Friday 21st of July 2017

no proof either...


It would have been inappropriate for Donald Junior to refuse to see the "Russian Lawyer". Whether he "loved it" or not, the allegations made were serious: "The DNC was financed by illegal means"... The whole thing was a pile of crap made up by an associate of the dog friends of a relative of cat that a "Russian lawyer" who has no ties with the Kremlin, had some info which was as reliable as the CIA's Saddam weapons of mass destruction

In fact it is highly likely that the dump of Hillary's email from Wikileaks came from within the DNC itself. Further more had Comey done his job, Hillary should have been charged, AND WE WOULD HAVE PRESIDENT SANDERS instead of the dork.

far more important than trump and his supposed russian little helper...


"The situation has become so bad it would not be ethical not to use strong language," study leader Professor Gerardo Ceballos of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México told the Guardian.

soft occupation...


Investigative journalist Jurij Kofner is a German citizen. To question the extent to which his country’s policy decisions are influenced by America’s agenda, he explores Germany’s post-war history to understand how relations with the US were formed. He also looks into the dynamics of the two countries’ cooperation under the umbrella of NATO.

the cheshire cat, alice ivanka and the rabid biased media...

don the cat

The Hill termed it a “blistering critique”, the Huffington Post UK called it a “savage takedown of Donald Trump”, noting Uhlmann’s observation that Mr Trump had been an “uneasy, lonely, awkward” figure. 


America is becoming more and more of an echo chamber.

and better looking...



German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday defended President Trump’s daughter Ivanka for briefly sitting in for her father during a Group of 20 summit meeting in Germany.

the little big liar from the ultra-conservative north shore...



He is attempting to create the impression that he can jettison our Paris commitments, that he can control electricity prices, and that he would fund and build a new ultra supercritical coal-fired power station.

...on the eighth day, god created the learned australian idiots...


An Australian geologist who is trying to prove the existence of the biblical great flood will be allowed to collect rock samples from the Grand Canyon.

Andrew Snelling was awarded a PhD by the University of Sydney in 1982 and is the director of research at Answers in Genesis, a Christian science group that believes in the literal interpretation of the Bible.

squishy tomato joyce was prepared to flush the aussie economy down the toilet for sympathy with the USA...



Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been criticised for suggesting Australia might support US trade sanctions on China, with his comments labelled “potentially very dangerous” by one expert.

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