Sunday 1st of October 2023

beyond Noah's ark......

We are, as we’ve been for more than a century, on the cusp of another one of these “sudden changes”. Or should I say improvements… We’ve seen the rise of aviation, of computing and of the pseudo-democratisation of power, since the demises of kings as drivers of people.

The 20th century era of oil/gas/coal is slowly being replaced by other resources — not without a fight. Computing chips are being improved, and we’re entering the AI century. Money, though, is still the true ruler of human enterprises — including religious beliefs. The philosophy of being human as a question has been replaced by having things to define whom we are.


Some massive challenges are facing humanity, not the least being the pace of incoming changes.

We, the little people in the street, are unawares of the massive economic battles and alliances between players of the corporate fascism, which has ruled capitalism since the mid 1920s when this super-supply-demand activity was implemented and controlled by multinational enterprises, secretly replacing/guiding/influencing/corrupting the democratically elected governments in the functions of the states — including the military. 

Most of the people have become “consumers”. We used to be “children of god” awaiting our final judgement while we toiled for god’s representatives — the kings and the popes. Now, the new traditions are lifestyle, health, comfort, communication, entertainment, and freedom to compete. It’s exciting. Rather than style of political flavours, we err in between two compliant sides of a system that bows to the altar of money. Welfare is judiciously pitted against charity, and human rights are a business of moral sanctions part of the competition against other countries. 

And there is nature. Despite much efforts by many people, we are destroying nature. The paradise lost we have resented by evolving our survival skills into stylistic enterprises, is being rebuilt by our invention of wants. 

The planet is becoming crowded by humans and depopulated of other unnecessary beasts, The planet is modified by our vision of beauty. We go on cruises, not to see the world, but to enter Venice on monstrous amusing ships. Like Americans who want to interfere in other countries to show them the way to democratisation, we interfere with natural processes, via an array of technical/chemical/selection fiddles — which back in the 1920s, would have been viewed as illegal eugenics, but soon became part of our knowledge. 

We have grown up since, to discover the parameters of life. We improve our crops and cattle beasts, we kill the weeds with selected product which can spill and do spill over in the wild (whatever is left of it). We have invented “forever chemicals” which have reduced our genetic ability to reproduce. We have invented surgical/chemical processes to change men into (fake) women by desire and rights. We invent electronic chips to make chimps more intelligent than us… When I say we, I mean a small portion of humanity — that which is designed to control humanity, by whatever subterfuges of deceitful manipulation. We, the people at large, many of us bent over our dumbphones, are voodooed into a subtle submission. We have little say in the freedom to compete apart from failure and toiling like rats in a spinning wheel of inflationary greed.


Oil/coal versus green electricity/lithium batteries is one of the main controlled conflagration, in order to fight “global warming”. As well, woke and corporate fascism is being used to enforce some changes that are fright with dangers of social degradation, while pushing the concept that we need to do something about climate change. Meanwhile our actions and beliefs are guided to make sure the corporations make profits. Everything is managed, sold to us by actors who are the new priests of the corporations… 

Political decisions about who gets tax breaks, in order to look good on the climate and woke agenda are at best a minefield of deceit and manipulation of trust. The bottom line is paramount. Making profits is paramount, otherwise the system, as moral and ethically motivated as it can be, will fail. The top players cannot and will not lose. Sure, some will bite the dust, but most will profit. And we will be pawned…


As poor sods, we are still allowed to buy a loaf of bread, but we are accounted for doing so. The truth about anything is being eroded by official controls and double-speak. As long as we watch cat videos or Harry-Meghan antics on our dumbphones, all is sweet. Should we demand the truth about Russia or about any other conflicts, we run into untruths or brick walls. Should we demand the release of Julian Assange, we are ignored by the political classes and their minions of the MSM. We sometimes face hostilities. 

The dwindling numbers of comfortable bourgeois in the west and the rising middle class in China, can buy an electric car that makes them feel good about the environment, saving CO2, and amuses the pundits with amazing power and gadgetry.

