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israel invented hamas to divide the palestinian's opposition to occupation and to the take-over by "settlers"....

Israel has no choice but to “destroy Hamas,” Elon Musk said on Monday after meeting with the country's leadership in West Jerusalem. The owner of X (formerly Twitter) traveled to the Middle East after critics in the US accused him of anti-Semitism.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took Musk to tour Kfar Aza, the kibbutz in southern Israel struck by Hamas during the October 7 incursion, and showed the visitor the 44-minute film Israel had put together to showcase the Palestinian group’s alleged atrocities. 

socrates, diogenes and aristotle are dead......

If somehow all those ‘rules-based’ systems work overwhelmingly to the benefit of the US and its Western allies, the rest of the world may wonder why they should follow them.

The latest meeting between presidents Xi Jinping and Joe Biden was covered all over the world. And yet, the Western media have been strangely silent about a key speech Xi gave before an audience of some 300 American business leaders in San Francisco, at the end of which they responded with a standing ovation.


Is this the end of America’s sanctimonious ideology?    By Alex Lo


meanwhile in argentina: beware mob miracles....

In the 1990s, Argentina was often cited as an example of an “economic miracle” and Russia was advised to take the same economic measures as Buenos Aires: closely follow all the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund, remove trade barriers, sell key sectors of the economy to Western investors, eliminate the social sector, and make the dollar the official currency instead of the “rigid” ruble.

A quarter of a century later, it has turned out that Argentina was indeed a good example… of the kind of fate Russia managed to avoid.

the global warming dilemma: whatever we do will cost us more or less......











send volodymyr to the front first....

Ukraine will announce a new “complex plan” of mobilization next week, President Vladimir Zelensky said on Friday after meeting with the General Staff. While he offered no details, other Kiev officials hinted at the possibility of demobilizing some soldiers that had been fighting since February 2022.

Ukraine has been under pressure to make up the losses incurred in the four-month “counteroffensive” on the southern front, which Russia has estimated at over 90,000 men.

“As for the issue of mobilization, you know how complex and very relevant it is,” the Ukrainian president said at a press conference on Friday. “Today there was a comprehensive report on what the challenges are, how to resolve the issue, what to do, what legislative changes, who must do this... A comprehensive plan on this issue will be available next week.”

helping with a carbon tax on ammos?....

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada accused the Conservative opposition on Friday of being under the influence of American right-wing thinking and Russian disinformation, after it voted against a trade pact with Ukraine on grounds of a carbon tax provision.

Earlier this week, 109 Tory MPs voted against the proposal to update the Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre called it “cruel” and “disgusting” to demand Kiev impose a carbon tax.

Speaking at a press conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland – having announced a new “green alliance”with European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen – Trudeau called this explanation “absurd.”

sleeping on the wrong side of the bed of history......

In a lead article last week in The Sydney Morning Herald the political and international editor Peter Hartcher declared that Australia was ’connected to three wars’, but only one of them would be measured in decades. He was referring to the conflict in Gaza and the war in Ukraine both of which ‘affect Australia’s security’.


house improvements....


Failures in the Russian logistics and maintenance system have been identified in several open-source reports as a key factor in Russia's underperformance in Ukraine in 2022. Despite the renewed interest in the topic, Russia's military logistics and sustainment remains an under-researched area of study in the West.

In this report, the author presents a brief overview of Russia's material logistics and sustainment system and its problems as identified by Russian authors prior to February 2022. The author also presents some preliminary insights into the early stages of the Russia-Ukraine war of 2022 prior to the delivery of longer-range Western weapons to Ukraine.

of self-defence....


U.S. Marine Makes Undeniable Case For Hamas!

Former United States Marine Kenneth O’Keefe has become an outspoken critic of Israeli policy toward Palestine, announcing that if he were Palestinian he would likely fight back against the occupation by any means necessary. In a clip dating from more than 10 years ago O’Keefe even compares Hamas to the African National Congress and Nelson Mandela.


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fleißig hinterherjagen.....

German authorities have launched raids across eight federal states against the so-called Reichsburger (Citizens of the Reich) group. The far-right revisionist movement, which rejects legitimacy of the German government, is under investigation after reportedly sending death threats to state officials.  

Citing the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Upper Bavaria North Police Headquarters, Bild reported on Thursday that as many as 280 officers had been mobilized to conduct the raids, during which they seized computers, laptops, smartphones, and storage devices. 

Some 20 people have now been accused of creating a criminal organization and attempting to block or hamper the communication channels of German authorities by issuing mass appeals by telephone and email, the outlet reported. 

a fairy tale made in the hell of fascist bliss.....

‘F**k the EU’: Nuland’s decade-old Maidan quip has never been more true
At the height of the 2014 coup in Ukraine, Washington’s ‘Maidan midwife’ uttered a phrase that has held true ever since...


BY Rachel Marsden


This week, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky – and his Western backers – celebrated the tenth anniversary of the start of the Maidan protests in Kiev. Of course, they led to a US-backed coup and, ultimately, the current conflict with Russia.

of a peaceful nation.................

US presidential candidate vows to dismantle ‘military empire’
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has marked the anniversary of his uncle’s assassination by pledging to pursue his goal of a peaceful nation

US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has observed the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination by vowing to pick up where his uncle left off in trying to make America a peaceful nation.

“If the American people choose me as their president, I will resume the process that my uncle broached 60 years ago of unwinding the American military empire,” Kennedy said in an op-ed published on Wednesday by Fox News. “I will return the military to its proper function of defending the homeland.”

the greater game of non-democratic diplomatic deception...

Blair, Bush, Bill Clinton, Obama et al should be in prison for having rorted and having rotted the game of democracy IN FAVOUR OF WAR. Internationally, they have devised ways to subjugate other countries in successive/parallel aggressive situations in which Russia and China had to react to. 

While Gaddafi deplored the five members right of veto from the security council of the United Nations system, Gus would argue that this veto has to some extend helped prevent a few more GREATER wars than we have had since 1945 (65 “little” local wars or so till around 2009) — and since the creation of the United Nations.

zelensky survives his failed martyrdom delusions.....

Kiev’s threats to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin are nothing new, but have mostly remained in the realm of narratives as opposed to reality, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

“If you remember, there have been verbal attempts on Putin’s life from Ukraine many times at various levels,” Peskov told journalist Pavel Zarubin. “They will not succeed.”

Peskov’s comments came in reaction to an interview of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to the British tabloid The Sun, published on Monday evening. In the interview, Zelensky claimed to have survived at least five Russian assassination attempts, and suggested that he would have Putin killed if given the opportunity.

“That’s war, and Ukraine has all the rights to defend our land,” Zelensky told the outlet.

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