Wednesday 1st of February 2023

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Ukraine’s “Christmas list” of demands for more assistance from the US should be rejected by Congress, popular conservative TV host Tucker Carlson said as he lashed out at President Vladimir Zelensky for his latest request of tens of billions of dollars to keep his government afloat.

Speaking during his Thursday show on Fox News, the top-rated commentator dismissed the Ukrainian president as a “celebrity-endorsed dictator of the most corrupt nation in Europe.”

“What? Some uppity foreigner in a T-shirt demanding money for his ‘critical economic needs’? We have critical economic needs too, buddy. Who are you, troll? Go away!” Carlson said, responding to the request. He asked the US leadership if the Ukrainian president had a claim on the nation’s treasury. 

On Wednesday Zelensky asked for $55 billion in assistance from the IMF and the World Bank, citing a need to rebuild his country after damage caused by Russian airstrikes and to keep his deficit-running government afloat. Washington previously extended sovereign loan guarantees to facilitate Kiev’s borrowing.




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the nazis in the US congress and the vatican....

 After meeting with at least 50 members of Congress, soldiers of the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment toured the US to auction off swastika-inspired patches and lobby for an end to restrictions on US arms and training.

This article was originally published by Moss Robeson’s Ukes, Kooks and Spooksblog and lightly edited by The Grayzone.

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In his closing remarks, Giorgi Kuparashvili appeared to take aim at his least two favorite members of Congress: Ro Khanna, a liberal Democrat from Silicon Valley, thanks to whom Congress curtailed U.S. support for the Azov Regiment in 2018, and Max Rose, a former Congressman and right-wing Democrat from Staten Island, who called on the State Department to label the Azov Regiment a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” in 2020.

“From year ’14, ’15, ’16, until today,” claimed Kuparashvili, “there is a bill which, I don’t remember the name, but the Congressman who lobbied, I don’t know how… He left Congress a couple years ago, he initiated to put the Azov as a restriction in a bill. This week, we talked to all the Congressmen and Senators, everybody understands, because when you bring the bill to Congress, they have to read it. Unfortunately, nobody read it, so they approved it again.”