Saturday 21st of May 2022

be daft: vote for the best porkyist in town!...


As Alan Kohler, a respected economist, tells us we must not let Scott Morrison get away with do-nothing climate plan. We support this statement, and the only way to do this is to boot ScoMo out of political existence. Anything less, and this pest, Scomoturdus oftheshireeii, will come back to further white-ant this great country’s reputation. 


As demonstrated by his own behaviour on the international and national stage, Scott Morrison, the politican, is a liar, a fudger, a prevaricator, an annoying righteous sexist bigot, a deceitful idiot, amongst his best qualities. And we have not mentioned blind trusts, sports rorts and a single car-park...


It is our view (Gus's) that the people of the shire who keep elected him are better than this. So, It’s time for you to take a grip on yourselves and like the brave people of Warringah, elect an independent that is not a Scott Morrison’s default idiot like a Palmer “Freedom” United ultra-rightwing nut.


First, a note to the women of the shire. Amongst other idiocy, you’ve seen ScoMo in action in regard to his covert and latent sexism — now using the taken-sheila as a backdrop to his interminable press conference to introduce a new industrial hard-hat. Yes, you would not want this kind of dicky stuff happening in your own lovely lounge-rooms would you? So your duty is to BOOT SCOMO OUT. If your hubby — a professional — is a lovely petrol-head rogue on weekends, like Scott Morrison and you’re afraid of having an opinion, just do it secretly and lie to the boss of your life. Don’t tell the kids either. Kids blab.


Now to the boofy blokes of the shire. With your 4WD-3 tonne towing a monster boat, you go “fishing” with the boys on weekends. You don’t believe your fishing sessions contribute to "global warming” because a) global warming does not exist and b) all you do is drink beer while drowning some dead bait. There is nothing more natural than feeling the wind in your hair (mullet?) as you drive your 800 horse power outboard two-stroke engine at 40 knots towards your favourite fishing spot, which is of course in “protected waters”. I mean protected from fishing, where fishing is illegal because it’s an ocean reserve. Plenty of fish though.


Yes I know the beginning of Spring in Sydney — and the Shire by extension — has not seen a single trace of global warming so far this year (Don’t mention Darwin, where the heat is sometimes +4 above the average). So global warming must be a lie. Fear not, once you’ve elected Scott Morrison back as primal monkey of this country, as you ting the tinnies with your mates on your massive tinny, your lovely Shire will be on fire like the south of New South Wales was in 2019 with temperatures of 47+ degrees Celsius and a wind stronger than a tornado. Your house, in the middle of all those lovely trees will burn down like a matchbox — even if made of brick veneer, especially. Of course you will blame God from trying to punish the sinners who voted for Labor and the Greens in your Shire, who did not allow you to cut down all the trees which you love so much around you… Think about it in reverse. God is punishing YOU for voting ScoMo back in as the head-fudger of Australian politics and a do-nothing for climate. You don’t want this on your conscience, no? Yes?


But you really love ScoMo’s nuclear submarines. You would not mind having one yourself to go fishing with the boys. Approaching a school of trevallies steathfully, you would go nuts filling your freezer for the season in one go. Having nuke subs is like having a big pair and a dong bulging between your legs. Dream on. You won’t see a single Aussie nuclear periscope for another 20 years, if ever...


So, reluctantly I know, you would have to vote for the independent that is not aligned with ScoMo, through the Palmer “Freedom” United Bizo… Take your song sheet from the ZZ people in Warringah. Some of you might even vote for Labor… Don’t tell your wife though. She does not need to know you have betrayed the code of the Shire which is to support ScoMo, no matter how imbecilic and devious he is, as you “publicly" sprouts “he does a great job”... You know he does not.


If you really feel guilty about abandoning Scott Morrison like dropping a hot potato, you can go to your local Hillsong Singalong and secretly demand god’s forgiveness. God himself would approve of your choice to cast ScoMo away, anyway. So you won’t have to say three Hail Marys as punishment (do they say Hail Marys at Hillsong?). 


So, you know what to do now. DO NOT VOTE FOR SCOTT MORRISON AGAIN.


Should you vote for Scott Morrison again, you will be branded as being idiots, deceitful LIARS, fudgers and scientific ignoramuses petrol-heads yourselves, despite being nice blokes and sheilas… So I can see your dilemma. It’s a difficult lifestyle choice, but we’re here to help. 


Good luck.



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boot morrison out...


BY Alan Kohler


After 25 failed UN-led attempts to do something about global warming, number 26 has been presented with a revolutionary new scheme by the Australian government.

The idea is blindingly simple, and could take the world by storm as it were: Just predict that the private sector will take care of climate change.

A voluntary price on carbon (not a tax, mind) plus private sector innovation will achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, job done.


Governments have to do almost nothing.

We’ll never know for sure whether Australia’s stunning breakthrough contributed to the struggles in Glasgow, but it probably did.

As suggested here two weeks ago, Australia punches above its weight on these matters because there are other countries looking for an easy way out. The Australian way looks appealing.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison laid his idea out most clearly in a speech to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry last week: “[Climate change] will be fixed painstakingly, step by step, by the entrepreneurs, by scientists, by technologists, by innovators, by industrialists, by financiers, by risk-takers. That’s the Australian way.”

