Saturday 21st of May 2022

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targettargetBarnaby Joyce states that the National Party has not signed the Cop26 agreement and Australia is “satisfied with its goals.” Cop26

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce added that Australia was “satisfied with our goals,” and the Nationals did not sign the final communiqué of the Glasgow Climate Summit.

Joyce, who was campaigning in the coal town of Singleton, New South Wales on Monday, said the government had already set emission reduction targets for 2030 and the public Cop26 Agreement signed by the Australian Government on Sunday.

“People didn’t sign it. I didn’t sign it,” Joyce told ABC.


“I am an executive member of this government. With the Nationals negotiating with the liberal, we are happy with the goal (and) we said we would not change the goal for 2030.”

Joyce also said he was “cynical” about the proposal to be emotional about the outcome of the summit, targeting Cop26 president Alok Sharma.

“Break a break. These people aren’t worried about the environment, they just want to go to TV,” Joyce said.


“he [Sharma] Being with his Gavel, “Oh, I’m almost crying, I can’t do this.” He wants to close our coal industry, but never talked about closing the North Sea oil fields.


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Greta Thunberg: ‘COP26 even watered down the blah, blah, blah’  Greta Thunberg: ‘COP26 even watered down the blah, blah, blah’Close 

Greta Thunberg says the outcome of COP26 is a disappointment as there is still no guarantee the planet's temperature rise will be limited to 1.5C.

The climate campaigner told BBC Scotland: "They even succeeded in watering down the blah, blah, blah which is quite an achievement."

Speaking from Sweden, she said some "small steps forward" may have been made but the Glasgow Climate Pact was very vague and open to differing interpretations.



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