Elon Musk EV TESLA car has outsold Toyota’s best world selling car. TESLA is the most popular brand in the world. Elon is back on top of the richest list. Amazing… It some way, Elon is a maverick. My guess is that he is an existentialist, using as much of his human powers to gather luck away from fatalism

Meanwhile the fatalists of the Pentagon do everything they can to precipitate Armageddon. They still believe in the religious after-life — or at least in the survival of a few idiots on the earth beyond the big blow-up. Elon is dreaming of saving a sliver of humanity on another planet before the Pentagon realises its wishes.


But is the process of making an EV as clean as it purports to be? Elon knows the complexity… We just drive along.

In the long run, many factors are hidden from view…

— lithium mining

— lithium refining

— cobalt mining

— cobalt refining

— manganese mining

— manganese refining

— rare earth mining

— rare earth refining

— copper mining

— copper manufacturing

All this just for the electric batteries and engines manufacturing. And such manufacturing is “dirty”.


Then we need to look at:

— recycling of “dead batteries”

— Life expectancy of an electric battery/engine


— Oil drilling

— gas fracking

— coal mining

— life expectancy of a petrol engine

— Recycling of a petrol engine

— engendering “global warming” with warming gases.


Output efficiency of petrol engines versus electric engines

Production of global warming gases in all extractions and refining processes along the way.

Energy supplies:

Oil, gas versus solar/wind electricity and hydrogen.


Are we reducing our “carbon footprint”? And by how much?

walking, cycling?….

We have barely scratched the surface of making a dint…

We are told that:

When questioned in a recent BBC interview about his country’s slow pace away from fossil fuels, Kerry said not to worry because, “I’m told by scientists that 50 percent of the reductions we have to make (to get to near zero emissions) by 2050 or 2045 are going to come from technologies we don’t yet have.” 

One might think that suggesting the planet would be saved by technologies yet to be discovered would be ridiculous enough. But Kerry doubled down.


Beyond this idiotic crap, John Kerry is in favour of GMO crops and meat. He is in charge of American policies on the future… We can only cry.


By our deceitful ignorance of historical moires, "we", aka the Pentagon and its Anglo/Saxon helpers, prolong a war that is destroying the environment and create more global warming than we can save with our super-pedalling windmills. We’ve blown up a methane pipeline that has retarded our fight on “global warming” by more than a dozen years. But it won’t matter.

We’ve lost the battle…. It is likely that El Nino-2023 will “burn” (create catastrophic events: floods, fires, cyclones, etc) beyond our ineptitude.

Meanwhile, the American Empire still want to control the planet or burn it down — or both. Simple.

It’s very Catholic of Joe-the-Senile to carry on the tradition of anti-this or that which is Russian or Chinese and which are contrary to the exclusive capitalist enterprising glory.…. But please, keep him as head honcho despite his increasing brain-melt and brain farts…

Having laughing-coconut Kamala leading the “free” (Big Brother controlled) world is a more frightening prospect…

But Gus could be wrong… He's always wrong relatively....


Gus Leonisky

Cartooning since 1951

Rabid Atheist and existentialist.




CARTOON AT TOP BY REISER, circa late 1960s..... Words by Gus, 2023.


Further reading to come.

more reading....

Once IRA was signed, huge investments started flowing into the North American Lithium supply chain. In this video I visit this bustling market and try to determine why Industry experts fear that raw materials will be the limiting factor, while Elon says it's refining.



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Tesla CEO Elon Musk departed from Shanghai on Thursday at noon, wrapping up a 44-hour intensive trip to China that included meetings with senior Chinese officials and business representatives, and a tour of the Shanghai factory.




US President Joe Biden signed a bill on Saturday that suspends Washington’s $31.4 trillion debt limit, averting what would have been a first-ever default, just two days before the deadline.




How BlackRock, the WEF and the Global Climate Cabal are fleecing the taxpayers, German Lawmaker Beatrix Von Storch



Following the end of the Second World War, the United States built an international system that was premised on the subordination and integration of Japan and Europe, writes Vijay Prashad.



