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what we don't want to see...


Greenpeace sought access to BP’s “well operation management plan”, held by the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority. Nopsema refused access to parts of the document, listing a range of reasons.

It cited one as “the likelihood of opposition/protest groups using the information to oppose all drilling activities in the Great Australian Bight”.

the da turnbull code...


the issue won't go away...

another trump wall of ignoranceanother trump wall of ignorance

medicare, grandpa mark and surgeon turnbull


I’ve committed a terrible crime. I don’t agree with a government policy.

sore losers...


like a bad smell, will he ever go away?...


There's no room at the Coalition ministry's inn for Tony Abbott: Julie Bishop

when turds are protected species...


The Greens are calling for a parliamentary inquiry into a "secret deal" involving Attorney-General George Brandis and the West Australian Liberal Government over funds from Alan Bond's failed Bell Group.

staying top dog is a funny business...

funny businessfunny business

the biggest fake news of the century...

fake newsfake news

It pains me to see the MMMMM (mediocre liberal media) at a loss (I was going to say wanking) about the "fake news" that sank Hillary — the Saint of Lybia and provider of good news of more wars for the patriotic press — the chances of getting elected as big Cheddar in chief.

Even the Saturday Paper gets on the act of shedding a few tears.

But "fake" news has been with us since the days of Adam and Eve, and many people still gobble that story about our two ancestral idiots. No wonder we're dumb.

our political class with no class is lying through dinosaur teeth...


The Federal Opposition is calling for Attorney-General George Brandis to be sacked over a "secret" deal struck with the West Australian Government to claw back nearly $1 billion from the collapse of Alan Bond's Bell Group.

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