Saturday 21st of May 2022

lying scummo "never said it" but everyone heard him at face value...


Scott Morrison has ducked a direct question about why he called a former Labor senator “Shanghai Sam” 17 times before denying he’d ever used that term.

As the opposition doubles down on a campaign of questioning the prime minister’s truthfulness, Morrison was asked to explain why he would use that terminology 17 times on 11 occasions and then deny using it.


The prime minister declared on Tuesday he was unaware of “the claim” Labor referred to, and did not intend to take statements in the question “at face value”.

But this controversy has surfaced before. Challenged in 2019 on 2GB about his use of “Shanghai Sam” and subsequent denials, Morrison told the radio host Ben Fordham: “Of course I remember saying Shanghai Sam”.

In August 2019, he told Fordham he had no regrets about using the moniker. Back then, Morrison said he’d denied using the term because he had misheard a question from a reporter.

With a federal election now in sight, Labor is using the final parliamentary sitting fortnight of 2021 to home in on Morrison’s truthfulness.

On Monday, under pressure after a sequence of Labor questions, Morrison falsely claimed he had told Anthony Albanese that he was travelling to Hawaii during the black summer bushfires. The prime minister later acknowledged in parliament that wasn’t correct – he had told the Labor leader he was going on leave, but not the specific holiday destination.

Morrison responded to Tuesday’s question about his characterisation of the former senator Sam Dastyari by accusing Labor of engaging in “personal” attacks as a substitute for pursuing a policy alternative.


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Time to retire ScoMo. He has dementia... or is lying or both. The country cannot afford to be led by this piece of angry crap.



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he is a worry...



If I was Jenny, I would start to worry about my husband… Scott seems deranged by not remembering what he forcefully, possibly sarcastically, said 17 times: "Shanghai Sam"… We ALL REMEMBER him saying it. Don’t you? As well, good old Scott is a political thief… The Sports Rorts and other rorts, such as carpark rorts, are robberies of the democratic spirit. One can say these are only political tactics, but they show the man as a devious manipulator of intent. These are not a “miracle” of achievement… Often in parliament Scott looks awfully angry and dangerously menacing while impolitely pointing a vexated finger, when having been exposed by parliament for lying… Not good. Scott lies. Does he lie at home? I would not think so because he’d be too busy to plan his next political deception. Thus Scott appears vengeful and somewhat unstable, often contradicting himself by talking too much, and entrenching his lies with more lies or invoking memory loss. As well, Scott seems to support Neo-Nazi extremists views, those we equate with fascism and ultra-right wing mentality — in the name of "freedom". Like many sociopaths (I did not say he was one), Scott seems to take credit for other’s good work… or impeeds political opponents' good work — and he never own up to his GOOFS...


Yes, Scott may go to sing-a-long on Sundays at Hillsong or such evangelical hub, but he seems not to have understood a single word of the bible, in which Christ is the most generous guy on earth. Scott is the most pig-headed lying PM we've ever had… As you know, I am not a Christian nor a religious man, but I know the bible reasonably well and what I forgot I can retrieve from my King James edition… It seems Scott does not practice the compassion of his religion outside the confine of the Hillsong building. Scott indulges in hubris and absence of proper ideology while peddling misunderstandings of facts… Not good. 


I don’t know how Jenny can cope with Scott’s antics. I can’t. He deceived Macron despite what Scott says while frothing up at the muzzle. Macron says Scott lied to him. And on probability, Scott did… Scott lies.


Scott might get re-elected though, because the Liberal (CONservative) deception-machine is loved by the ultra-right wing Murdoch media which will do all they can to prop up Scott and bash the Labor Party that, to say the least, can do a far better and more honest job than Scott’s outfit of scientific illiterates.


Scott’s climate attitude (we really can’t call his a "policy") is a disgrace, but most likely Jenny won’t see this because, like Scott, Jenny might believe that the threat of global warming is overstated. Beware. The future of your daughters is in Scott’s hands… It won’t be good.


And yes when Scott talks about “Shanghai Sam” he’s is emphatically blaming Labor for demanding reforms of the “donations” to the political parties system… A donation system of rorts which stinks for all parties but favours the Liberal (CONservative) Party... (see toon above). Meanwhile, here is a reminder:


Shanghai Sam needs to go? Scott Morrison needs to go. Scott has done far worse damage to this country than Shanghai Sam, by using more than 400 millions of rorts to achieve his election “miracle”. Scott deceived the French out of $90 billions. Scott is a very bad Christian to a family of refugees from Biloela — and to other refugees… He should know better... But really we don’t want him to improve because for people like Scott, improvements lead to more of the same crap. We want him to go… Go! Go away, Scott. Take your family to Hawaii once more. This year is the year of the floods in Australia. 





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