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gazillions of resources in petrostralia.....

The first step in fixing any problem is acknowledging it. And for Australia on climate change, that means admitting we are a petrostate.

The paradox is glaring: while the UAE and Saudi Arabia are readily acknowledged and seemingly proud to be petrostates, Australia’s similar status is unspoken. It’s time to confront this uncomfortable truth – we are the third-largest fossil fuel exporter globally and the single largest exporter of coal and gas.


Time for Australia to admit it’s a petrostate    By Gregory Andrews


it’s disgusting what they’re doing to him....


As Julian Assange approaches his “final” appeal against extradition to the United States, where he faces some 18 counts related to the release of vast troves of damning and embarrassing evidence against the US government, the 52-year-old WikiLeaks founder received a visit from Tucker Carlson to discuss his situation.

Carlson describes Assange as “one of the greatest journalists of our age,” who has “spent his adult life bringing previously concealed facts to the public about what our leaders are doing.”

a fig leaf barely hiding an arsehole of a deficit and a prick of a moral collapse.....

Seeing the naked truth is usually the first step before we can go on to realize the truth of beauty and decency. We might hope that the world is taking that first step.

American President Joe Biden likes to talk about “inflexion points” when he is lecturing about world affairs and the supposed superiority of the United States. This year is indeed an inflexion point.

It was the year that the entire world saw the truly hideous and criminal nature of U.S. power.

Washington’s fuelling of the futile conflict in Ukraine and the despicable slaughter in Gaza is a wake-up call for the entire world. The United States stands barefaced and grotesque as the primary purveyor of war. There can be no doubt about that. For many it is shocking, scandalous and frightening.

they ALL know where you are.....

Some of Australia’s largest and best-known brands are being urged to remove a tracking tool from Chinese-owned social media giant TikTok, amid revelations it is harvesting Australians’ data including email addresses, mobile phone numbers and browsing histories without their knowledge or consent, in a potential breach of the nation’s privacy laws.

TikTok’s tracking tool, known as a pixel, is an invisible piece of code that tracks a user’s web history and personal information, even if the user doesn’t have a TikTok account. The pixel can then track a user across the internet and piece together their identity including their email, phone number and buying habits – even if they don’t have TikTok on their phone.

as russia is concerned not to insult the future.....

Current events force us to compare the conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine, kyiv and Gaza.

In kyiv, one walks the streets, welcoming Western leaders, heads of state, ministers, diplomats, generals, businessmen. It is said that the nightclubs are full, and this summer we even discovered images of young people partying in swimming pools. We don't even take refuge in the metro anymore. We ended up understanding that official places, residential neighborhoods, and frequented areas were not attacked. We take the train, or the plane, to travel.

the evil woman at the heart of europe......

Irish MEP Clare Daly has called European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen “Frau Genocide” over the EU’s stance on Israel’s military operation in Gaza. She went on to claim that contrary to its professed adherence to democracy, the bloc tramples on the will of the people when it runs counter to its own agenda.

Daly, a left-wing politician representing Ireland’s Independents 4 Change political party, said from the European Parliament podium on Sunday that von der Leyen was “elevated to power without a single vote from the citizens.” She went on to accuse the EU Commission president of “swooping in and overriding the foreign policies of elected governments” in recent months, while cheerleading a “brutal apartheid regime that she calls a ‘vibrant democracy.’”

sad case of american politics gone mad........

After the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that former US President Donald Trump - the heavy favorite to win the Republican nomination, should be removed from the ballot under the 14th Amendment, Republicans in red states started threatening to reciprocate by removing current US President Joe Biden from the ballot.

The 14th Amendment, ratified after the Civil War, disbars anyone who has taken an oath of Office and then engaged in “insurrection or rebellion against [the US], or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof,” from holding office, though officials and generals who worked for the Confederate States were given amnesty four years after its ratification.

mad america is spending mad cash that it does not have......

Happy Festivus!

The Festivus Report 2023

How is 2023 already coming to a close? What a year it’s been. Twitter is now X, what we thought were UFOs were actually Chinese Spy Balloons, Barbie battled Oppenheimer at the box office, and a missing F-35 jet flew for over 60 miles without a pilot. It’s safe to say that some big changes have occurred since last year’s Festivus Report.




birds of a feather.....

BREAKING NEWS: Vivek Ramaswamy Removes Himself From Colorado Ballot In Solidarity With Trump





when snow white was a he/them and was always "woke" up.....

In a surprising disclosure, the Walt Disney Company acknowledges in its latest filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that its recent embrace of a ‘woke’ agenda has adversely affected its financial performance.

united nation america inc.

When it was created, the United Nations held out the ideal of equality between peoples and nations. However, from the very first months of its existence, Washington and London supported Israel against the Palestinian people. Then Washington falsified the Security Council, seating Formosa in China’s place and provoking a boycott of the USSR. Today, US domination of this institution is denounced by a vast majority of member states. At the same time, the BRICS are lining up to bring the institution back into line with international law.


The survival of Washington’s domination of the UN
   by Thierry Meyssan

compliments of the saturnalia season to all people of good will: some people are not on the list.....

The leaders of nations Moscow considers “unfriendly” will not be sent traditional New Year and Christmas greetings from President Vladimir Putin this year, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS on Saturday, adding that only Russia’s friends and allies will receive the messages.

The Russian leader traditionally sends official messages to current and former foreign leaders in December, where he gives them his best wishes for the upcoming holidays. However, given the unprecedented tensions Moscow is experiencing with Washington and its allies, the list of recipients has become somewhat shorter.

on a beautiful day in paradise........

FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW...................

On the opening day of the second Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, NTI Program Officer Patricia Jaworek joined a panel of fellow experts and a survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bombing to discuss the devastating humanitarian and societal impacts of nuclear weapons and the growing body of research on the subject.

if there were nazis in ukraine we would know......

Western Media before Feb. 2022:

Ukrainian toddler taught to “cut Russians.”

The year is 2015.
The little Ukrainian girl is wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt that says “love cat.”
She looks to be about four or five years old, maybe younger.
She is holding a knife in her tiny hands.
From off camera, her father says, “Marinochka, will you cut Russians?”
He uses a slur for “Russians.”
“Yes!” She shouts.
“What will you do to them?” He asks.
She shrieks: “I WILL CUT RUSSIANS!”
She repeats this phrase several times and makes little thrusting motions with the knife.
Then she gives a Nazi salute. “Sieg Heil!” She says, “Sieg Heil!”
Her father laughs.

merry yuletide to all....



Gus is a rabid atheist but goes with the flow of the festivities......



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