Saturday 10th of June 2023

a waiting game…...

According to analysis of the logistics map (in French) of the present Russian intervention in Ukraine, Putin has achieved his main objectives… Bear with us, this map is already a few days old.

All Russia has to do now is be patient until Zelenskyyyy-y gives up his delusion of a “victory”. By this stage many Ukrainians would have seen through the stage-managed hubris of this fascist puppet of Washington. Some Ukrainians would have died for “nothing” more, than the US sponsored self-interest of Pinocchio Volodymyr.

The Ukrainian army now boast 700,000 troops, according to “Zelenskinflation” (this could include pregnant women?), with people armed with old guns and some with a few Western weapons that are unusable by most. Most of the weapons promised to Ukraine are held up in other countries such as Poland, or on boats off the coast in the Adriatic sea., because as soon as these weapons cross into Ukraine, they are destroyed with precision bombs.

Up to ten percent of the Ukrainian population has fled to other countries, including Russia. Young men in fighting age who would not want to be in the firing line, and knowing the situation was a hiding to nothing, are now threaten with revocation of their Ukrainian citizenship… Some of these young men have neo-nazi tendencies, and are polluting the welcoming countries such as Poland with extreme right behaviour as if Poland needed this extra input… 


The only touch-and-go battle now is in Kharkov. One should bet that Russia will prevail.


So, where to now?… Zelenskyyy-y admits that the end to this intervention can only be done by negotiations, but he does not want Ukraine to loose territory. Too late, unless NATO goes all out with war and this WOULD BE UGLY.


Russia is mostly waiting and has not changed its original stance on its demands. The more Zelenskyyyy-y dithers, the more he’s loosing: the Donbass  now fully controlled by Russia, could easily vote to BECOME Russian territory, despite Putin wanting the original Mink Agreements conditions. The Western nations can’t see through the fog of their own Russophobia and might become nasty, unless reason starts to penetrate their thick skulls.

The Russian army has made a few (too many) mistakes. It has lost more soldiers than it should have, but plans are never perfect. The Ukrainian army — now without proper equipment — had been supplied with American military hardware way before the “intervention”. Russia would have had to know this, but in the long run, it has been a case of fighting this HEARTLAND BATTLE in Ukraine or be invaded by US/NATO, eventually


We shall see who blinks first — and the bets are 99.9 % on Zelenskyyy-y giving up or 50/50 being shot.


May he give up before things get uglier.



Peace consultant.




russian sprouts…..

 Grandma sells sprouts, sends the money to fighters battling Ukraine's forces: How Russia's civil society helps support the Donbass


RT spoke with Igor Mangushev, who collects donations for the Donbass military


Many volunteers have headed to the Donbass since Russia's military offensive began, in February. Once there, some help civilians by bringing groceries, medicine, and other supplies. Others assist by clearing debris or working in hospitals.

There is another important task that volunteers are involved in – assisting the troops of the Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR) People's Republics. Their mission is to obtain the most modern equipment, the kind that only special forces are usually supplied with. Political strategist Igor Mangushev is one of the people doing this work. His fund, OPSB, collects about 20 million rubles ($322,000) a month in donations, which goes to the Donbass people’s militia. RT spoke with him about his work and Russia’s broader civil society.   

– What’s your connection with the Donbass and how did you end up doing relief work in the region? 

On June 2, 2014, I came to the LPR to work in the media. Thirty minutes after my arrival, Ukrainian jets bombed the local administration building. It was a miracle that I wasn’t killed – I had stepped out to buy a SIM card and grab something to eat. I took all this as a sign that my participation in the republics’ future should be more active. First, I was involved in the logistical side of things, and then I joined the LPR army. In 2017, I returned to Moscow and worked on an election campaign, which is what I do for a living. So many things happened after that – I’ve worked in Africa, the Middle East, and ended up in Lebanon. I lived in a beautiful city near a sea, but then February 24 happened…  

– Why did you decide to become a volunteer? The republics now have actual armies, these are no longer the militia forces that we saw in 2014. 

They are still experiencing difficulties with equipment and supplies. It wasn’t part of my plan to come back to Russia, let alone the Donbass, but when I found out that the soldiers needed help, I couldn’t stay away.

My plan was to sit on my balcony, looking at the mountains, sipping cognac and writing triumphant Telegram posts about our army taking over new cities. But things turned out very differently. We are still making modest progress in the Donbass, eroding the enemy’s defense. [But] the [LPR and DPR] soldiers lack communication devices, uniforms, aerial reconnaissance devices, thermal scopes, etc. My team works to redeem those shortcomings, and sometimes it’s a pain. 

– Tell us about your team. 

We have a small coalition of Telegram channels and we call ourselves OPSB. It was established in 2021, when a vivid discussion started in the Russian social media community among those who are in some way associated with the military. The discussion focused on the Ukrainian Army using drones in the Donbass conflict and what can be the most adequate countermeasure. And a group of like-minded people decided to raise money from our Telegram followers to purchase an anti-drone weapon – a gun used to destroy UAVs. This is how we got to know each other more closely and started discussing other topics as well. After the special military operation was launched, half of our Telegram administrators were off at the war front; others are in supplies and logistics or information campaigns. Everyone is doing their part.