Sunday 1st of October 2023

Forum Layout

I'd like you all to have a look at these forums.

I know they are written in German, but you will get the drift.

It just starts of with the forum name. Click on one, and look at the layout. Messages are posted below the original. One can search by names, or one also has the choice to just look at last 10 messages posted, or last 50 etc.

It's easy to navigate, no changes in layout, colours, fonts etc, and in my humble opinion that would be the way to go for your website.


I have to agree Wolf - the layout on the German sites is easy to follow. I can't afford broadband at the moment, and we can only get 33.6k dial up. I want to participate and need to be able to find things with speed.

However - it's early days yet. I want to see how the site goes over the next couple of weeks before I make any suggestions for change.

'Techies' will find a way

I think the 'Techies' will find a way, to make the site more user friendly.

sprechen die deutsch?

If so, that's about the limit of mine, and no doubt incorrect spelling. ;-)

I agree Wolf - very nice, easy to follow forum layout.

Actually you are pretty close

Actually you are pretty close.

Sprechen sie deutsch was the correct spelling, and I know on my keyboard the 'D' key is next to the 'S' key so you just made a 'typo'.

And glad you liked the layout, because I really think that it would be the way to go for this website.