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I was born yesterday under a non-cynical wandering star...

palmer abbott conspiracy

Clive Palmer has declared the Abbott government's Direct Action policy is "dead", saying his Palmer United Party will use its numbers in the Senate to block the Coalition's policy to replace the carbon tax.

Mr Palmer said on Monday the controversial policy, which aims to reduce emissions largely through payments to businesses, was “hopeless” and would be "gone" if his party,  Labor and the Greens all vote against it, as they have previously indicated.

“It’s goodbye Direct Action,” Mr Palmer told Fairfax Media.

“It’s gone.”

the greed of the easter piggy...

easter piggy

Where do Easter and business intersect? Well, what about at greed.

According to Dr Brian Rosner, principal of Ridley Melbourne, an Anglican theological college, greed has been glamorised by the market economy and is a forgotten sin.

Maybe it's this that allows those Christians who are business people, economists and politicians to share their colleagues' commitment to unending economic growth and an ever-rising material standard of living.

giro dancing with one of them...


one of them

From the SMH...


Three months later an opening arose when corruption allegations forced the resignation of the now jailed union boss Michael Williamson, who had been appointed to the State Water Corporation in the last days of the Labor government by treasurer Eric Roozendaal.

Mr Baird and then finance minister Greg Pearce signed off on the appointment of Mr Di Girolamo to a three-year $100,000 directorship of State Water Corporation.

''[Mr Di Girolamo] has legal and water sector experience,'' the briefing note to Mr Baird states. ''He is currently a director of Australian Water Holdings and Chairman of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry''.

a "lefty" in this Liberal (CONservative) party is like a colonel in the Genghis Khan army...


New South Wales Treasurer Mike Baird has been chosen as the state's 44th premier after the shock resignation of Barry O'Farrell.

The Liberal party room met this afternoon to formally accept Mr O'Farrell's resignation and elect his successor.

the games of chicken...

st george

The Eroding Power of Central Banks

By Michael Sauga and Anne Seith

the advert pages before dating agencies...


From the Daily Mirror advert for TV Week, January 20, 1965...

our new GG entertains the young royals for a sum that could have saved holden...



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have touched down in Sydney with Prince George to begin their 10-day tour of Australia.



a bunch of presidential candidates chosen by uncle rupe...

president 2016


In a lengthy interview with Fortune published Thursday, media mogul Rupert Murdoch gave his thoughts on the 2016 presidential field.

Though he said he has “no settled thoughts at all” on the race, Murdoch admitted he’s “watching it with great interest.”

1959 — russia... 2014 — australia...

1959 russia

As Russian students were getting a wage for being studious back then in 1959, In Australia, the Abbott regime wants to burden students with more fees on their already hefty loans, to study at university. 



University students should pay an extra fee on top of government loans to fund more enrolments, a review has recommended.

playing with retirees' mind at a numbers guessing game...

heavy lifting

The MMMM is full of speculation about the age of pension which if I had it my way should be 60 or under (say 55) and give the young people a go at mucking things up.


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