You may have had the fortune of having been an "experiencer" of the hilarious comedy called “People of Earth” and should you be slightly bent like old Gus, you would see big-eyed big brain bumbling short alien “Jeff” (played by Ken Hall) as big idiot Trump and cool Nancy (played by a cool Debra McCabe) as nasty Theresa May. Trumble soon dies in the series in the character of Kurt. He may come back as an alien monk —Turdy Abbott...

pushing a barrow of shit...

pushing the barrowpushing the barrow

the bottom of the barrel...

leaking too

For his part, Senator Chris Murphy bemoaned the fact that US President Donald Trump is not interested in "projecting liberal values" into other countries, let alone trade liberalization. The White House's recent initiative to introduce additional tariffs on aluminum and steel imports has prompted a wave of criticism from the US' global partners and allies.

Furthermore, the US president made it clear that the US will not support numerous international institutions and withdrew from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Murphy called upon the defenders of the liberal world order to team up and "build new alliances within their societies."

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