Friday 21st of July 2017

it will not work... it's a smoke screen... turnbull is turdbullshitting again...


An industry insider has heaped scorn on the push to create electricity from "clean" coal-fired power, dismissing it as unviable.

biting the hands that feed...

feeding terror

Really? Did we finance the rise of Bin Laden as a side-show by helping the Mujehadeens fight the communists? Did we finance some terrorist organisations to prevent socialism overtaking some countries? Are those terrorists now giving us a taste of what we have paid for? YES.

Is our media so dumb as not to see that the rabid dogs we have fed with cash and weaponry are now biting our hand? NO.

looking for real Labor ...

looking for real Labor ...

The result of the British election should produce seismic change in Australian politics. But it almost certainly won’t.

Orwell would be pleased ...

Orwell would be pleased ...

Within hours of the bombing at Manchester Arena last month, police had identified the lone wolf suicide bomber they alleged was behind the attack.

what's wrong with this picture?...


An NSA document purporting to show Russian military hacker attempts to access a Florida company which makes voter registration software is sent anonymously to The Intercept. A low-level NSA contractor, Reality Winner, is arrested almost immediately.

What’s wrong with this picture? A lot.

Who Benefits?

The great slide into crap...


The New York Post has a bitchy article on Gweneth Paltrow today. It’s not the first paper to demonise her about her “beliefs”. Sure, if I was Gweneth, I’d get my head examined but so should anyone who believe in god almighty and/or in Santa Claus -- and democratic monarchy. 

Elizabeth's Birthday

It's not the Queen's Birthday
The date is a fake
as the Royals sit to dine on
Australia, the Cake!
The last of the Empire

the donald may be a pussy-grabber, the previous tenants were pimps...


I could be totally wrong but I have a feeeling that we’ve all been Trumped. Trump has been bombastic, chauvinistic, illogical, anti-stuff and yet the result of what he’s done is giving us a greater sense of what we need to do. That is far better than should Hillary got her patroness mittens on the handles of power, we would have been sold more pups.


have you all lost your senses over there?... yes we have...


Pressed by Megyn Kelly on his ties to President Trump, an exasperated Vladimir Putin blurted out, “We had no relationship at all. … I never met him. … Have you all lost your senses over there?”

Yes, Vlad, we have.

we are getting numb between the ears...


John Henry’s transfixing play “Republic For Which We Stand” sounds the tocsin against the chosen people mentality that fuels perpetual war, one-branch government, and limitless surveillance in the United States. That un-starry-eyed message is leavened with recurring humor, satire and comedy that capture the full spectrum of vices and foibles in all their moods and tenses. Our Founding Mothers and Founding Fathers come to life, warts and all, to remind us of what made America great.

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