The modelling subsequently released on Friday did not even pretend that this approach will achieve net-zero emissions: It gets us to 85 per cent, after which the great spirit of technology will carry us the rest of the way to 100 per cent net zero on a golden staircase of innovation.

In fact, it’s clear from the modelling that the only reason the Morrison plan exists at all is to prevent an increase in Australia’s cost of capital caused by the world’s banks and investment houses shunning this country.

Net-zero spin

The sheer audacity of what Morrison is doing is breathtaking: To say it’s a plan when it’s a forecast; to say it will achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 when the document itself says it won’t; to say it’s “technology not taxes” when it relies on voluntary carbon pricing of between $24 and $400 per tonne that will be passed on to consumers; to say Australia is leading the world when we’re actually coming last.

It seems to spring from a combination of the Prime Minister’s character, so brilliantly described in Sean Kelly’s book, The Game – a portrait of Scott Morrison, and an extreme version of the actual game that’s played by both main parties.


In his book, Kelly writes: “When Scott Morrison declared on election night that he believed in miracles, he meant the phrase literally.”

And: “The more useful way to think about the effect of Morrison’s faith on his political career is to see in it a sensibility. Rather than offering him a doctrine, its elements have structured the way in which he perceives the world.

“The first element is an abiding optimism …”

“This is closely related to a second element: The sense of certainty that can come from believing that God has you in his hands – that he has a plan …”

When it comes to something that affects the whole planet and human race, the whole of creation no less, how can someone who believes in the pre-eminence of God’s plan for each one of us think that humans should, or even can, interfere in it.

So leaving it to the private sector and technology, supervised by God, makes perfect sense.

Labor in a bind

The politics of the Morrison plan, meanwhile, look shattering – for Labor.

The Prime Minister will now campaign on doing next to nothing about climate change because it’s going to turn out OK thanks to the private sector – it will basically take care of itself.

Therefore whatever the Labor Party proposes on climate change will have to be something, not nothing, which means it can be attacked as a cost, a tax or a dictate.

ALP leader Anthony Albanese is in a tight spot now.

He must either go for broke, boldly announcing the phasing out of coal, a new emissions trading scheme and a ban on internal combustion vehicles by, say 2040, and try to win the cities with that, or match Morrison’s nothing plan and campaign about something else.

A half-measure will please no one.

Both strategies are enormously risky – unless Morrison falters, which looks unlikely at the moment.

Which is why the media must now become players in this drama.

The role of the media

The reason Scott Morrison knows he’s pretty safe with an obvious non-policy is that most of the mainstream media tries to be politically even-handed, and is inclined to show respect to a Prime Minister.

But most media company directors and journalists also understand that we actually do face an emergency from global warming, and that it may not be true that private technology will take care of it, or that preventing disaster will be cost-free – it will just be cheaper than the disaster.

So we need to call him out, constantly, every day, and apply truth in advertising standards to election ads as well.

Climate change is not just politics, and shouldn’t be reported as just politics.



Alan Kohler writes twice a week for The New Daily. He is also editor in chief of Eureka Report and finance presenter on ABC news




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The Prime Minister and others have slammed the independents running in the federal election as the voices of Labor and the Greens that are only running in Liberal seats, backed by “big money”.

But Zali Steggall says this just shows that Scott Morrison “doesn’t get it”.

Ms Steggall ousted formed prime minister Tony Abbott at the 2019 election as an independent from his long-held NSW seat of Warringah through a grassroots campaign of dissatisfied Liberals.


She said Scott Morrison is overlooking that these independents are running because communities did not identify with their choices at the moment.

“Where the Liberal Party has moved so far to the right, and under Scott Morrison, does not represent its values when it comes to integrity and accountability, they are looking for alternatives,” Ms Steggall told Sky News’ Sunday Agenda program.

She said the Prime Minister was not speaking to the traditionally sensible, more-moderate Liberal voters with the policies he was pushing.

Climate crusaders

Big money from the Climate 200 group is reported to be backing independent candidates and Ms Steggall said they may well support her in this election, but didn’t in 2019.

“What I find interesting, the Prime Minister doesn’t have an issue with Clive Palmer spending $80 million on his party,” she said, referencing the United Australia party.

“If we are really talking about big money influencing politics, we really need to look at that.”

She said there were also millions of dollars that were donated to the Liberal and Labor parties that weren’t properly reported.

If next year’s election ends with a minority government, Ms Steggall said it would force more collaboration, which she endorsed as a positive.


“The worse thing we have at the moment is (Nationals leader) Barnaby Joyce, who is dictating and holding the Coalition to ransom on what it can and can’t do,” Ms Steggall said.

“There is a major loss of trust in the Prime Minister, so I think that needs to be addressed at some point.”

‘Empty promises’

On the key issue of tackling climate change, Ms Steggall didn’t think much of the Coalition’s net-zero target.

‘I think they got there kicking and screaming,” she said.

“It is a bit of an empty promise because their plan only delivers 85 per cent and doesn’t deliver 100. It doesn’t actually transition at the speed we need to.”

She believed Labor’s 43 per cent 2030 target was playing it safe for the election and provided just a little bit more than the Coalition, but not enough to “scare the horses”.

“I am not for extreme targets so they are [not] going to be at any cost. I am for a sensible planned transition,” Ms Steggall said.



Read more:


Please be aware that some "independents" are stooges for ScoMo... Choose carefully...