Saturday 21st of May 2022

the missing piece of the puzzle...


"According to US lawyer Geoff Shepard (...), documents found at the National Archives in Washington show that Watergate was not a Nixon plot to spy on the Democratic Party, but a plot orchestrated by the Democrats against him.



Yesterday, in a obvious “set-up”, our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison  "the purveyor of ‘freedom', dressed in a grey flannel suit reminding us of marketing execs from the 1990s and of the daggy-dad of the year 2007” was playing football or soccer or whatever with a group of young girls — and taking selfies with them. Had I been a parent I would have confiscated ScoMo's smartphone...


Then ScoMo, like a tall big smirking dork, stood in front of a (small) group of reporters to announce a crack-down on publishers of trolls. One could be thinking that the first Western country in the world to do such a thing should have been Poland… Lithuanians are too intelligent and too fond of philosophical literature to do such a thing... Then, batting two synchronised eyelids at one hundred per minute, the Attorney General, Michaelia Cash — also present on the pitch by a whatever mysterious hazard — added to the sauce...


On Sunday, the Morrison government issued a chest-beating media release promising new court powers to force social media giants to “unmask” anonymous trolls who make defamatory comments online.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Attorney-General Michaelia Cash also pledged to reverse a High Court ruling that the operators of public Facebook pages are legally responsible for the defamatory comments of third parties.



If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention. Because the Priminister is conscious of “your freedom”, it seems that "the troll must consent to being identified or having their post removed”. Idiots… Not the trolls, but ScoMo and Cash.


Now these announcements are baby steps of insignificance that do not have a shred of intelligence, but, just in case, apparently CNN immediately removed access to its Australian Facebook page…


Is the new “law” (is it law?) necessary? No. You do not need the government to babysit your annoyance with trolls, because there is already a law that blast the publishers for letting trolls annoy you. But you REALLY need the government to make sure you don’t catch Omicron. The government may need to impose some new “restrictions”.... Oh, this would be restrictions of freedom, would it not? So not a peep from these pollies on the subject? Wait and see who’s going to budge first… Nappies are being filled by incontinent pollies...


"One is only good as one’s last job” we’re often told. Let’s hope that this stupid troll-crap will be Scomo’s last. He needs to be booted out the door with all his acolytes — and including the more palatable moderate Liberals who argue about some of Scomo’s this and that — because by even opposing ScoMo, these moderates will give him the numbers to be back in government, where they won’t have to oppose him any more. Job done. The Libs are not salvageable… They are deceitful.


Now, one has to ask a discreet question: was "this troll-controlling effort” coming from a desperate ScoMo and Ms Cash — or did they get a suggestive nod from Washington to test the water, ever so clumsily?


As many of ScoMo’s actions and reactions seem to be dictated from Washington — from AUKUS to annoying the Chinese by blaming them for Covid-19... and following Trumps’ climate change policies — this is a fair question. 


Is there an underlying conspiracy here? Just a small one? Are we still snorting our nose in mummy Washington’s apron?


We know — and we knew — that the Trump/Russian connection exposure was a set up, despite Mueller’s slow meanderings to make it stick. My guess would be that the media was also pushing a wedge in the Donald/Melania relationship to discreetly suggest that if Donald can’t “keep” Melania, he would be unfit to “keep” America. 


In some ways, what has been published by the media as Donald’s lies were no more than Donald’s stupid statements dipped in ignorance. Our ScoMo, to the contrary, as well as being a grand-standing ignoramus, tells porkies — even to the point he denies telling porkies.


I think that Trump was lucky not to be re-elected, and that there could have been some unfathomable electoral fraud in the 2020 US presidential elections. Had Trump won the presidency for another four years, he would have been shot...


This is a big statement, but you need to think. He would not have been the first one.


Here we need to survey the defining events of all the US presidencies and the way these events have been exposed/massaged by the media (often fed to the media by the fiction writers of the CIA and other “intelligence agencies). This is possibly why, “they" don’t want to release the documents (the truth?) about JFK’s assassination. The original conspiracy would come clear(er). 


We need to lift the lid on the McCarthy era — the 1929 depression — the various false flags that have been used for the US to enter the world war theatres and Vietnam — the fake intelligence to go to war against Saddam in 2003 — the benign reasoning with chess-beating (we got Bin Laden, didn’t we?) about the debacle of suddenly leaving Afghanistan to a ruthless "medieval” Taliban after having worked hard for NEARLY 20 YEARS at creating a “regime change” through corruption and good intentions. We need to revisit many other such events, including attempts on various presidents’ life and "Bill Clinton not having sex with that woman in the Oval office" — all events which need the missing piece of this grand US deceit puzzle…


Is the “Havana syndrome” a real thing or is it yet another fake device to blame another “enemy”? Or is it like a drone beat/"music" like those used in US TV cop shows to unify sequences and make dead bodies palatable?


The watergate affair seemed to have been “watertight” enough… But there always was some niggling aspects. Who tipped off the journalists? Why is Julian Assange still in prison?


Through the prism of the possibility that the Watergate affair was "a plot organised by the Democrats” to oust Nixon, and knowing that BOTH IMPEACHMENTS of Donald Trump were set-ups to get rid of him as well, we should revisit nearly all if not all the events that have marked the US presidencies — even the warnings about the US military by Ike Eisenhower when leaving office. He was not as clean as one would think, as it was under his watch that many Indonesians got killed (1 to 2 million), leading that country to become Muslim — and eventually to the “war on terror” and the Bali bombing. Did we miss something?


