Saturday 29th of January 2022

Offshore applicant refugee issues

I am keen to get some sort of feedback from members on their views on refugees applying off-shore to come here, even though they may not be able to work, but do have a family connection of some sort.

I am new to this vehicle, but it seems a good place to start getting taking the temperature of the electorate on the matter, since it is secondary to the discourse on Australia's Internationally illegal detention of asylum seekers.

Thanks to all involved in getting the site going at last, and I for one will visit regularly.

My 2 cents

Any off-shore applicant should have priority. That's the way the system is supposed to work.

As for how applicants are chosen: It has to be that those who are able bodied, even if unskilled, should be given priority over those who would simply be a burden on the taxpayer.
Family is an important priority as well, especially with regards to the spouse and children, as it helps establishing the refugee and thus their productivity. I'd put less priority on parents and siblings, unless the case was to deal with a minor (Although how they managed to apply without their parent's help would be a point of interest).