Monday 25th of January 2021

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the aliens are glowing in the dark and taking the piss...


Fermi, the quantum physicist, was not the first scientist to ask about aliens. 


searching for a more useless moron...


Former CIA Director John Brennan is apparently so worried that Donald Trump might release certain classified intelligence that he suggested this week that Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet remove Trump via the 25th amendment.


those who did began hunting down those who didn’t, like rabid boar...


On Saturday, former Vice President Joe Biden delivered an acceptance speech promising to “work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as those who did.” By Tuesday, ‘those who did’ began hunting down ‘those who didn’t’ like rabid boar.

when painting kings on horses, painters were not allowed to include horseshit...


"No longer are we surrounded by fields, woods, and rivers, but by signs, signals, billboards, screens, labels, and trademarks: this is our universe."

the game is rigged...





Barak Obama has written his autobiography. It’s a bit of a whitewash. The review in The New York Times is a current whitewash of this retrospective whitewash. We did not expect less.

searching the cemeteries for illegal voters...


US President Donald Trump is being urged to concede electoral defeat by a group of former world leaders who fear his assertions of election fraud convey “a lack of respect” for the integrity of US institutions.

bedlam poet's mad corner...


From the hag and hungry goblin

donald is "an embarrassment"...

american gothic
President-elect Joe Biden says Donald Trump's refusal to concede the election "will not help the president's legacy"

He also spoke in defence of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and said he had spoken to six world leaders

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