Pushing the barrow a bit too fast, I hear you…


This is a big subject, we stared to tackle with “"The Age of Deceit"” in which we postulate that the USA is the most deceitful country on the planet — and by definition so far, had been the most successful. But the times are changing. Deceit has to go up a few notches for the unipolar world of the USA stay on top in a multipolar world. People are getting hurt...


Our social governmental networks are not based on helping people but mostly on who is going to control who and you.


The American cop shows are the pits. By sheer numbers of them on the TV and pay-TV, it seems that our societies are full of bandits, murderers, thieves and morons… Meanwhile, I hope, the greatest portion of us are peaceful ignoramus of the traumas that exist in real life below the plimsol line of trickery, including banking fiddles and tax evasion. We accept our right to vote, anyway — and go to a picnic or a barbecue after having cast an important bit of paper in the big box… We’ve done our duty. And nothing changes. Developers get a free pass for shoddy work, etc. Pollies lie and we grumble. What else can we do?


If you think that the IPA or Clive Palmer have your interests and your freedom at heart, realise that their only concerns is about Gina Rinehart’s freedom and Clive’s interests… By voting for Clive, you are putting money in his pocket and you end up like a vagrant in the street. By listening to the IPA, you’d already be at war with something called China, and be bombed like hell, dying for “freedom” while watching SkyNews, the only channel left for you to watch in the ruins of the ABC.


The system isn’t based on demand, but on CREATING the demand. There is a huge difference. This is why we’ve created migration… WE NEED SLAVES. Bomb their country and they come to your door begging for a job for pittance.


We needed Japan to produce cheap goods, then it was Korea, Taiwan, China… But we did not understand the Chinese long philosophical plan… While the other countries became vassals of the Empire, China did not and became as powerful as the Empire.


This we don’t like… because it highlights our errors and our hubris. Our fast modern communications instantly expose the new tricks. Our (USA) attempt at “world domination” is now a pitiful Biden “democratic conference” that will happen by invitation only in early December… 


"In his book, The Nixon Conspiracy: Watergate and the Plot to Remove the President, released last Wednesday, Shepard claims that Congress members and prosecutors met on a regular basis behind closed doors to get their act together. He also casts doubt on several witnesses for the prosecution. Even though they were convicted, he underlines that none of the witnesses has ever served a day in prison.


Mr. Geoff Shepard is not just any lawyer. He was a top member of President Nixon’s Watergate defense team. In 2015, he had already brought up these facts but the documents were not available at the time.


In 2005, Vanity Fair disclosed the identity of "Deep Throat," the source of Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. It happened to be the assistant to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, a certain Mark Felt.


If Geoff Shepard’s version is authenticated (we did not see the referenced documents), it sheds new light on the role of the US deep state to undermine Presidents Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. The latter’s honesty was also called into question by a former director of the FBI: special prosecutor Robert Mueller.” 



Is this the missing piece of the puzzle? The puzzle of deceit?...


Meanwhile the Europeans have been infiltrated by the American syndrome — and they find it difficult to let go. Blame the Russians instead… It’s fashionable.


Leaving it with you…



Gus Leonisky


not a conspiratorial bone in his body…



But, as the great man, Mark Twain, said himself: politicians are like nappies, they need to be changed often… Time to boot ScoMo out... And please, don't fall for this ScoMo/Cash troll announcement... It's deceptive trick to make you vote for him again... Read from top once more...



FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lamb no more...


‘Full marks’ if Morrison means what he says about Australians’ freedoms

November 21, 2021 - 14:35PM


Sky News host Rowan Dean says Prime Minister Scott Morrison is “suddenly” talking about “getting government out of our lives”.


“Sounds to me like Scott Morrison’s rehearsing for a go on Outsiders,” Mr Dean said. 


“And the reason being that Scott Morrison is suddenly talking about getting government out of our lives.”


Mr Morrison recently claimed it’s time for the government to “step back” and allow Australians to live freely. 


He also said he is not in favour of mandatory vaccinations imposed by the government.


“Listen carefully to what Scott Morrison says, full marks if he means it,” Mr Dean said.









But fear not.. ScoMo is going to do all he can, even sticking to a glass-pane like a squashed blowfly, to win the PMship again to "not be in our lives”… BULLSHIT? Bullshit! All ScoMo does is lie to be in YOUR life… and come back with more screwy deals, hypocritical exemptions and more rorts than a crocodile has tears over 75 years of eating fish...


FREEDOM? When was the last time you were allowed to swear at police, claiming they’re pigs? Or not pay your taxes? Or join a union (or not join a union) without being victimised? Or pay the price you wish for your house? Or  your loaf of bread? Or not pay your bills because the apartment you bought is faulty, due to government lax laws? Or not have nuclear submarines? Or not have a vaccine because ScoMo fuckted up on the delivery… Or give subsidies to coal, gas and oil sectors? 


FREEDOM TO BELIEVE global warming is boloney? Or that sugar cures cancer?


Yes we all want the FREEDOM NOT TO BE INSULTED BY SCOMO and his enablers like PALMER and PAULINE…


Meanwhile Jacqui Lambie has come to terms with having been fooled… She is angry


After spending over a decade serving with the Australian army, Jacqui Lambie first came into the Senate in 2014 with the Palmer United Party, before leaving to carve her own path and in recent times has been ever more outspoken in her inimitable fashion on the virtues of vaccination, the dangers of One Nation and the failings of the Morrison government.


Read more:



And did we mention that the troll-laws are basically impossible to be enacted? And only look good for ScoMo on paper?... Talking of soiled nappies...


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!