Sunday 24th of January 2021

you say pork barrelling, I say rort, corruption...


The New South Wales premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has conceded that $140m in grants to councils that were approved in the nine months before the last state election amounted to pork barrelling, but said there was nothing illegal about it.

“It’s not something the community likes ... but it’s an accusation I will wear,” she said. It’s not unique to our government,” Berejiklian said.

“It’s not an illegal practice. Unfortunately it does happen from time to time by every government,” she said.

when peace is difficult for the jokers in gotham...

no war

What in the world is going through the mind of Donald Trump? That question might have been asked at any time in any place over the past five years, yet it has special weight today, given that it involves matters of war and peace.

in the bunker and detached from the country...



There was one thing that even Donald Trump’s harshest critics were never able to accuse him of: invisibility.

shell-shocked democratic paladin...


After taking the oath of office President Joe Biden may be tempted to resume policy as if it was January 20, 2017. But the nation and world with which he dealt as vice president no longer exist.


of literary prizes...


Some days we think of poetry as a dead antelope and poets as the wolves, hyenas, and coyotes who come to fight over the innards, teeth bared, growling. 

rand paul saves the world, before joe mucks it up again with hawks in his ears...


It’s strange to think but Rand Paul is something of an institution now. He’s still an insurgent, of course, as he always has been, but he’s been a member of the Senate for almost a decade.


the koalas are getting confused...


Premier Gladys Berejiklian has dumped upper house Liberal Catherine Cusack from her role as a parliamentary secretary and announced plans to reverse changes to a key koala planning policy after the upper house MP voted against a government land bill.

the aliens are glowing in the dark and taking the piss...


Fermi, the quantum physicist, was not the first scientist to ask about aliens. 


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