Saturday 15th of August 2020

whitlam blamed himself for kerr...


"It's my fault that I didn't check on his background because, if I had asked any of the judges on the NSW Supreme Court ... they would have told me he had a drink problem."

the intelligence test that god would fail at...

rats!...   A very wafty, flawed and superficial annoying 6,285 words-too-long analysis of (YNH) Yuval Noah Harari’s works, by a fellow called Nick Spencer has just been posted.

bananas in pyjamas will go naked or be owned by smoothies...

naked bananas

Two years ago: The divisive Liberal Party vote to privatise the ABC was backed by at least four of the party’s top federal officials, according to footage that also shows the idea gained support from at least one federal Liberal MP.

four months to decide...

election choice...

The battlelines for the election of the next president of the United States are not going to be about wars, China, intelligent scientific evolution and the economy, nor about the infection rates to Covid19. These battlelines won’t be about Trump’s mad sociopathy — which we knew all along before the book by his niece — versus Biden creeping dementia and his Christian war-loving hubris followed by contrite hypocrisy. 

for many people, the fact we have not fried yet means that global warming is bunkum...


Some people are impatient, especially doctors, scientists and all of us... In regard to global warming, the disinformation is rife even coming from the brains of intelligent people. We want to fry to make sure global warming is really happening... Consider this tirade from doctor Vernon Coleman who may be a good doctor but knows zip about global warming sciences. His goal is to denigrate Bill Gates and his wife's foundation, and Vernon adds more sauce until he says:




Next, Gates has been funding scientists at Harvard who are trying to block out the sun’s rays in an attempt to stop global warming. 


venus, cleopatra, judith, salome, susanna, herself in oils... and more beauty...


Today, Google celebrates the birth of Artemisia Lomi or Artemisia Gentileschi — an Italian Baroque painter, now considered one of the most accomplished seventeenth-century artists working in the dramatic style of Caravaggio.

Born: 8 July 1593, Rome, Italy



misunderstanding china as a backward country for the last 40 years...


China Versus the World

An Emboldened Beijing Seeks to Consolidate Its Power

Beijing is ruthlessly expanding its power. But resistance is growing around the world -- and Germany will soon play a key role.

a new logo failure for a loony country...


Australia’s new wattle logo is a design, storytelling and timing failure

Last week, Australia's new logo was revealed: a golden wattle flower that many were quick to point out bears an uncanny resemblance to COVID-19. As Ash Ivory argues, it wasn't just a design failure, but also a failure to communicate the story behind the logo, and time its launch correctly.


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scud missiles in eden-monaro…

scumscuds   For the ones who are too young to remember, Scud missiles were Saddam’s attack system that were powerful enough but direction-lacking. These missiles were an upgrade of the Soviet made Scud to achieve a longer range. The weapons were widely used by the Iraqi Army during the Iran–Iraq War and the Gulf War of 1991. 

when racism was more civilised and had less anger...

black humour

How Netflix Beat Hollywood to a Generation of Black Content

The company didn’t set out to build a big library of Black programming, but now it’s the envy of its rivals.

The Black documentarian Stanley Nelson says his phone has been “ringing off the hook” as America is looking again at racism and the Black experience. Justin Simien, the creator of “Dear White People,” says the reactions to his pitches have grown warmer. And the director Ava DuVernay reports a flood of calls to “me and every other Black person that’s ever picked up a camera.”

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