Wednesday 26th of January 2022

pure sophistry .....


pure sophistry .....

from the Sydney morning herald …..

Hicks case needs to be resolved: Ruddock

‘Pressure is building on the Federal Government to take action to end the US detention without charge of the Australian David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay.

After comments by the new director of military prosecutions, Brigadier Lyn McDade, in yesterday's Herald that the treatment of Mr Hicks was abominable, the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, said yesterday that those remarks "reflected the Government's position".

"The fact that a trial has not yet occurred frustrates us, and we have been arguing very strongly with the United States that these issues need to be resolved," Mr Ruddock said.

His agreement with Brigadier McDade marks a change in the Government's rhetoric about Mr Hicks, who has been detained at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba for more than five years without trial and is not currently charged with any offences.

Australia has not requested the return of the Adelaide-born man, saying it wants him to be tried by the Americans - unlike Britain, which refused to allow its nationals to be tried by the US military commissions.’

Hicks Case Needs To Be Resolved: Ruddock

Darth Ruddock is guilty of pure sophistry.

His cynical & cowardly attempt to defend his government’s failure to secure & protect the human & legal rights of David Hicks for five years, by hiding behind the brave public remarks of Brigadier McDade, succeeds only in highlighting the Howard government’s moral cowardice & its deceitful addiction to appearance over substance.

our fearless and humane national leaders-

show signs lately that they detect more votes in "being concerned" about david hicks, than in "protecting the nation" from this evil genius who found a way to threaten the survival of civilization without actually breaking the law.

when it comes to vote-sensitive noses, bloodhounds ain't in it.

on the other hand, some people could detect the stink of camp x-ray from the far side of the world. you would have to say howard and ruddock have a strangely narrow sense of smell, however powerful.

core forked-tongue .....


‘Well I don't think you should accept everything that; look I don't want to get into a debate about this with the defence counsel. It's not appropriate. I have been fairly careful in what I have said. Let me say this; we are satisfied in relation to the American.we are very satisfied in relation to the conditions attaching to the Military Commission. The problem about Hicks coming back to Australia always has been that he can't be charged under Australian law because the offence he is alleged to have committed was not a criminal offence under our law at the time. The other thing you have got to keep remembering is that Australian law does not follow Australians when they go overseas. It seems to be some mistaken view still in many sections of the Australian media that if you're an Australian and you're picked up overseas the Australian Government can automatically snap its fingers and say send him or her home. It doesn't work that way and we wouldn't accept it working that way with Americans or Englishmen or Japanese and we can't expect it to operate in that way with Americans, with Australians I'm sorry.’

of course not.

Only US citizens are afforded the right to be extricated from countries, including Australia, to escape prosecution under the laws of those countries, for crimes committed in those countries.

And only a hypocritical coward called Howard would permit that practice, whilst defending the criminal bushit administration for detaining & torturing an Australian citizen, when every other country with nationals similarly detained & tortured by the US at Guantamo Bay, has successfully argued for & secured their release.