Wednesday 26th of January 2022

the value of "special friendships" .....

the value of "special friends" .....


‘Embattled wheat exporter AWB has been dealt another blow, with Iraqi citizens seeking massive damages from the company for its role in the oil-for-food kickbacks scandal.

A civil lawsuit, filed in a US court today on behalf of northern Iraqi people, seeks $255 million in damages from AWB in conjunction with action against European bank BNP Paribas.

The suit claims the companies cheated Iraqis out of humanitarian supplies 1999 and 2003 by funnelling money into Saddam Hussein's coffers instead of putting it towards food and medical supplies through the UN oil-for-food program between.

The legal action continues the fallout from the Cole inquiry, which found AWB paid more than $290 million in illicit kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's former regime in exchange for access to Iraqi wheat markets.

AWB Limited today vowed to fight the legal action, which it described as ill-conceived.’

As long as the ethics of

As long as the ethics of this situation at ministerial (and Secretary & Under Secretary) level remain unresolved, it is going to get uglier and uglier.

Downer is likely to end up in the docks while whistle-blowing legal bullets are fired at him.  Actually it may be more of a whoosh than a whistle.

The US Under Secretary for Agriculture should be feeling more than annoyed that Flugge was represented to his department as a saint and a saviour when the man was obviously far from it.  If Downer and Co have been duplicitious with the Bush Admistration then his and their credibility factor will make them the first before the firing squad if Bush and Cheney need scapegoats.

Better for everyone concerned, methinks, if Downer faces his inevitable future and resigns immediately. 


politicians and ethics?

do you rely on ethical politicians?

why should they be ethical when they can do business in secret,and there's nothing you can do about it?

or so they hope. then if some unwanted light falls on their handiwork, at worst a comfortable retirement.

talking about politicians is pretty useless, there are variations, as there are between hyenas, but the fundamentals are the same.

so what will happen if howard or downer leaves? some philosopher king will take his place?