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the madman in the white house solves global warming......

On Monday, Oct. 17, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization kicked off Operation STEADFAST NOON, its annual exercise of its ability to wage nuclear conflict. Given that NATO’s nuclear umbrella extends exclusively over Europe, the indisputable fact is that STEADFAST NOON is nothing more than NATO training to wage nuclear war against Russia.

Nuclear war against Russia.

The reader should let that sink in for a moment.




the UK's gone to the dogs.... but there is hope with the cat......

Larry the Cat, the official chief mouser of 10 Downing Street, has jokingly laid claim to the premiership via Twitter, announcing on Thursday that he had been anointed by King Charles himself.

“The King has asked me to become Prime Minister because this nonsense has gone on long enough,” the account tweeted, accompanied by a photo of himself seated before a miniature podium




obviously not mad enough..... putin has been too restrained and caring......

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree Wednesday instituting martial law in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye, and indicated that the heightened security measures are being adopted in the face of Kiev’s “openly terrorist methods,” including the shelling of civilian areas, sabotage attacks, and assassinations of officials.

Moscow’s decision to introduce martial law in its four new territories is designed to counter the increasingly “desperate” tactics deployed by the NATO-backed government in Kiev, and together with other recent measures, should dramatically improve Russia’s warfighting capacity, competency, and performance, a pair of veteran US military affairs experts have told Sputnik.


BY Ilya Tsukanov


the consumers are crossed as well......

Electricity providers have stung their customers for $10 billion in supernormal profits, despite crying poor to the regulators and despite siphoning out billions, largely free of tax to foreign billionaires and power companies. Mark Sawyer reports on the latest analysis of Australia’s energy sector.

An important report was released at a minute after midnight today. The report, by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), shows that while energy giants have been crying poor, they have ripped off Australian customers to the tune of $10bn in “supernormal profits”.


BY Mark Sawyer


oil slick subsidies from the labor party for slick oil.....

Albanese government out-Barnabys-Barnaby with a big Budget gift for fossil fuel donors to build the Middle Arm port and petrochemicals project just 3k from the Darwin suburb of Palmerston. Michael West reports. 

They leaked the story to Rupert Murdoch’s NT News. As you do. 

Thanks for the scoop. “$2.5bn bonanza for the Territory …”. A glowing report ensued. No word the new Port might be underwater by turn of century, a climate bomb spewing toxic chemicals through the air to residents of the Darwin suburbs nearby.


BY Michael West


the US do not care about deaths and destruction — they're about conquering territory that is not theirs....

'Paranoid' West Has Lost Control of its Future—Prominent Australian Cartoonist….

American 'B57' Bomber Planes Seen Near Alaska Made to Carry Heavy Payloads

UK Passing Off Secret Mobilization as 'Training Sessions': Russia

Joe Biden's 'Terror' Tactics Will Not Help His War

Will the US Use Nuclear Weapons? Thousands Are Betting On It

Biden 'Willing To Do Anything' To Avoid Defeat in Ukraine....





The general's remarks come amid Russia's ongoing military operation in Ukraine, which began eight years after a US-backed coup in Kiev overthrew the country's democratically elected government and sparked a civil conflict in the Donbass.

my dear australian......

Worried about Australian sovereignty? Don’t bother, it’s gone.’ 

Michael Pascoe, a few days ago, in the New Daily, in an article titled ‘Worried about Australian sovereignty? Don’t bother, it’s gone.’ drew together what Paul Keating, I and others have been saying recently about Australia becoming a proxy even a patsy for the United States.

The signs are ominous on numerous fronts.


BY John Menadue


Kishore Mahbubani from Singapore has pointed out that Australia looks like a spear-carrier for the United States.

from low-brow dick-piano playing comedian to becoming a dangerous clown dictator......

The 16 “most powerful war speeches” by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will be published on December 6 in a book called ‘A Message From Ukraine’, Crown, a division of the multinational publisher Penguin Random House, announced on Monday.    

“The only book officially authorized by President Zelensky, ‘A Message From Ukraine’ includes speeches he has personally selected to tell the story of the Ukrainian people,” the abstract of the hardcover, which is already available for pre-ordering for $16, says.

The book includes an introduction by Zelensky in which he explains what he has learned about himself and Ukrainians since the launch of the Russian military operation in late February.

delusional dogma based on manichaean fantasies.........

American National Security Strategies (NSS) are a bizarre hegemonic specie. The latest version is saturated with more than usual hyperbole. The Biden Administration’s obsession that the defining characteristic of international reality is an ontological dichotomy between democracy and autocracy distorts the Strategy’s perspective.


BY Mike Scrafton


helping kill people with starlink isn't a "good deed".........

Elon Musk has announced his company will continue to pay for Starlink satellite internet services in war-torn Ukraine a day after suggesting he cannot keep funding the project.

“The hell with it,” the world’s richest man wrote on Saturday on Twitter.

“Even though Starlink is still losing money & other companies are getting billions of taxpayer $, we’ll just keep funding Ukraine govt for free.”

Although it was not immediately clear whether Musk’s change of mind was genuine, he later appeared to indicate it was. When a Twitter user told Musk “No good deed goes unpunished”, he replied, “Even so, we should still do good deeds”.

you shall not kill.... etc, blah blah blah-ish......

Some bishops think America's second Catholic president should be denied the Eucharist. Are Biden's faith and job title an unworkable mix?

On the matter of faith, President Joe Biden is not shy. 

saving the furniture......

Liz Truss' premiership is looking increasingly in peril after five weeks of navigating the country through an economic storm. On Friday, she sacked her top finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, and shelved her ambitious plan to reduce corporation tax. Meanwhile, the new chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is said to be undoing Truss' other flagship policies.

choose well....

Was Oswald Spengler right? Are we approaching the end of Western Civilization- or at least that West we knew? Perhaps Russia’s President Putin will preserve a piece of it, like the Irish monks who transcribed and hid the works of Aristotle and Plato during the Viking invasions. Barring a Mad Max apocalypse, it seems China stands poised to play the role of global influencer.

If we accept that premise- then what kind of China? The Rothschild Zionist plan seems to involve sucking the last drop of blood from the lethal walking corpse US Empire, and after total desiccation, moving on to a new host. China.


shifting the soup flavouring with slug spit.....

How do multinationals like Microsoft get away with paying so little tax? They deliberately wipe out their profits in high-tax countries such as Australia. Callum Foote reports on the global tax avoidance structure of the tech giant.

A new report has revealed how the tech giant Microsoft avoids paying tax on more than $5 billion of income in Australia alone; albeit while raking in billions in revenue from contracts with Australian governments.

The report was compiled by the Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research (CICTAR), an alliance of unions and civil society organisations aiming to provide better information about the tax arrangements of multinationals.

the world spins upside down....

In a speech on Thursday in which he compared the European Union to a paradise-like “garden” flanked by “jungles,” the EU high representative for foreign and security policy warned that Russia’s military would be destroyed if Moscow were to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.



France would probably be at war with Russia if Josep Borrell was in charge of the nation’s foreign and security policy, National Rally Marine Le Pen has said.


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