Thursday 30th of July 2015

aircraft jelly man to challenge abbott for the pilot seat in warringah...

dicky jam...

Millionaire entrepreneur and explorer Dick Smith has said that he is considering running for Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah due to his anger with stalled aviation safety changes that he has personally been championing.

“I’m not sure, I’m quite angry that I haven’t been able to finish the aviation reforms,” he told ABC radio on Monday morning.

tony, the turdy pom, tries to stop the leaks...



A former senior Liberal minister has launched a scathing attack on the Abbott Government and the Prime Minister's handling of citizenship policy.

society building...


I buy books... Not the one advertised by current publishers on growing tulips, nor the latest autobiography of the unknown soldier. I buy books by the cartons, fruit boxes and bulk from deceased estates and antiquarians going bust. Old books. Old books that have long ago passed their used-by-date in our new world of instant information via the internet. The old books are sometimes congealed in dust. Most have not been opened for more than 100 years.

bubbling along while tony bumbles along and his mate josh says it's not happening in sydney....



"In Melbourne, you can get a three-bedroom brick veneer home 35 kilometres west in Werribee for $360,000 or $370,000. But in Sydney's Kellyville, 40 kilometres out of the city, you're paying $450,000. Melbourne delivers better affordability than Sydney and over the last decade-and-a-half, people have voted with their feet and increasingly chosen Melbourne over Sydney."

This exodus is reshaping Sydney's social fabric, Salt warns.

"It's almost like the Manhattan effect, you only attract rich people on to the Manhattan island, and the rest live out in Brooklyn etc."

Sydney is increasingly segregated between the inner city, home to a global workforce, and its sprawling suburbs.

the "culture wars"...

vanity fair

There is a rise in the conservative ranks of uncertainty and half-hearted fight-back on moral issues. Most of the conservatism, especially in the USA, is faith-based. The social interaction of conservatives depends on moral values as given by god to follow. There is little give or take on this one, except when one (or more sons and daughters) in their rank falls to the pressure of sin, usually of a sexual nature, the button of forgiveness/redemption is pressed. Amen. 

a bucketful for the pitiful shameful degrading bullies parading as a mascarade of the australian government...



The head of Australia's Human Rights Commission, Professor Gillian Triggs, has shown defiance in the face of the latest attack on her by the Federal Government, standing by her criticisms of new laws that she says limit international diplomacy and harm democracy and liberties.

shit floats or plays submarine while the aussie populace is waiting to be hit with a baseball bat...


shit floats

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews has appointed an expert advisory panel to oversee the so-called "competitive evaluation process" for the Navy's future submarine fleet.

in the race to the bottom of presidential election: when god, guns and greed ran texas' luck...

perry 2nd

Oops, he did it again: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is officially launching his second campaign for president today. He's expected to announce his bid flanked by combat veterans in the Dallas suburb of Addison. His entry to the race swells the growing GOP field to 10 official candidates.

fixing the barn door after the storm blew the whole barn away...



Outgoing Fifa president Sepp Blatter says he is moving forward with a "comprehensive programme of reform" for world football's governing body.

It comes after a tumultuous nine days for his organisation, amid claims of "systemic and deep-rooted" corruption.

Seven Fifa officials were held in a dawn raid last week in Zurich as they gathered for a congress which saw Mr Blatter re-elected for a fifth term.

Four days later, Mr Blatter announced he would step down early from the post.

He said he would remain at work until Fifa had chosen his successor in the coming months.

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