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meanwhile in murdocshitstan…..

The Coalition’s latest environmental fraud supported by Murdoch Media again. No surprise there!


If no one has noticed a central pillar of Australia’s risibly inadequate GHG reduction commitment of 26-28% by 2030 has recently been demolished by our own scientists.

They have been led by ANU’s Professor Andrew Macintosh whose job until 2 years ago was chair of the Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee – set up to validate the authenticity of carbon emission credits derived from carbon farming abatement schemes. Macintosh now says bluntly the scheme is a fraud, a waste of money and has outlined these assertions in no less than three academic papers. To quote his extraordinarily scathing and brutally frank assessment verbatim:


The well known “divide and conquer” tactic of any invader is being actively used by Washington in its policies.

The idea of the need to partition the Middle East was promoted in the US by the famous American “strategist” Ralph Peters in 2006, who published a map on which the borders of all the Middle Eastern states were redrawn.

For 19 years, since the 2003 invasion of Iraq by an international coalition led by the United States, Washington has been working hard to dismember what once was a highly influential country that disagreed with White House policy. The Kurdish part was supposed to secede with the proclamation of an independent Kurdistan. The Shia in the south and the Persian Gulf were to be separated. And the Sunnis were to be left with Baghdad.

get rid of him…..!!!!

Over the past week, the White House had to clarify statements made by the president on at least five occasions, sometimes presenting an official position radically different from what Biden said in his speeches. His apparent call for ousting the Russian president was no exception last week.

negotiations and arm twisting, while remembering a ruthless colonial past…..

A US national security official will travel to India to discuss New Delhi’s response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the White House said, noting that the two sides would also review their economic ties as Washington pressures allies to take tougher action against Moscow.

Deputy national security adviser for international economics Daleep Singh is set to visit the Indian capital this week, where he will meet with officials to“advance a range of issues in the US-India economic relationship and strategic partnership,” National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne announced on Tuesday.

macronleon says niet...

The West will not agree to a Russia request to pay gas bills in rubles, French President Emmanuel Macron has told President Vladimir Putin, according to news agency Reuters.

Macron told Putin it was impossible for Western clients to pay for gas in Russian currency, the news agency reported on Tuesday, citing an Elysee official.

“France is against paying in rubles,” the official said, as quoted by the media.

In its own readout of the call between the two leaders, the Kremlin confirmed that Moscow’s proposal on ruble payments had been discussed, but it did not provide details on the positions of both sides.




some cosmonauts will get a spanking or a siberian holiday on their comeback should this be their position…..

As the ISS floats 417 kilometres above planet earth, at about 27,594 km/h, politics seems to have reached beyond the stratosphere. The YouTube ISS channel, interrupted from time to time with adverts for tampons, insurance and Clive Palmer's Dinosaur Party, has comments on the views of the Russian cosmonauts BUT NONE ON THE US ASTRONAUTS saying something like "We support Hunter Biden". How weird is this. My understanding is that there is no politics up-there in space, but the Earthlings at YouTube chose to push a shit barrow. I don't really know. But my guess is that should the Russian Cosmonauts really support Ukraine, they would end up digging potatoes in frozen Siberia after their return to planet earth...


don't trust the devil you know...

Federal Budget live updates: Leigh Sales questions ‘dirty bomb’ budget move


The ABC’s Leigh Sales has wasted no time in grilling the Treasurer, suggesting the new budget hides a sneaky, so-called “dirty bomb”.


The budget is finally here – and it’s fair to say the government is hoping there’s enough sweeteners in there to score some extra votes as the election looms.

Among the highlights is a $250 payment for pensioners and other welfare recipients, a one-off tax cut of up to $1500 for millions of Aussies and some much-needed relief at the bowser.

Read on for the latest budget updates.


superb backside-flip…..

The overriding fact of federal government finances in 2022, and everything about Tuesday night’s budget, is that Treasury got the pandemic entirely wrong.

It’s perhaps hard to blame the spreadsheet jockeys too much – no one was alive during the previous pandemic and in the depths of the 2020 panic, forecasts about what this one might do to the economy and government income and expenses were a complete guess.

