Friday 28th of October 2016

we do not have much time left...


Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

Scientists’ warnings that the rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States’ coastline are no longer theoretical.

exceptional hypertension...



The G20 meets in tech hub Hangzhou, China, at an extremely tense geopolitical juncture.

a word with Mr Whyne ...

a word with Mr Whyne ...

“Good morning, we have an interview with Liberal, Mr Whine.”

“Good morning, pleased to be here.”



NBN Co staff must be feeling as little less confident about the upcoming launch of its second satellite, after Facebook's broadband internet satellite was destroyed in an explosion during launch testing on Thursday morning in Florida. 

While NBN Co has insured the launch of its satellite, the explosion highlights the risk of sending expensive communications equipment into space.



Rocket's red glare

They thought I was bonkers when I dug this hole

and filled it with rooms as an ultimate goal

of an underground home they'd forgotten was there

unseen in the light of the rocket's red glare


As soon as the missiles start to fall

to the supermarket I'll make a quick call

for a fellow can only eat so much baked beans

too much of counting on other countries to then stabilize and help support government formation...


the american mafia

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama reiterated that the intervention in Libya was probably the worst mistake of his presidency. Nevertheless, for one reason or another, the president again failed to mention who the architect of that operation was. Hint: She's running for president.

the blue planet...

the blue planet

Energy is a weird thing. Matter is made of energy levels as elegantly explained by the reciprocal famous Einstein equation. Energy goes through specific levels of values, some of it becomes bits that make atoms, while other energy levels become the connections and relationships between atoms. As the universe expands, the whole lot is seemingly going towards a relative entropy of nothingness. 

mutton dressed up as lamb...

insults versus vilification...

The house of reps members are heading over to the Senate for the speech by the governor general, Sir Peter CosgroveBill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull are walking together.

idiots chosen for their knowledge of lolly wrapper knock-knock jokes and Chinese fortune cookie proverbs....



The climate sceptic Liberal MP Craig Kelly has been appointed chairman of the backbench environment and energy committee, with National party MP Kevin Hogan as secretary.

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