Saturday 4th of December 2021

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not as good as barbados...

malcolm...malcolm...Barbados Elects Its First Head of State, Replacing Queen Elizabeth


The country’s Parliament chose Sandra Mason, the governor general, to assume the symbolic title, a decisive move to distance itself from Barbados’s colonial past.


The island nation of Barbados has elected a female former jurist to become its next head of state, a symbolic position held since the 1950s by Queen Elizabeth II, as the country takes another step toward casting off its colonial past.

free julian assange first, then free us from scomo's tyranny...


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the rest of the world usually pays very little attention to Australia.

Sometimes we're mixed up with Austria. Sometimes, the US president appears to momentarily forget the prime minister's name. 

scomo comes to term with electric cars...

new carsnew cars

If you ask Scott Morrison about electric vehicles he throws poor, and inaccurate, marketing lines at you, such as they will “end the weekend”, they “won’t tow your trailer – it’s not going to tow your boat”, as he did when former Labor leader Bill Shorten backed fairly modest objectives concerning the electrification of our vehicle fleet in the run-up to the last election.

Our nation drifts further and further behind the world on electric vehicles, or as Volkswagen puts it, Australia is becoming “an automotive Third World”.

the bad smell of submarines...


The European Union has postponed the next round of free trade talks with Australia for a second time amid simmering anger over Canberra's decision to cancel a $90 billion submarine contract with France.

... and the rich got richer...


At a recent IMF event on recovering nations from the coronavirus pandemic, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that the COVID-19 coronavirus plunged over 100 million people into poverty, with over 4 billion people with little or no social support. 

smelling a rat's bottom...


Matt Canavan’s attempt to force the government to release the modelling on its net-zero plan was a transparent attempt to further scorn the emissions cuts he abhors.


The government’s refusal to do so, defying a Senate order, capped off another unedifying week for accountability and openness in government.

The week-long charade of the Nationals’ ham-fisted negotiations over net zero was what dominated headlines, with both Coalition parties extracting what they wanted from the drawn-out drama.


But it was some complicated parliamentary parlour games that eminent barrister and anti-corruption advocate Geoffrey Watson described as having “trashed integrity” and “a new low”.




How to justify making grants not recommended by the relevant department? Easy – just say you do.

That’s what is disclosed by Freedom of Information requests into the wealth of federal government not-recommended-but-given grants.

And when National Party ministers get their hands on a pork barrel, public servants’ analysis of projects’ suitability and priority seems to matter particularly little.

scomo destroys targets...

targetstargetsMedicare cuts prove the Coalition is bad for our health


By Michelle Pini | 21 October 2021, 7:00am |  37 comments |  951 | 

(Cartoon by Mark David / @MDavidCartoons)


not jenny craig's?...


'Who the Hell Shrunk Mike and Why?' Twitter Explodes Over Pompeo's Dramatic Weight Loss...


Two months ago, Pompeo joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to rip into the Joe Biden administration over its "panicked" tactics in Afghanistan. However, all Twitter was obsessed with was his slimmer looks.Ex-US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has left the public curious following his appearance on Fox News this week, as many social media users noticed he'd lost a staggering amount of weight.


an imponderable will to fight...


As the Taliban rapidly crushed US-backed Afghan forces, many politicians, pundits, and military leaders expressed surprise at having overestimated an ally’s will to fight and underestimated the enemy’s. Similarly in 2014, after the Islamic State (ISIS) routed US-backed Iraqi forces, President Obama endorsed the intelligence assessment that “predicting the will to fight…is an imponderable.” 


That attitude reflects political and military leaders’ continual discounting of research, supported and known by many of those leaders, on the importance of sacred values and spiritual strength to the will to fight. It may remain “imponderable”—and attendant security challenges seemingly intractable—so long as it continues to be viewed through a narrow lens of instrumental, utilitarian rationality.



middle of the night joy flights...


Earlier this week, the New York Post reported that at least 2,000 migrant children and teens might have been taken to suburban New York since 8 August. 

Netizens have trolled White House press secretary Jen Psaki after she appeared to have tried to make a joke when responding to a reporter's question on migrants.

The journalist said he wondered why the Biden administration is reportedly flying "thousands of migrants from the border" to Florida and suburban New York "in the middle of the night".

playing the field...

Russia previously announced the suspension of operations of its permanent mission in NATO, as well as the activities of the alliance's military liaison mission and NATO information office in Moscow. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has stated that it was NATO, who "buried" the idea of consultations with Moscow. He added that the Kremlin and the western alliance hadn't had exchanges for a long time ahead of Russia deciding to pull the plug on bilateral communications on 18 October.


mister johnny walker on the phone for you...

yesMyesMCampaigners are reportedly keen to offer 'education workshops' to Newcastle fans who were spotted wearing headdresses and tea towels on their heads at the Premier League club's first match after their takeover by new Saudi owners. 

Exuberant fans of the underperforming top-flight team, which is now owned by a consortium led by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) following a protracted takeover, were filmed dancing outside St James' Park while waving the Saudi national flag before the 3-2 defeat to Tottenham on Sunday.

a move in the right direction...


Just one day after News Corp made headlines for announcing a shocking climate change campaign, Sky News host Andrew Bolt has called the move “rubbish”.

“Millions of Australian readers would have got a shock this morning when they picked up their Murdoch newspapers around the country,” Bolt told his audience on Sky News’ The Bolt Report, effectively biting the climate change-denying hand that feeds him.


“Prime Minister Scott Morrison will actually be delighted because he can now have the Malcolm Turnbull-type policy that he wants – net zero emissions – and take it to the next big global warming conference in Glasgow in November, knowing that he has the backing of the Murdoch media.”


the wrong accused in the dock...


Australia’s bugging of Timor-Leste’s Cabinet rooms and subsequent hounding of Bernard Collaery and a former intelligence officer was a display of mendacity, duplicity, fraud, criminal trespass and contempt of international law.


The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste came into existence on May 20, 2002. The Timor Sea, lying between Australia’s north and Timor itself, covers various oil and gas fields, all of which are on the Timorese side of the median line. For most of the next 15 years the Australian government did its best to persuade the world, and the Timorese in particular, that Australia should retain control and authority over these oil and gas fields.

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