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peter, please wait at least the day we get our awful submarines, to say crap...


Has Peter Dutton just committed Australia to a future war against China? His latest comments seem to suggest so.

The contingency that the world increasingly worries about is Taiwan. The Economist magazine calls it “the world’s most dangerous place”. Why? It’s the most likely point of armed clash between China and the US.

Beijing is increasingly bellicose in word and deed in its stated intent to take control of Taiwan; Washington is increasingly inclined to protect Taiwan from any attack.


Three days after Paul Keating said that Australia should stand aloof from any such war, Defence Minister Peter Dutton on Saturday said: “It would be inconceivable that we wouldn’t support the US in an action if the US chose to take that action,” he told The Australian.

scomo's hubris...


The popular wisdom seems to be that Labor leader Anthony Albanese is hanging back on revealing his climate change ambitions because he is afraid Scott Morrison will immediately frame anything he promises as job destroying and economy wrecking.

This view is only half right.

There is no doubt whatever Mr Albanese comes up with, the Prime Minister won’t hesitate to make those claims.


Furthermore he will surely value add by inventing policies Labor has not embraced or entertained.

Why wouldn’t he? It worked a treat in 2019.

This is where we need a reality check.

Labor did not lose the last election because of its climate policies.

aiming low...

targettargetBarnaby Joyce states that the National Party has not signed the Cop26 agreement and Australia is “satisfied with its goals.” Cop26

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce added that Australia was “satisfied with our goals,” and the Nationals did not sign the final communiqué of the Glasgow Climate Summit.

Joyce, who was campaigning in the coal town of Singleton, New South Wales on Monday, said the government had already set emission reduction targets for 2030 and the public Cop26 Agreement signed by the Australian Government on Sunday.

hypocrite and disingenuous scomo...


The Prime Minister has defended a government senator's move to investigate the ABC's complaints handling process, saying no government agency is above scrutiny.

lost in space... 

Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a vision for humanity beyond Earth, predicting that one day humans will be born in space and take holidays to their former home.

Mr Bezos said people would build colonies in space as Earth was too small to sustain humanity’s current growth and energy usage.

“Over centuries, many people will be born in space. It will be their first home,” Mr Bezos said.


“They will be born on these colonies, live on these colonies, then they’ll visit Earth the way you would visit, you know, Yellowstone National Park.”

why COP26 was a failure...


GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Only two of the 35 stalls lauding countries’ green credentials at the COP26 UN climate summit mention the need to cut fossil fuel production — the chief cause of the carbon emissions driving climate change. 

The summit’s official “blue zone” includes large corporate-style pavilions run by some of the world’s leading producers of oil, gas, and coal, including the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Qatar. They highlight the countries’ environmental efforts while failing to mention their massive and ongoing trade in fossil fuels.

globull warming?...

wild dogswild dogs 

Forget Globull Warming: Instead, Save the Endangered African Wild Dog

Science  » Planet Earth 

Regarding my choice for the first part of my titular line, it is what it is: The weather. Nothing more. All else, is buell sheet. Let us leave it at that.


BY Montresor Montresor



the mirror never lies...



Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spectacularly claimed he has never told a lie in public life, and no sir, we have the receipts.

In an interview with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Friday morning, Morrison was asked if he has ever told a lie in public life, to which he replied: “I don’t believe I have, no. No.”


scomo's submarine strategy...


On ABC Radio this week I was reminded of another time, another Australia. We were discussing Australia's place in the world after former prime minister Paul Keating's National Press Club appearance criticising our handling of the rise of China.

Many of the callers were lamenting Australia's recent record on climate change, refugees and racism. We were on the wrong track. We were alienating other nations like France. One man said he had returned to Australia after living abroad to find we had, in his opinion, gone backwards.




the dreamboats float might be ready for display at the 2040 carnivale...

sinodinossinodinosThe nuclear submarines at the center of the row between Canberra and Paris will be used to “project power” into the Indo-Pacific region but not launch an “imminent” attack against anyone, Australia’s ambassador to the US has said. 

While the nuclear-powered submarines envisioned under the AUKUS pact are at least years away from being built, Australia has already envisioned how it will use the vessels.

taiwan's longer march...


Modern-day gunboat diplomacy largely ignores the historical circumstances and emotive aspects of the divide of Taiwan and China.

The issue of Taiwan and China reunification has been narrated from a geopolitical perspective, and most arguments do not adequately address the sensitivities of the issue.

China’s intractable stand on reunification, which it considers an internal affair, cannot be fully comprehended without an attempt to see it from the emotive aspects of a divided country.

the US's got a big balancing and conciliating navy...


President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan has declared the US is a resident power in the Indo-Pacific, telling Australians he rejects claims it doesn’t have the staying power to remain in Asia in the face of a rising China.

Mr Sullivan’s declaration that America is “not going anywhere” is in stark contrast to former Australian prime minister Paul Keating, who on Wednesday said while the US should remain in East Asia as a “balancing and conciliating” military power it would be significantly eclipsed by China over the coming years.

the chinese miracle...


Two years ago, New Internationalist had a feature issue on China. It introduced its views: Since 1980, China has lifted over 800 million people out of absolute poverty. The four biggest banks in the world are Chinese. Between 2011 and 2013, China poured more concrete than the United States did in the entire twentieth century. The rise of China is perhaps the most important fact of our lifetimes. But what happens next? There are more than enough ‘red scare’ stories in the Western press that treat this nation of 1.4 billion people as a terrifying monolith. With the collection of articles below, we’ve tried to do something different.


Read more:


winning the booby prize...


Glasgow: Ambitions to kill coal and toughen 2030 emissions targets have been watered down in latest draft of the COP26 declaration, which provides the blueprint for international action to tackle climate change.

The draft released on Friday night (AEDT) sets the scene for a showdown between negotiators, after the document was weakened just as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pleaded with nations to strengthen their targets.

A push to make countries such as Australia that have not yet submitted new 2030 targets formally update their emissions reduction plans next year has also failed, with the new text only “inviting” them to do so.

you need your ABC...


When Tony Abbott got elected in 2013, with firm promises not to cut the ABC's nor the SBS budget, HE HAD LIED. lied. lied…. Within seconds of coming to power, Tony's Libs, via the then minister of communication, MALCOLM TURNBULL(?), slashed the ABC and SBS budgets, under the pretence of bringing the country "back into the black”… The public service got decimated as well, while the military engrossed. We all know (we all should) that countries' budget "into the black" is a moronic adventure as long as the US deficit stays in the stratosphere (actually it’s deeper than the Mariana trench, but in times of global warming, we’ve got to go atmospheric…)


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