Wednesday 1st of February 2023

More ideas for site look and feel

Hey Hamish, a few suggestions, all polite, about potential additions to the site.

If I may say it, blogger sites look just like that. Blogs. Drop the l and the same effect is there. It discourages many who can't follow the style. I'm struggling as I'm new to it here. At least give them a welcome page that they are familiar with and tell them about the blog style and how easy it is once you use it ( I hope ).

Could I suggest a welcome page for new arrivals where Margo's proposal is the main feature, with extra blurb added by Hamish and Margo to show and promote the interest of browsing people. Maybe detail what might actually happen if they get off their butts and join in.

Also a page with some bio about Margo and Hamish so newbies know who you are and what you might have done to date. I know of Margo and have read much of her online writing but I don't know anything else. Obviously personal stuff is not intended here , more like a CV to impress. Boast about membership to demonstrate the tide is turning.

A link off the welcome page detailing policy as it is developed so newbies can understand how the site works rather than jump into where we are now, arguing and sniping. If policy is stated then it is acceptable. My only concern with that is harsh policies will discourage rather than encourage.

As you know many browse but never jump in as it's a risk if you haven't had your feet wet before.

Lastly, a page summarising perhaps monthly progress, developments perhaps in bullet style with a hail fellow well met blurb from Margo or Hamish to show the CEO group are partcipative too.

Reply queued ....

Aha! I notice that the confirmation message for my "reply" test does state explicitly that the content is queued for "approval by moderators".

So I imagine that also applies to new topics, although the message for new topics could perhaps also make that clear?

Cheers, Jim

YD blogs to Google Blogsearch... Any Possibility?

Is there a way that YD blogs can be fed to  As it seems to be the tracking tool most used by the blog community, such an action couldn't do incoming site traffic any harm,

Testing 1..... 2.... 3....

This is not a specific reply to this topic - I have recently signed up for this site but 2 attempts to post a new topic appear to have failed (despite confirmation message "new topic was created", they don't show up).

So this is just an attempt to test whether I am able to reply to existing topics.

Are new topics held over until a moderator clears them for release? I can't find any site info that would suggest that, but can't think of any other explanation...

Ed Hamish: yes, but I've been slack because I've been very busy at Webdiary

re: more ideas for site design

I had just come up with something constructive to suggest for the site design, and went to post it, only to find that Pegasus had already broached the issue.

Firstly, this site is tremendous for the simple reason that you have created it and some people have joined it.

Secondly, I think the site name is great and well positioned for long term activity.

I really think a fast loading, visually pleasing welcome page would be a great idea. Perhaps a brief and invitingly idealistic paragraph and then links to different site sections. Or even just one attractive button with some inspired logo action as seen already in the top banner.

I have already sensed biting wit and creative genius behind many of the matter-of-fact posts on this site. So I think a little creative sprucing up could garner the extra support this site demands.

For instance:

(splash banner),

(brief intro paragraph),

Are you ready to create your democracy?

(big green and gold YES which links to rest of the site)

(big red and black NO which links to Johnny's homepage).