But let it be recorded, and not forgotten, that Treasury, and therefore the Treasurer, guessed wrong, with the result that they over-compensated and under-forecast – by a lot.

look! it's a plane!…...

Few normal people were thinking about the Oscars before Will Smith struck. (I didn’t know it was happening until I saw the slap on Twitter.) However, even if it was a stunt, it’s hard to imagine that a white man who slapped someone on stage would get a standing ovation instead of a lecture about “toxic masculinity” and a back seat in a police car. When an antifa thug sucker-punched Richard Spencer at President Trump’s inauguration, media celebrated. I find it hard to believe they are suddenly worried about violent reactions to speech.

the elites of the anglo-saxon-jewish hegemony and their media…..

The Ukrainian events have been a constant item on the agenda for media outlets of Middle Eastern countries since the start of Russia’s special operation. Observers note a never before seen information onslaught against Moscow coming from the West, when it comes to covering the Ukrainian crisis.

According to many estimates, this torrent of content is notably prejudiced and biased, intended to add fuel to the fire, overshadow the reason, hold Russia accountable for the conflict and its causes, and silence all contrary opinions in the media and social networks.

The onslaught is vigorous. Nevertheless a number of local analysts view these events as a part of the historical background as well as real experience of relations between Arabs and the West.

people are dancing in the streets…. no surprise: it's raining fiscal strategy…….

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will spend billions of dollars on middle-class welfare in a pre-election budget he says gives voters a share in Australia’s surging post-pandemic economy.

Pre-budget speculation abounded about how Mr Frydenberg would balance economic management against the temptation to offer voters cost-of-living giveaways before the May election.

But his most striking policy announcement had not been expected at all: A major expansion to a tax offset that will now allow people in 10 million Australian households on up to $125,000 a year to get a $1500 tax refund. The total program will cost $12 billion.

But the tax break is scheduled to expire in July.

western arrogance on schedule…..

The United States president Joe Biden has recently visited Poland and made a speech which on one hand was barely coherent, and on the other displayed yet again the incredible American capacity to gloss over its own history of waging almost non-stop war on any country that dares to refuse to abide by United States dictates about how they should behave.

In his speech, Biden demanded president Putin of Russia should go. Who would replace them [Putin] is uncertain, so long as it is someone that is willing to bow to United States dictates on the unchallenged role of the United States as the world arbiter of right and wrong. It was an extraordinary exercise in self-delusion and complete blindness to the United States’ own multiple failings in endeavouring to shape the world in its own image.

troubled waters in the roubled gas…..

The Group of Seven major economies have collectively agreed to reject Moscow’s demand to pay for gas imports from Russia in rubles, according to German Energy Minister Robert Habeck.

“All G7 ministers agreed completely that this [would be] a one-sided and clear breach of the existing contracts,” Habeck told journalists on Monday.

The minister added that “payment in rubles is not acceptable” and that the nations will urge the companies affected “not to follow” the demand issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

On Monday, Putin ordered the government, the central bank, and Gazprombank to develop the necessary tools to switch all payments for Russian natural gas from “unfriendly states” to rubles from March 31.

the high jump...

All eyes are on Mariupol. As of Wednesday night, over 70% of residential areas were under control of Donetsk and Russian forces, while Russian Marines, Donetsk’s 107thbatallion and Chechen Spetsnaz, led by the charismatic Adam Delimkhanov, had entered the Azov-Stal plant – the HQ of the neo-Nazi Azov batallion.

Azov was sent a last ultimatum: surrender until midnight – or else, as in a take no prisoners highway to hell.

That implies a major game-changer in the Ukrainian battlefield; Mariupol is finally about to be thoroughly denazified – as the Azov contingent long entrenched in the city and using civilians as human shields were their most hardened fighting force.

alan kohler vs putin...


The interviews with terrified, distraught people on buses out of Ukraine with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and images of bombed-out homes behind them, are very hard to watch.

We’re watching scenes resonant of some of the worst crimes in history, live, in full colour, that used to be seen only in newsreels of a grim, monochrome past.


BY Alan Kohler



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