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why COP26 was a failure...


GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Only two of the 35 stalls lauding countries’ green credentials at the COP26 UN climate summit mention the need to cut fossil fuel production — the chief cause of the carbon emissions driving climate change. 

The summit’s official “blue zone” includes large corporate-style pavilions run by some of the world’s leading producers of oil, gas, and coal, including the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Qatar. They highlight the countries’ environmental efforts while failing to mention their massive and ongoing trade in fossil fuels.

Of the two exceptions, Denmark and South Africa, the first did not mention Denmark’s role as the largest oil producer in the European Union, while South Africa’s stall was sponsored by the country’s top coal companies. 

The heads of the United Nations and the International Energy Agency have said no new fossil fuel projects can proceed if the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degree C temperature limit is to be met.

When asked by DeSmog, officials running the other 33 stalls — meant to inform people about countries’ climate action — were unable to point to information in the pavilion about the production of fossil fuels. 

A handful of pavilions made passing reference to efforts to cut the use of fossil fuels in pamphlets or video displays. 

Bangladesh’s pavilion pointed to its transition away from diesel-powered water pumps, Egypt lists one of its key climate objectives as “reducing emissions associated with the use of fossil fuels”, and a video in Korea’s pavilion mentions reducing fossil fuel use in energy generation and buildings.

In a few cases, staff referred DeSmog to events they were holding at the summit that they said might cover fossil fuels, or offered to arrange a call or meeting with someone who could provide more information.


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The cartoon at top explains why there is so much anti global warming sciences. Trying to correlate the natural end of the last ice age with the present warming is idiotic, but many people, including cartoonists, try hard to belittle the present scientific observations. The end of the last ice age was due to many factors, mostly the Milankovitch cycles. As well, recorded in the geological strata, there were "forest fires" which left traces of ashes, helping warm the planet. Some anthropologists attribute the fires to "human activities" as the clearing of land may have been a practice to acquire lands to grow crops... But even then the CO2 proportion in the atmosphere never went above the "natural" maximum of 300 ppm. By 2021, the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere is around 420 ppm. This EXTRA CO2 is due to the "industrial revolution" based on BURNING FOSSIL FUELS. Some pseudo-scientists claim that CO2 isn't the inductor of warming, yet the correlation is that as the planet warms, there is more CO2 in the atmosphere. We've dealt with all this many times on this site including: 

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hope behind the smoke...

The Glasgow climate deal is a "game-changing agreement" which sounds "the death knell for coal power", Boris Johnson says. 

Although countries only agreed to "phase down" rather than "phase out" coal, the prime minister said this was a fantastic achievement.

The wording change was made after a late intervention by China and India.

But it remains the first time plans to reduce coal have been mentioned in such a climate deal.

The agreement was reached after the two-week Glasgow COP26 summit went into overtime on Saturday. 

Critics have said the deal does not go far enough and will not meet the key summit goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C by the end of the century.


Scientists say this would limit the worst impacts of climate change.

During a Downing Street news conference, Mr Johnson said: 

  • "We can lobby, we can cajole, we can encourage, but we cannot force sovereign nations to do what they do not wish to do"
  • "For all our disagreements, the world is undeniably heading in the right direction"
  • The "tipping point has been reached in people's attitudes" - with leaders "galvanised and propelled by their electorates"
  • But "the fatal mistake now would be to think that we in any way cracked this thing"

Mr Johnson said that despite the achievements of the summit, his reaction was "tinged with disappointment".

He said there had been a high level of ambition - especially from countries where climate change was already "a matter of life and death". 

And "while many of us were willing to go there, that wasn't true of everybody", he admitted.

But he added the UK could not compel nations to act. "It's ultimately their decision to make and they must stand by it."


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