Sunday 24th of January 2021

of competition and cooperation...

AC sirs

In these weird times when sports are played sporadically and in mostly Covid-free countries (say Kiwiland and Ockerspace) — or under strict conditions such as the Australian Open in Melbourne, the mention of "text book" competitive tactics re-enters the vernacular of commentators.



and while the UK is going full bore with boris' GMOs and poisons...

bee on fennel flowers


Many pesticides illegal in Europe due to their proven dangerousness continue to be produced and exported to third countries. Questioned in a letter by 76 organizations, including POLLINIS, the European Commission said in its response to consider a review of the legislation to put an end to this unacceptable policy.

no more secrets between friends and enemies...

no secret

As what seemed an unending turnover of senior staff in the White House, and open warfare with agency heads continued unabated, it was hard to believe that was possible, let alone happening.

crucified twice for being trump...


WASHINGTON — Before self-proclaimed members of the far-right group the Proud Boys marched toward the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, they stopped to kneel in the street and prayed in the name of Jesus.

The group, whose participants have espoused misogynistic and anti-immigrant views, prayed for God to bring “reformation and revival.” They gave thanks for “the wonderful nation we’ve all been blessed to be in.” They asked God for the restoration of their “value systems,” and for the “courage and strength to both represent you and represent our culture well.” And they invoked the divine protection for what was to come.

customer of fake and covert "intelligence" to become the chief grocer of said...

mr burns

WASHINGTON — President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has selected William J. Burns, a career State Department official who led the U.S. delegation in secret talks with Iran, to run the C.I.A.

In selecting Mr. Burns, Mr. Biden is turning to an experienced diplomat with whom he has a long relationship. The two men have worked together on foreign policy issues, not just during the Obama administration, but also while Mr. Biden led the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Mr. Biden said Mr. Burns’s first task would be to make sure intelligence collection and analysis were not influenced by politics after years of President Trump’s attacks on the intelligence agencies.

lucrative soldiering...



remembering not to forget a small pair of boots: history re-begins.

sea shells   Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (161–180 CE) is deemed to be the best Roman Emperor, while Caligula (37–41 

questions arise for holding congress' open day when the members were discussing joe biden becoming president...

questions   Many embarrassing questions are being asked about how thousands of Trump supporters – some of them reportedly armed – were able to over-run the seat of American government this week. 

we'll get our feet wet from below... no shit...


Australia records fourth-warmest year in 2020, despite La Niña

Climate scientist says another top 10 year is a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ moment, as temperatures across the country were 1.15C above average

no lock is 100 per cent proof if they decide to destroy your front door...


As Understanding of Russian Hacking Grows, So Does Alarm

the end of your freedom... in an anti-fascist penalty shoot out.


Stephen Colbert is no stranger to showing emotion as he recaps the news of the day on The Late Show — but he told viewers on Wednesday's monologue that he "[has] rarely been as upset as I am tonight."

happy like a pig in muck...


Lawmakers resumed counting votes on Wednesday, after the Capitol building was cleared from a mob. Senators and members of the House had evacuated when Trump supporters disrupted Congress’s debate of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.


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a famous thong about thlippers...

op slipper....

I caught a rat once in one of the box traps made to catch snails…


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