Saturday 4th of December 2021

towards solar-powered submarines on planet mars...


Using our interplanetary probes, we learn a lot about ourselves. We discover a relatively universal truth:

We’re idiots. And some of us commute between the Shire and Kanbra — and act like prophets. 

We’re idiots to think that we can trash our present planet and move onto another one — and avoid “making the same mistake” again in our civilizatioforma. Making mistakes aren’t our only problems really. Thinking we can live somewhere else is the main delusion. Like kids who break their toys, we think that we can get another one if we have a tantrum strong enough. Newsflash: there is no planet B. Not even Mars.


Lucky, some of us are not as flippant as this. We love this little planet we call Earth. The conditions for our survival are excellent. Even at the worst of its possible “global warming” conditions, planet Earth is far superior to say Venus or Jupiter.


Venus is out of the question, even if we call it Earth's twin. The cost of air conditioning to maintain a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius inside our house on that planet in a state of global warming running at more than 440 degrees Celsius would be prohibitive. Even the pink batts could melt.


Living on Mars is possible if you like living in a freezing desert — like antarctica with no ice — inside a shoe box itself inside a bubbled dome, while growing a few green beans by recycling your own shit and piss FOREVER (which we do nonetheless at the Bondi poop effluent plant). The Martian atmosphere is toxic — or just not breathable. The prospects of enjoyment are, during leisure time, limited to watching reruns of the Two Ronnies on a virtual platform, while drinking artificial potato alcohol. Yes, there has been water on Mars but a lot of it has disappeared into the ether and into the ground. If you enjoy sucking the humidity out of rocks you’re welcome. 


If you’re a masochistic explorer, like Elon Musk, go for it. Yes on planet Earth, intelligent humans have run out of ideas, but not of things to muck up while the poor still heck a clever living out of garbage tip. What can we muck up next is the exo-thinking being worked out in our labs. And our politicians are idiots: Biden, Johnson, Morrison… A trio of sociopaths with NOTHING to offer the world beyond short-range crummy vision, plus a tad of hypocritical religious delusions. I mean it. Think at the ramifications of their stupidity!


Not a great life on Mars, unless you whiff-dream with the help of virtual reality that reminds you of a paradise lost — 54.6 million kilometres away on a good day — and 401 million km  on the other side of the sun when you’re not looking. If you think that Eve and Adam got banished from “paradise gardens” to land on planet Earth and toil like sinning idiots, this original situation is amazingly fantastic compared to living on another planet — exo- or not. Leaving this relative paradise is out of the question if we seek betterment. Just imagine, had god-the-idiot sent Eve and Adam to do their penance on Mars! We would be thinking of trying to reach planet Earth, the REAL Paradise Planet. Punishment is good...


So. What’s the beef? Despite our idiocy and illusions, we better look after this present little world with care, and thanks for what we have become while respecting the nature we evolved from. We’ve come a long way as a sapiens species and many of us do our best to limit our dumb “footprints”. Do we want our surroundings looking like a grass-less stockyard for cattle, fed with recycled unmentionable whatever? That’s the future minus the cattle on planet Mars.


Hopefully, we won’t have to escape from here and land over-there in avoidance of the idiocy of our sociopaths running the show — leading us towards more idiocy, from war and environmental damage, in the name of improvements, freedom and democracy...


It’s time to give all of them the finger and be “intelligent”. Oh, and there is this show on ABCTV, called QUESTION EVERYTHING (!) — "get your facts straight"… It’s fun and it’s lightweight. But only expect the bashing of anti-vaxxers, not the questioning of religious deluded dudes with big hats… Despite religions being totally ludicrous (with not a single fact in them), it’s out of the scope of such shows. Religions are protected species, because without delusions we would go mad, would we not? Or we would escape to Mars...


Existentialism can be a luxury for the well-dressed, or it can be seen as such. I know. In order to enjoy existentialism, one needs enough idle time, a thinking cap and a bit of money. Otherwise we’re poor, struggling, uneducated and we relatively need to be religiously motivated to be slavish — committed to toiling for "the common good of the rich people", including the god-appointed “King"… Not that we cannot work or enjoy work while being fully existential. Our activity motivations are a balance act between selfish survival and active generosity that would be more in tune with social sharing, social justice and a tad charitable actions when social justice is not enough, because of the governmental idiots being tax-tarts. 


