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unthinking confucius....

British Minister for Security Tom Tugendhat, a member of the newly formed Rishi Sunak cabinet, recently responded to a question from anti-China MP Iain Duncan Smith regarding the future of China’s Confucius Institutes (CI) in the UK. Smith, the biggest cheerleader of the anti-China agenda in the UK, has a reputation for asking such opportunistic, inflammatory questions in a bid to generate headlines and put items on the agenda.


By Timur Fomenko, a political analyst 


joe biden the seer.....

President Joe Biden mistakenly boasted on Friday that American auto companies would be ready to make all of their vehicles electric by the year “3035.”

The president spoke about auto companies during a speech in San Diego about subsidizing American semiconductor chip manufacturing.





a disunited UN during halloween.......

The General Assembly of the United Nations ended its annual session only a week ago in New York. There were more heads of state and government than ever before. Everybody gave a speech (for most delegations limited to 15 minutes). The traffic in New York was heavy for a whole week, as the delegates shuttled between the hotels and restaurants.

So the UN seems pretty alive. But on the biggest issue on the planet, a war which has entered its eighth month between two countries with a combined population of 200 million—one of which possesses the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and threatens to use it*—the UN has been a bystander.


BY Branko Milanovic


the flow of history explained......

Russian President Vladimir Putin honored the country's National Unity Day by meeting with historians and dignitaries – including leaders of religious communities – and discussing the role of history in protecting national sovereignty, identity, and culture. Here are some key points from his speech and the subsequent discussion.


The Russian president marked National Unity Day by speaking at a gathering of historians...


the evil senile fascist joseph biden has made the trump-clown palatable again....

It now seems probable that former President Donald Trump will announce his candidacy for president of the United States in 2024, perhaps as soon as after the 2022 elections are completed.

Back in 2016 I was a staunch Trump supporter. And I would still support “the Donald” if he ran again in 2024, but for different reasons.

Let me explain.




beyond the pale in israeli politics only a few years ago.....

Netanyahu and far right allies win Israeli election


Former PM Benjamin Netanyahu set to form a government and seal a dramatic return to power, as Lapid concedes defeat.

A coalition led by the right-wing former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has won a majority of seats in the 120-seat parliament, or Knesset, allowing the controversial figure to return to power.

another meddling in another country's affairs.......

US President Joe Biden’s comments about freeing Iran were not meant as a statement of policy but an expression of solidarity with anti-government protesters, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Friday. Biden’s off-the-cuff remark at a Democrat fundraiser in California the evening before has already drawn condemnations from Tehran.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to free Iran. They’re going to free themselves pretty soon,” Biden told those attending a party fundraiser at MiraCosta College near San Diego on Thursday.

He was “expressing our solidarity with the protesters,” Kirby told the White House press corps the following day, adding that any change of government in Tehran “has to be up to the people of Iran."

no pain, no grain....

So, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan picks up the phone and calls his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin: let’s talk about the “grain deal.” Putin, cool, calm and collected, explains the facts to the Sultan:

First, the reason why Russia withdrew from the export grain deal.

Second, how Moscow seeks a serious investigation into the – terrorist – attack on the Black Sea fleet, which for all practical purposes seems to have violated the deal.




and twitter becomes the standard of fresh real news......


Establishment panic about Elon Musk’s changes to Twitter means he’s doing something right


The only ones outraged about Twitter’s new owner are the ones afraid of free speech getting in the way of their authority


Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover has heads rolling. But it is funny how the only people who seem to be upset are those who vehemently do everything in their power to shut down any peon who dares to air wrong-think on the platform.


BY Ian Miles Cheong


on the BRICS road against idollartry......

President Joe Biden kept a promise to Lula da Silva by congratulating him for “free, fair and credible” elections minutes after Sunday’s results declared Lula the winner over incumbent Jair Bolsonaro.

Pundits have interpreted the Biden administration’s words on the Brazilian election as a demonstration that it was rooting for Lula over his opponent, known as “Tropical Trump.” This reasoning is at best misleading, if not completely faulty.


mining cynicism and pumping gassy humbug like since scomo ran the show...

Mining executives and diplomats have been assured of access to Australian ores and expertise under the new federal government.

Resources Minister Madeleine King held private meetings with international delegations at a mining conference in Sydney as police with sniffer dogs prowled the vast expo floor.

Ms King vowed to back new gas and coal fields to combat the energy crisis. She also expressed support for the ongoing role of gas to power mining and refining, which will support a net-zero emissions economy.




The Albanese government’s position on new coal and gas development is clear, the minister told the International Mining and Resources Conference.

the warmongers' lament.....

Bulgarian lawmakers voted on Thursday to supply Ukraine with arms, with socialist and nationalist MPs resisting the decision. This leaves Hungary as the final NATO member refusing to provide military aid to Kiev.

A bill authorizing weapons supplies to Ukraine passed Bulgaria’s National Assembly by 175 votes to 49, the Novinite news site reported. The pro-Western GERB party, currently the largest faction in the assembly, proposed the bill amid coalition talks following elections last month.

the german loonytude....

Germany has become an economic satellite of America’s New Cold War with Russia, China and the rest of Eurasia. Germany and other NATO countries have been told to impose trade and investment sanctions upon themselves that will outlast today’s proxy war in Ukraine. U.S. President Biden and his State Department spokesmen have explained that Ukraine is just the opening arena in a much broader dynamic that is splitting the world into two opposing sets of economic alliances.

This global fracture promises to be a ten- or twenty-year struggle to determine whether the world economy will be a unipolar U.S.-centered dollarized economy, or a multipolar, multi-currency world centered on the Eurasian heartland with mixed public/private economies.

the US empire has no credibility left....

There is no doubt that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a serious war crime regardless of several provocations, including NATO’s eastward expansion and the role of the United States in the 2014 Maidan coup. Even so, the West is in no position to lecture Russia on sovereignty violations.

Given Russia’s modern history, it is possible to have sympathy with the Kremlin’s quest for a cordon sanitaire on its southwestern frontier without supporting an illegal war which is being fought “to the last Ukrainian” because the West sees the conflict as an opportunity to weaken its Cold War enemy. Washington knows Ukraine cannot prevail despite pouring weapons and munitions into the country. It cares little for the civilian population and, together with the UK, is firmly opposed to a diplomatic resolution.


"ban the bomb" goes gone with the cold kanbra wind.....

The Defence Strategic Review must act in accordance with Australia’s commitment to sign the UN “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons” (the ‘Ban Treaty’) and not seek to compromise that path by supporting roles in nuclear warfare alongside the US.

Anthony Albanese made a commitment in his “Changing the World” Speech (ALP National Conference, 18 Dec 2018), stating:

“We have on our side the overwhelming support of the Australian people. …


BY David Noonan B.Sc., M.Env.St.

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