Thursday 18th of April 2024

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Losing to Russia is ‘Shattering’ Western Leaders’ Belief in Their ‘Exceptionalism’


This is a heading in the Russian media, Sputnik. Nothing new for those who follow the evolving Russian Military Intervention in Ukraine.


Is there a couple of decent mainstream journalists out there who would have the guts to tell, IN THE MSM, what has happened so far?


These decent mainstream journalists would have to have a Saint Paul style conversion and come to the conclusions — with evidence — that:


— Putin is not a bad guy

— NATO is a fascist organisation

— NATO lied, lies and will lie

— The Maidan coup in Ukraine, 2014, was American hawks inspired and funded

— Zelensky got elected on a platform to make peace with Russia


Aaron Maté (The GrayZone) :








zionist punctuation…….

the devil's chosen people......

One aspect of the Israeli military operation in Gaza that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media is the highly sophisticated psychological warfare being waged against the Palestinian people. A close look at some of the more unusual elements of Israeli strategy reveals the outlines of a plan that is clearly aimed at inflicting maximum psychological damage on its victims.


by Mike Whitney


NATO has become desperate: russia is winning....

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk appears to agree with American investor David Sacks, who has argued that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO lost its reason to exist, but decided to embark on an expansion spree to fill the void.

Writing on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, Sacks said that the US-led bloc “faced an existential crisis” in the 1990s because it no longer had rivals comparable to the Soviet Union. However, “rather than disband, it came up with a new mission: to expand,” the entrepreneur remarked.

“And in a self-referential loop, NATO expansion would create the hostility needed to justify itself,” he added.

Meanwhile, Musk appeared to agree with Sacks, writing on X: “True. I always wondered why NATO continued to exist even though its nemesis and reason to exist, The Warsaw Pact, had dissolved.”

sunak and starmer are in galloway's crosshairs...

This JOKER is fooling no one!

George Galloway launches war with Keir Starmer

George Galloway is sworn in as MP for Rochdale in House of Commons

So help me god.....



the nazi ideology thrives in the west without the fascist uniforms and army hats.....

sewer and garbage journalism with a tad of guilt.....

While the journalist [Julian Assange] waits to be determined on his fate, a significant number of erroneous or misleading comments and information must be countered.

While media coverage of the latest hearings in London in the extradition trial of Julian Assange was, on the whole, correct, it once again gave rise to a significant number of erroneous or misleading comments and information.


A hypocritical dance around Julian Assange

BY Marc Molitor


association of supercilious egoists and nationalists.......

ASEAN has been around for so long media outlets rarely spell the full name – Association of Southeast Asian Nations. That sounds significant and grand. It’s not.


The parade of talk going nowhere     By Duncan Graham


A better title for the acronym would be Association of Supercilious Egoists and Nationalists. Even that snide put down wouldn’t do enough injustice to a ten-member group that likes to think it’s a local version of the European Economic Community.

ASEAN is not Asia’s Common Market, but this week Australians will be bamboozled into thinking otherwise.

the monster lawyer that did not understand much about the nazis in ukraine....

As Vladimir Putin’s war enters its third year, it is time to count the bodies. Ukraine admits to 31,000 deaths suffered by its troops. The actual toll is probably much higher, not to mention all the serious injuries. Tens of thousands of its civilians have lost their lives, including hundreds of children, while 21,000 young people have been kidnapped and taken by force to Russia.


Put this monster on trial. Let humanity be the judge...     Geoffrey Robertson

Human rights barrister and author


pets (farts — not animaux domestiques) de cervelle française....

The possibility of the Ukraine conflict escalating into World War III cannot be ruled out, former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls claimed on Thursday in an interview with the Europe-1 news channel. 

According to Valls, the fate of the French people and others across Europe is “closely tied” to the hostilities between Moscow and Kiev, meaning they should “act much more decisively” to support Ukraine, including militarily. 

“We cannot accept the hypothesis of a victory for Vladimir Putin which would represent the end of Ukrainian democracy and the strategic, military, political, and moral defeat of Europe,” Valls stated.  

but no can openers in the delivery....

US drops aid into Gaza where UN says 550,000 close to famine

In short: the US says about 38,000 meals have been airdropped from three planes along the Gaza coast.
A senior US administration official says Israel has essentially endorsed a framework for a proposed ceasefire and hostage release deal.
What's next? Talks to reach a ceasefire agreement are set to resume in Egypt on Sunday local time.
The US has carried out its first airdrop of humanitarian aid into Gaza, but some Palestinians are saying it is not nearly enough.

The development came as a senior US administration official said Israel had endorsed a framework for a proposed ceasefire and hostage release deal.

Three C-130 US military planes delivered more than 38,000 meals to the territory, where the UN says at least 576,000 people are at risk of famine conditions.

it is well known some kanbra pollies were selling out australia to america.....

Last year the head of the ASIO, Mr Mike Burgess’s annual threat assessment was blighted by errors of fact. This year he’s enlarged his repertoire to errors of judgment.

In a speech which:

  • rambles to the point of incoherence
  • is self-congratulatory and self-serving
  • is bulked up with pointless historical nostalgia, and
  • contains more corn than the State of Iowa


Mike Burgess has damaged ASIO’s reputation and must resign    By Patrick Gourley


non-peaceful submarines.....

The multi-billion dollar expenditure on nuclear powered submarines as part of the AUKUS pact has attracted some attention. Perhaps it helps to provide historical context if it is remembered that Australia’s first submarines were of limited use in the defence of our shorelines.


Submarines then and to come    By Tony Smith


complicit in genocide, rapes, famine and murders....

The Australian government remains silent, continues to call Israel “our friend”, and rewards Israel’s war machine in a new contract with the Israeli arms firm Elbit. The Federal Government sends more troops to the Middle East while starving Palestinians in northern Gaza are massacred as they desperately seek food for their families, babies in Gaza are dying of starvation and dehydration and the IDF sexually abuses and rapes Palestinian women prisoners.


Palestinians in Gaza massacred, starved and raped     By Helen McCue 


dirty grass roots of the liberal (CONservative) party......

Disinformation group Advance Australia has been pouring advertising money into supporting the Liberals in the Dunkley by-election. Its funding includes over $1 million from a company whose ownership structure may be illegal. Anthony Klan reports.

Despite their claim to be a ‘grassroots’ movement of ‘ordinary Australians’, Advance Australia is bankrolled by a handful of wealthy families and individuals. According to the annual disclosure by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on 1 February 2024, the largest donation to Advance Australia was $1.025M, but the AEC does not know the legal source of those payments.

The payment was also the second biggest individual political donation in Australia in the financial year.

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