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omnes communicantes mundi…...

Influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Foucault addressed the relationship between power and knowledge, and how they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions, including punishment. 

In some ways, Foucault was the super high-grade intellectual fence-sitting analytical philosopher, the antithesis to our present prolific scribe fence-sitter and home-cooking scone-maker star, Annabel Crabb


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the plan: destroy russia and china…….

If there had not been an active rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing over the past decades, and if Russia did not have an Asian alternative to European markets for oil and gas, it would not have been able to attack Ukraine.

Does this mean China is the main beneficiary of the European crisis and that the situation is developing according to Beijing’s plans?


Ivan Zuenko: The US is using the Ukraine crisis to unite the West behind its real goal, a face-off with China


the zelenskyyyy-yyy delusion…..

It began when the Biden regime and the press misrepresented Russian aims in Ukraine. All else has flowed from it.

What were the policy cliques, “the intelligence community” and the press that serves both going to do when the kind of war in Ukraine they talked incessantly about turned out to be imaginary, a Marvel Comics of a conflict with little grounding in reality? I have wondered about this since the Russian intervention began on Feb. 24. I knew the answer would be interesting when finally we had one.

Now we have one. Taking the government-supervised New York Times as a guide, the result is a variant of what we saw as the Russiagate fiasco came unglued: Those who manufacture orthodoxies as well as consent are slithering out the side door.


I lost the election because I was too good…..

Scott Morrison has given his fullest explanation for the Coalition’s federal election loss yet, blaming the “hit for the mission” of managing the pandemic.

Mr Morrison’s admission comes in a speech to an international forum in South Korea, where he has been mingling with other leaders, including former US vice-president Mike Pence, former US first lady Michelle Obama and former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad.

The speech to the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul on Thursday was “given exclusively to The Australian“ ahead of time.

ships passing in the night…….

Concerns are growing that a serious incident could soon occur between the Australian Defence Force and the Chinese military as strategic tensions grow in the Indo-Pacific.

the belching-and-dung-from-somewhere-else problem….

Farmers in the Netherlands are protesting on a scale unheard of in their country. They are furious about a government proposal that may put many of them out of business. Dutch farmers argue the government’s true aim is to seize their highly valuable farmland. They are protesting under the slogan “No farmers, no food” to warn of the dangers of giving up domestic food-supply independence to rely on imports instead.

The origin of the crisis is a 2019 ruling by the highest administrative court in the Netherlands. It ruled that measures the Dutch government had taken to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide and nitrogen ammonia were not in compliance with European Union rules.


BY Emma Freire


bolton is an expert on the storming of the capitol…...

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton took credit for attempting to oust foreign leaders, claiming he played a role in prior regime change efforts while suggesting ex-President Donald Trump lacked the foresight to carry out his own putsch at home.

Speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper following Tuesday’s congressional hearing into the January 6 riot, Bolton insisted the former commander in chief could not have pulled off a “carefully planned coup d'etat,” as “that’s not the way Donald Trump does things.” 

seriously funny democratic evolution for a fishing village…...

A petition calling on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to commemorate American pornographic actor Billy Herrington with a monument in Odessa has passed 25,000 votes and must now be considered. Activists want Herrington’s likeness to replace that of Russian Empress Catherine the Great.

Launched in May, the petition passed the threshold of 25,000 votes this week. Describing Catherine II as a “controversial historical figure whose actions caused great damage to Ukrainian statehood and culture,” it calls on Zelensky to ensure that her statue is torn down and replaced with one of Herrington sitting “at the bar with a bottle of beer.”

god on our side and we don't care which god…...

“The American Century Is Over.” So claims the July 2022 cover of Harper’s Magazine, adding an all-too-pertinent question: “What’s Next?”

What, indeed? Eighty years after the United States embarked upon the Great Crusade of World War II, a generation after it laid claim to the status of sole superpower following the fall of the Berlin Wall and two decades after the Global War on Terror was to remove any lingering doubts about who calls the shots on Planet Earth, the question could hardly be more timely.


BY Andrew Bacevich


did julian assange kill the empire?…...

In February 1941, as Adolf Hitler’s armies prepared to invade the Soviet Union, the Republican oligarch and publisher Henry Luce laid out a vision for global domination in an article titled the american century. World War II, he argued, was the result of the United States’ immature refusal to accept the mantle of world leadership after the British Empire had begun to deteriorate in the wake of World War I. American foolishness, the millionaire claimed, had provided space for Nazi Germany’s rise. The only way to rectify this mistake and prevent future conflict was for the United States to join the Allied effort and

human rights barney at the french barnum squealing veal circus….

The result of the French presidential and legislative elections weakens both the Executive and the Legislative branches and blocks the political situation. The voters refused to support the regime and endorse its decisions. Since 2005, they have been saying what they were fighting against while their leaders ignored them. What could restore the country is thus perfectly identified, but the majority of elected representatives want to be right and not to serve their people.


The French need to talk to each other

by Thierry Meyssan



The French, who have historically been the forerunners of political change in Europe, surprised their neighbours in the presidential election (April 10 and 24,2022) and the legislative elections (June 12 and 19,2022).

polishing turds at the BBC….

According to the BBC, Bojo was (is) .... a flamboyant character... He appeared on the BBC's Have I Got News for You programme, and was pictured being taught to dance by television presenter Ulrika Jonsson. And a lot more polished flamboyance....


But beware of the ignorant idiotic female who wants to be the next "Clown of the Crown" as they say in Hollywood. See also:

unknowing the hubris of the western front…….

As the Pentagon authorizes an additional $400 million for Ukraine’s defense on Friday, bringing estimated total U.S. security spending on Ukraine under President Biden to a staggering $8 billion, we speak to Joe Lauria, editor-in-chief of Consortium News, about the pressure on news media to follow a single approved narrative on the Ukraine war.


The independent media outlet recently had their PayPal account shut down and received notice from NewsGuard, a fact-checking group, that they are under review for publishing fake news. “American and European audiences have been fed the idea that Russia has been failing in this war and that Ukraine still has a chance to win, but I think we’re starting to see reality seep into the reporting,” says Lauria.

Transcript from DemocracyNow!


a short history of the world (dis)order…..

 After Adam and Eve were created by godot, the world-order became iffy, starting with Cain killing Abel… We will skip the catalogued fictionalised story of humanity in the bible until we arrive at Jesus Christ, orator “exceptionel” who urged Christianity to go and teach the word of god to all the people on earth and died on a bit of wood to erase our sins as long as we believe. I don’t, but this is beside the point.

 How do you teach the word of god if you don’t bash people on the head first? Exactly. 

So this was an invitation to conquer the planet on behalf of a fake idea that is totally unscientific in regard to evolution of the human species from the tree of monkeys, the apes.  

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