In 1999, NATO brazenly launched a 78-day bombing of Yugoslavia, which not only resulted in a large number of casualties and property losses, but also left behind a hidden danger in this land. The bloody conflict this time is one of the consequences of this bane. Under the manipulation of the US and NATO, it was arranged for Kosovo, an autonomous province belonging to the former Yugoslav Republic of Serbia, to be administered by the United Nations as a transition. A few years later, Kosovo unilaterally declared independence and was immediately recognized by some Western countries. In other words, it was the US and NATO that forcibly divided Serbia through bombing and despicable political tactics. This is the root of that bane.




Three British journalists I know personally — Johanna Ross, Vanessa Beeley and Kit Klarenberg – have each in the last two years been detained at immigration for hours on re-entering their own country, and questioned by police under anti-terrorist legislation.

This is plainly an abuse of the power to detain at port of entry, because in each case they could have been questioned at any time in the U.K. were there legitimate cause, and the questioning was not focused on their travels.



Nearly fifty years ago I emigrated from the Soviet Union. My only reason for leaving all that was known to me was a deep longing for freedom of expression. I resented restrictions on foreign publications and deplored the practice of jamming foreign radio stations like the BCC World Service or Radio Canada International. It was as if the media were just obediently regurgitating the party line, with no room for real discussion or debate. Sure, the authorities weren’t as oppressive as they were during Stalin’s reign, but a lingering fear remained. It cast a shadow over political discussions, confining them to a small circle of trusted friends. Expressing our true thoughts and opinions felt like walking a tightrope.




U.S. leaders rarely have been noted for being able to gauge changing sentiment in the international arena and adjusting their foreign policy accordingly. The Biden administration, however, may be setting new records for the tone-deaf quality of its policies. Three incidents in the past few weeks illustrate the problem.




On this week’s episode of Journalists for Sale, hosts Diego Ramos and Max Jones talk to Geopolitical Economy Report founder and editor Ben Norton about the deployment of U.S. troops in Peru, and America’s unwavering support for the brutal military dictatorship that has proceeded the coup on former President Pedro Castillo.



Discover the truth behind the highly debated Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. In this captivating video, we delve into the key players involved in its construction and explore the geopolitical implications of this ambitious venture. Join us as we unravel the complex web of interests surrounding Nord Stream 2 and shed light on the countries and entities behind its development. Get ready for an eye-opening exploration of one of the most contentious energy projects of our time."




The hireling Western media love to repeat their politicians’ (and arms merchants’) mantra about ‘the brutal and unprovoked Russian invasion of the Ukraine’. Of course, in fact they are talking about themselves and their own invasions of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc etc, which really were brutal and unprovoked. The continuing incursion into the far east and south of the present-day Ukraine by Russian-backed Ukrainian forces was in no way unprovoked. The genocidal provocations of the US-installed Kiev regime had been going on for eight years before the Special Military Operation to liberate those areas began.



Former US Armed Forces intelligence officer Scott Ritter said Russia's high-precision satellites would soon give the FAU a nightmare. According to him, the Russian armed forces will monitor more closely what is happening in the airbases and ammunition depots of the Ukrainian army.

The ultra-precise satellites that Russia uses in space monitor the movements and actions of the FAU, Scott Ritter, a former US armed forces intelligence officer, said on the show.US Tour of Duty».

«These radar surveillance satellites are equipped with cameras whose precision is of the order of a meter. They don't mind cloud cover or rain. They have very high resolution radar that can see everything. It's impossible to hide anything from these satellites", did he declare.



British ministers are fanning the flames of conflict in Ukraine, ratcheting up their aggressive rhetoric aimed at Putin’s Kremlin. But senior figures with personal experience of combat are responding more thoughtfully, as they often have over UK military interventions



While electric cars were a novelty only a few years ago, the global EV market is rapidly maturing, with electric vehicles becoming the new norm. In 2022, electric vehicle sales exceeded 10.5 million, a 55% increase from the previous year.




While Australia is the world’s biggest producer of lithium raw materials, it only exports a small amount of refined lithium. But this is set to change.


