Friday 27th of January 2023

The Australian Peoples Party

The Australian peoples Party will be running candidates in this years Federal Election.

This will happen either as a party, or if not registered, as independents, as this party believes that it is long past time for a new way of governing this great country, Australia.

We find that the representation of other parties does not fully represent democracy as both major Parties have said again and again that an MP's loyalty lies either to the Cabinet room or Caucus, not to their electorates or the people of Australia.

This in itself shows that these political parties are run for those major parties, their mates and biggest financial interests. Again, not in this country's interest other than as a political advantage for votes, longevity and control. Not for the betterment of the people of Australia.

You may ask well why this party different, well this party is what the other Parties used to claim to be. All those good things inside but allowing for independent choice and decisions, as it is these decisions that are from each candidate(s) electorate and not a party policy back room. We also find that democracy is not alive and well with branch stacking and moving candidates into other areas, which would suggest to one that these people do not have the necessary capability to run as a candidate who does represent their electorate(s).

The Australian People's Party, or TAPP for short, has been working on policies for the last 17 months and gaining members and candidates throughout this great country of ours.

Those that wish to become a member or candidate are quite welcome as this party is for all Australians.

We have also found that there is a need for information and for the people to have choice about how they shop and from whom, that is why we have included a links page to our website for those who meet the following:

100% Australian owned and operated

100% Australian product

We may after some time include those businesses that cannot source a product here in Australia but that will be open for discussion.

There are no catches with this offer, only that since we are Australian it is about time somebody did something and get all these people together so people can find and source Australian products. If anyone wishes to make a donation that is entirely up to you but as I said no catches, no strings.

At this moment in time we have policies on the following;

Aged and Disabled Care Policy, Disability Policy, Policing and Crime Policy,

Veteran Affairs Policy, Industrial Relations Policy, Personal Responsibilities Policy,

Politicians Responsibility Policy and Immigration Policy


The following are policies we are still working on and fine tuning;

Environmental Policy, Education Policy, Australian Product Policy,

Defence and Security Policy, Animal welfare

There will be more releases coming over the next couple of months and with that there is no spin or bull but just what needs to be done by us, the people, to get Australia Back on Track.

We are always looking for members and candidates for the federal election, Do you have what it takes, Passion

Those wishing to know more can view the website or email.




The web site's a little premature

I would seriously consider taking that web site offline and putting up a placeholder for a while if I were you. The overall layout is not ideal, but the policy statements really come off as unprofessional. They have a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, and have a rambling feel. They also jump between half-expressed concepts in a manner that leaves the reader lost for context.

Some parts of the constitution appear to be plagiarised from the constitutions of other parties - it is OK to get ideas from other parties' constitutions, but verbatim copying is not OK.

The abbreviations "i.e." and "eg." never work well anywhere. If you think you need to use this, the text you are prefacing it with probably should not be in the document at all.

Lets See

Since my last was not approved it seems that being an independant one would have noticed the constitution had more to say than you thought.

Also regards to the constitution you should check out the others before complaining and another thing I did not invent the wheel but if it is there will use it.

Another point is that if someone sends me an email i will reply but i take it that this is not you case, this i have to find uneasy as you say independant but dont act it, for the people.

I for one am for the people and The Australian Peoples Party is more than you have even thought it is, without understanding comes those who attack.

hi Stuart .....

Hi Stuart .....

You judge us unfairly ... or at least prematurely.

Your posts have been & will be "approved" without hesitation, provided they don't take us into the realms of obscenity .... which, I don't believe for a moment they will.

As a website run on a voluntary basis, it's unfortunately left to me to attend to the relevant administrative support activities for Your Democracy, such as releasing comments. The demands of the rest of my life meant that it was not until tonight that I was able to attend to that detail.

On a broader plane, please be assured that we welcome debate & encourage contributions from everyone, regardless of whether their views accord with ours or others.

I'd like to encourage you to contribute & will try to be a little quicker off the mark in ensuring that your comments are made visible.

I'm not sure what you meant re your comment on emails but if you've been trying to communicate with the site - without apparent success - please post a comment with the details & I'll get back to you ASAP.

In the meantime, on with the debate & let's just hope that some of it will ultimately translate into positive action.




No i dont think so.

This is something that has been needed for a long time.

I would say to you have a look at labors veteran affairs policy, which isnt realy a policy but speech. You should also look at their education new directions policy, if thats what you call it.


Now this is a party from the people, not the party dictatorship dynasty, and what we find is we can read it, us the people about what is happening and yes about the constitution i did not invent the wheel.

This may have parts but compared to others well we the people can read it, as it isnt full of spin.

So if you want to have another go try better, I have had worse than what you have tried.

You may enjoy the corruption from these majors as this is what you get from blind obedience and following the leader like a sheep. So i am not scared of your rumblings or the majors as they realy are just business people for their party's not the people.

It take more than just your premature ejaculation about this party to scare us off.

 Oh by the way have a nice day

way to go Stuart .....

Hi again Stuart.

I agree with your prognostications about the major parties .... see my most recent comment "to the heart" .... & I endorse anyone's efforts to try & make a positive improvement to the dysfunction that has overtaken our society in the last century or so. 

Its about choice

Thanks John

 not having a go at you just thought due to some of my wording thats all.

I had later guessed about the evening bit.

I will keep posting and as a matter of fact would also like to add this to my links page if thats ok.


Democracy, the hardest thing is to tell the people that they do have a choice and like TAPP Troy would be suprissed that the candidates within this party have the same power of choice as any independant.

I created this to join those who like me have something greater to achieve than being one but a team with independant choice.

So thanks again john at least i know for sure.