What’s all this is about, then? Well, if you build a “city” on planet Mars, you need to be prepared to the same rough capers of here on Earth: the bickering, the bitterness, the resentment, the psychopathy and sociopathy, the delusions, the boredom, the lack of motivation, all once the short reserve of excitement at looking at a couple of striated red rocks has worn off. Say, you’re in charge of the shit-recycling unit while you dream of being the mayor of Elony, the new city in Muskow — the budding city-state… Enjoy envy.



It would be time to avoid words like freedom, weapons, and submarines. They would be useless on Mars. They are also useless on planet Earth but we think that having them we’d reach Paradise again… We should dream of peaceful solar-powered submarines on planet Mars… Now you’re talking...


Gus Leonisky

Rabid existential atheist



the rocket awe...

In the pre-dawn light on a road that ends at Boca Chica beach in south-east Texas, rocket chasers are setting up cameras at the entrance to Elon Musk's Starbase.

This is the production site for Starship, the next generation of SpaceX's orbital spacecraft. 

In a few hours, a towering 69-metre high "superheavy" rocket will be rolled out from here 2 kilometres down the road for its test campaign to begin at the SpaceX launch site.

"I don't think people understand, this is the largest most powerful rocket that's ever existed in human history," says MaryLiz Bender of the Cosmic Perspective YouTube channel. 

"Much larger even than the Saturn 5 — more powerful — and so what we always try to do is gift the awe."


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the new promised land...

Two years after Israel crashed a probe into the Moon, its space agency is setting its sights on Mars. Six people have begun a three-week mission in the Negev Desert, helping to prepare for a manned exploration of the Red Planet.  

The mission, which began on Monday at the Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station, or D-MARS, is a joint project of the Israel Space Agency and the Austrian Space Forum. Geologically, the Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert was found to be close to the conditions on Mars, even though temperatures there are significantly higher, even in winter.

The study involves only the ground part of Mars exploration. Six “analogue astronauts” will be living in isolation for three weeks, sleeping and conducting science experiments inside their habitat and taking walks outside in “spacesuit simulators.” A mission control center in Austria will be in touch with the crew.

The explorers hope to learn from the mission which technologies and psychological tricks would be effective in fostering team cohesion, but more importantly, which would fail.

“We have the motto of ‘Fail fast, fail cheap, and have a steep learning curve’. Because for every mistake we make here on Earth, we hope we don’t repeat it on Mars,” Gernot Gromer, director of the Austrian Space Forum, told Reuters.

The AMADEE-20 is the 13th mission of its kind managed by the Austrian organisers, with previous ones handled by Morocco in the Sahara Desert, the state of Utah in the US, Spain, and Oman.

The simulation in Israel was supposed to take place last year, but Covid-19 restrictions threw a spanner in the works. Members of the current team have been picked from Austria, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.


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13th mission? What? Gus isn't superstitious but... Or, is it possible that this training is actually for PLANET EARTH after we scorched the place by whatever means of environmental terrorism/vandalism from global warming to "nukular" war and lab-proto-viruses? Yep, the suits seem to be radiation-proof enough...


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princely advice...

The Duke of Cambridge has suggested entrepreneurs should focus their resources on solving problems on Earth rather than engaging in a new space race. 

He was speaking to the BBC’s Newscast podcast, before the first ceremony for his new Earthshot Prize this weekend. Five innovative ideas will each be awarded £1m to help the planet.

The full Prince William interview airs on 14 October 2021. UK viewers can watch on BBC One at 23:35 BST, or on iPlayer afterwards, or on the BBC News Channel. You can also listen on BBC Sounds and BBC 5 Live.

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But isn't good that the old Star Trek commander managed to get to the edge of space before falling back to earth?... Meanwhile, how low is the Duke's carbon footprint?