The Australian Government has not been shy in its support for an onshore lithium refining industry, supporting the emerging sector through its $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI).

Pilbara Minerals and Calix received a $20 million grant to support the development of their ‘midstream’ project, where lithium salts will be produced via an innovative refining process.



Following the president's fall on stage during a recent commencement ceremony at the US Air Force Academy, Jackson stated that Biden is "not fit mentally or physically" to be president. According to Jackson, part of the president's role is to inspire confidence and project power, which he believes Biden is failing to do due to his age and perceived decline.




The US has been coercing, bribing and blackmailing drug enforcement agencies around the world to cite Syria and President Assad for producing and distributing narcotics around the Middle East.

It isn’t hard to figure out that Syria exports nothing.  Syria’s oil and wheat are stolen, there are no Syrian olive oil exports and most of Syria’s industrial capacity was removed and trucked into Turkey by the White Helmets.

Who Really Makes Captagon?

Currently, in the US, there is a nationwide shortage of children’s medications for ADD/ADHD and cold mediations.

There is no explanation for the shortage other than possible mysterious exports of the primary chemicals used in these medications, chemicals that, when combined, make up the illegal drug called Captagon.




The Jewish genius Hannah Arendt was wrong about “the banality of evil.” Evil is often entertaining and interesting, combining both farce and foulness. That’s why the term “Clown World” was invented. It’s used by thought-criminals like Vox Day to describe governments, corporations, and churches in the modern West. We’re ruled by Jew-designed ideologies – black supremacismtransgenderismfeminism – whose elite enforcers are as evil and arrogant as they are incompetent and inept. In other words, they’re evil clowns. Among much else, the evil elite clowns are determined to tear down the borders that maintain society and civilization. For example, transgenderism is about elite clowns tearing down the border between male and female so that perverted men can indulge their fetishes by pretending to be women.




Max Blumenthal On Rising: USAID Director Says QUIET PART OUT LOUD Re: Ukraine Funding




ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, a heavily armed Atlanta Police Department SWAT team raided a house in Atlanta and arrested three of its residents. Their crime? Organizing legal support and bail funds for protesters and activists who have faced indiscriminate arrest and overreaching charges in the struggle to stop the construction of a vast police training facility — dubbed Cop City — atop a forest in Atlanta.



The first thing to understand about John Durham is that he was a fearless prosecutor who went after organized crime and put in prison retired and active FBI agents who protected the mob for money or other enticements. One of the agents he stopped had enabled James “Whitey” Bulger Jr., once one of America’s most wanted men, the Winter Hill Gang boss who evaded arrest for sixteen years.

In his forty-five years as a state and federal prosecutor in Connecticut and Virginia, Durham worked often and closely with FBI agents, especially on cases that involved violations of federal racketeering statutes.





EV blues.....

In a widely shared comment piece for the Guardian, comedian Rowan Atkinson said he felt “duped” by the green claims about electric vehicles (EVs).

In support of his contention, however, Atkinson repeats a series of repeatedly debunked talking points, often used by those seeking to delay action on the climate crisis.


Moreover, he suggests alternatives to EVs that are not yet widely available, would be less beneficial to the climate and are guaranteed to be more costly.

Atkinson’s biggest mistake is his failure to recognise that electric vehicles already offer significant global environmental benefits, compared with combustion-engine cars.










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EV bio-weapon....

Many Tesla drivers responded to the air quality ‘red alerts’ flashing up and down the eastern US on Wednesday by switching on their vehicles’ ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ feature – and singing its praises on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s social network.

The apocalyptic-sounding ‘Bioweapon Defense’ option cranks up the vehicle’s HEPA filtration system, allowing the driver inside the Tesla to breathe clean air without having to endlessly recycle what’s inside the car or risk inhaling the wildfire smoke that has poured south from Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario for nearly a week. 

The worst wildfire season Canada has seen in over a decade has suffocated dozens of major US cities, creating brownish orange skies with a red sun that wouldn’t look out of place on Musk’s  hypothetical Mars colony.