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the coulda syndrome.....


This is about the U.S. Government’s lie to the naive Gorbachev, which fooled him to accept the U.S. empire’s proposal that East Germany become a part of West Germany, and that the Soviet Union and its one-Party rule end, and that its Warsaw Pact military alliance end while America’s NATO military alliance wouldn’t. In other words: it’s about how the Cold War on America’s side continued secretly (and now again brings America and Russia to the very brink of WW3), after the Cold War on Russia’s side ended in 1991 — ended on the basis of America’s lie and Russia’s trust in that lie:


a quiet winners.....

New Zealand is a small country… Yet New Zealanders punch above their weight in many areas of civilisation. “Across the Ditch” is a funny segment on CHEAP SEATS, Channel Ten, Australia, that makes fun of New Zealand low energy news and morning shows that are not trying to be (TMD! thank my dog!) imitations of American ghastly full fake adrenaline gabfest ugly morning shows… This American crass character seems to have unfortunately taken shallow roots at the ABCTV, Australia. PUNS RULE… Laughter (mostly induced by artificial cattle proding of automated camera crews) has become the motif of the morning — while the world suffers... and is about to suffer untold pain due to the last gasps of an Empire in American decline…— while the ABC news seems to suffer from Americanus propagandis....

crazy empire's genocide to prevent multipolarity....

The Hegemon is calculating for a World War to halt multipolarity. It supports the Jews Gaza genocide as a necessary evil to win hard in West Asia, figuring who’s going to care once the war goes global?


Pepe Escobar

JUN 5, 2024


The St Petersburg Economic Forum (SPIEF) takes place this week. It’s one of the go-to annual meetings across Eurasia. The overall theme in 2024 is “multipolarity,” quite fitting considering this is the year of the Russian presidency of BRICS. The BRICS summit next October in Kazan will be crucial in drawing the contours of the road map towards multipolarity going forward. 

hot and not bothered.....

Firefighters are on standby to submerge heat-stroke victims in ice and some popular hiking trails have closed in Arizona as tens of millions of people across the south-western US swelter in record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures.

Two weeks before summer even officially starts, excessive heat warnings were in effect across parts of California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. Forecasters see no relief for several more days. 


bright, cheerful, optimistic, colourful AUKUS submarine presentation....

Despite continuing optimism from Prime Minister Albanese and Defence Minister Marles and the defence commentariat about the AUKUS submarine deal it continues to attract significant uncertainty and doubt in the wider community. This centres around issues such as sovereignty, our industrial capability to manage the construction and longer term maintenance and the massive donation ( over $A4 billion) to the US’s own worrying ailing defence industry.


Serious concerns about the AUKUS submarine deal are not going away    By Mack Williams


back in time, 2021, to the present, 2024, with the kurds playing the football....

United States warmakers have become so skilled at propaganda that not only can they wage a war of aggression without arousing protest; they can also compel liberals to denounce peace activists using language reminiscent of the McCarthy era.

Take the case of Syria. The people and groups one would normally count on to oppose wars have been the ones largely defending it. They have also often been the ones to label war opponents as “Assad apologists” or “genocide deniers”—causing them to be blacklisted.


the gaslighting strength to defy gravitas and gravity....

Former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says Donald Trump is a “relentless gaslighter” with a “powerful narcissistic self-belief”, and the best way to deal with such a “bully” is to stand up to him.

In an article for the journal Foreign Affairs, Turnbull offered advice to world leaders who may have to face Trump’s return to the White House in 2025.

historical hysteria

"As Russian strikes intensify on the front line and against energy infrastructure, the two presidents will discuss the situation on the ground," the presidential palace said Tuesday.

The meeting between the two leaders is set to take place after D-Day commemorations

The Ukrainian president, who will be welcomed by France's Armed Forces Minister Sebastien Lecornu with military honours on Friday morning, will visit a site of the Franco-German arms group KNDS near Paris.

not the advice from the dead children and their mothers....

Hundreds of civil servants have written to David Cameron urging the government to publish its legal advice on whether its support to Israel breaches international law, writes Matt Benson, a former aid official.

UK Foreign Office Revolt Over Gaza


By Matt Benson
Declassified UK


X live.....

propaganda for the kingdom of rubbish.....

The almost total lack of any positive coverage of China in the British media further closes off the scope even for making arguments that policy should reflect opportunities from dealing with China.


Shaping the policy debate: how does the British media present China?   By Tim Summers


Foreword by Gemma Cheng’er Deng, PhD student, Lau China Institute:

tears from the world are feeding no-one in gaza.....

One reason Israel is constantly criticised, even from within its obedient posse of Global West backers, is that it has failed to articulate what it has planned for the “day after” the completion of its Gaza-cleansing, genocide project. The respected historian, Adam Tooze, recently revealed that future planning for “Gaza 2035” has, however, been a focus of intense, surreal Israeli attention.


Israel’s Gaza hallucination    By Richard Cullen


as yuckraine (kiev nazi regime) loses more than 1,500 soldiers a day, recruitment is becoming desperate....

Ukrainian men are reporting incidents of wrongful draft notices, unprofessional medical commissions and coercive mobilization tactics.

With Ukraine’s military facing mounting deaths and a stalemate on the battlefield, army recruiters have become increasingly aggressive in their efforts to replenish the ranks, in some cases pulling men off the streets and whisking them to recruiting centers using intimidation and even physical force.


fighting endless wars

Politics have come to this in America. Several former US presidents committed extremely serious war crimes that killed, maimed and displaced huge numbers of people without any suggestion that they be charged with these crimes. However, a former president Donald Trump has been found guilty of the crime of trying to cover up a brief sexual encounter with a porn actress that he denied occurred. Just how this is a crime is a little hard to understand.


American folly-starting and fighting endless wars    By Brian Toohey


make a deal now....

….. The newspaper points out that, ‘Biden resisted the delivery of F-16s due to concerns they would be used for bombing targets within Russian borders.’ Ukraine regularly hits military, industrial, and energy infrastructure targets inside Russia, even up to 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) from the border, particularly targeting Russia’s oil industry.

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