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the bonkers piss and wind diplomat...



So, Australian Prime Minister wants to shirt-front Russia's President Vladimir Putin, does he? It is difficult to find a more blatant example of childishness, incompetence for the position, criminal intent, downright nastiness and an indication of a disturbed mind crying out for therapy. Don't the Australian people deserve better?

Dear Mr. Abbott,

After your reckless remarks and unfounded, slanderous insinuations about Russia shooting down a civilian aircraft and murdering Australian civilians we now have apparently a statement attributed to you by the media of your country about intending to "shirt-front" President Putin on his visit to Brisbane in November for the G-20 Summit.

awakening of the second fiddle...


Anthony Albanese has signalled Labor has gone too far in supporting the Abbott government’s national security agenda, particularly the new “draconian” restrictions on press freedom which would see journalists jailed for between five and 10 years.

of polls and opinions...

red underpants

Australians back the federal government’s decision to join the military effort against the militia group calling itself Islamic State, but believe doing so will make us “less safe”, according to a new poll.

the smell of it...

not insane 5

The ABC must accept full responsibility for any controversial program cuts rather than blaming the Abbott government, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has warned.

A frustrated Mr Turnbull said cutting programming is the "laziest" way to save money and that the ABC should focus on reducing back-of-office expenses.

The ABC is considering axing current affairs program Lateline, the state-based 7.30 programs and cutting back on radio current affairs programs.

the drums of war...

drums of war

and regrettably so, the idioth talketh...

freedom and terror

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has warned Australians that the balance between freedom and security "may have to shift", given the current "troubling" and "darkening" security situation.

some are completely bonkers...


It’s important that the media are able to present the most accurate information about mental illness to the community. Below is a summary of brief facts about mental illness that media professionals can use within a story or use to provide context for a story.

the truth from a master liar, ahmad chalabi...


Islamic State in Iraq'They Know Exactly What They Are Doing'

Interview conducted by Dieter Bednarz

Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi played an infamous role in spurring the 2003 American invasion of his country. In an interview, he tells SPIEGEL about the rise of Islamic State, why the West misjudged the jihadists and whether it is time to cooperate with Assad.

somewhere, unfortunately not in a parallel universe...

chimps ahoy!

The downfall of democracy starts with our idealisation of this form of government. It's a bit like love and marriage... Nothing is ever perfect. 

not an economist...

not an economist

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