Thursday 9th of February 2023

another meddling in another country's affairs.......

US President Joe Biden’s comments about freeing Iran were not meant as a statement of policy but an expression of solidarity with anti-government protesters, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Friday. Biden’s off-the-cuff remark at a Democrat fundraiser in California the evening before has already drawn condemnations from Tehran.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to free Iran. They’re going to free themselves pretty soon,” Biden told those attending a party fundraiser at MiraCosta College near San Diego on Thursday.

He was “expressing our solidarity with the protesters,” Kirby told the White House press corps the following day, adding that any change of government in Tehran “has to be up to the people of Iran."

Asked if Biden’s comments reflected Washington’s assessment that the Iranian government is near collapse, Kirby said “We have no indication of that.”

Speaking on Friday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi addressed Biden’s remarks by referring to the 1979 Islamic revolution in Tehran, which overthrew the pro-US monarchy 

“I’m telling Biden that Iran was freed 43 years ago,”said Raisi.  

Tehran has accused the US and its allies of instigating a wave of anti-government protests that started in mid-September, ostensibly over the death of a young woman in police custody. 

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said the White House “has increasingly promoted violence and terror in the recent riots,” calling on the US to “stop hypocritical behavior.”

This is not the first time Biden’s aides have sought to “clarify” their boss’s remarks. Speaking about Russian President Vladimir Putin in March, Biden said “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” which was widely interpreted as calling for regime change in Moscow – only for this to be denied by the State Department and White House aides.

Within 48 hours, Biden himself said he was “not walking anything back,” but was not “articulating a policy change,” only “expressing moral outrage that I feel,” and could not believe his words were taken seriously.




We feel a lot of moral outrage at JOSEPH biden's hypocrisy and OUR WORDS ARE TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.....



against global arrogance..........

On Friday Iranians celebrated the National Day against Global Arrogance, the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran, a key event in the revolution that birthed the Islamic Republic. Thousands of Iranians took to the streets in support of their government.

The US backed militant opposition groups in Libya and Syria in its efforts to impose regime change on those countries, two of the “seven countries in five years” US General Wesley Clark infamously revealed Washington was seeking to overthrow under the Bush administration.

While Libya, once boasting the highest standard of living in Africa, quickly descended into failed-state status following the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi, Syrian President Bashar Assad has managed to survive – politically and literally – with help from Iran and Russia.

While Iran was also on Clark’s regime-change to-do list, the US has largely relied upon funding civil society groups rather than overtly backing terrorists in its efforts to topple the state. Tehran has accused the US and UK of direct involvement in recent riots under the guise of protesting the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish woman who died in police custody after she was detained for wearing her hijab improperly. While the demonstrators claim she was beaten, CCTV footage shows no such assault, and a coroner ruled her death the result of an illness.






FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW.......................