Wednesday 26th of January 2022

just a minor holocaust .....

just a minor holocaust .....


from The Nation …..

‘Jimmy Carter, by publishing his book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, walked straight into the buzz saw that is the Israel lobby. Among the vitriolic attacks on the former President was the claim by Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, that Carter is "outrageous" and "bigoted" and that his book raises "the old canard and conspiracy theory of Jewish control of the media, Congress, and the U.S. government." Many Democratic Party leaders, anxious to keep the Israel lobby's money and support, have hotfooted it out the door, with incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing that Carter "does not speak for the Democratic Party on Israel."

Carter's book exposes little about Israel. The enforced segregation, abject humiliation and spiraling Israeli violence against Palestinians have been detailed in the Israeli and European press and, with remarkable consistency, by all the major human rights organizations. The assault against Carter, rather, says more about the failings of the American media--which have largely let Israel hawks heap calumny on Carter's book. It exposes the indifference of the Bush Administration and the Democratic leadership to the rule of law and basic human rights, the timidity of our intellectual class and the moral bankruptcy of institutions that claim to speak for American Jews and the Jewish state.

The bleakness of life for Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip, is a mystery only to us. In the current Israeli campaign in Gaza, now sealed off from the outside world, almost 500 Palestinians, most unarmed, have been killed. Sanctions, demanded by Israel and imposed by the international community after the Hamas victory last January in what were universally acknowledged to be free and fair elections, have led to the collapse of civil society in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as widespread malnutrition. And Palestinians in the West Bank are being encased, in open violation of international law, in a series of podlike militarized ghettos with Israel's massive $2 billion project to build a "security barrier." This barrier will gobble up at least 10 percent of the West Bank, including most of the precious aquifers and at least 40,000 acres of Palestinian farmland. The project is being financed in large part through $9 billion in American loan guarantees, although when Congress approved the legislation in April 2003, Israel was told that the loans could be used "only to support activities in the geographic areas which were subject to the administration of the Government of Israel prior to June 5, 1967."’

Get Carter

carter, israel, and money

as american presidents go, no high standard, carter is a decent man. since getting chucked out for presiding over recession and foreign policy failures he has put his retirement to better use than most politicians ever achieve at the height of their active power. i might even sit down to eat with him.

he would be the last public figure on earth to accuse of ethnic bias.

when the israeli lobby attacks him,you can reasonably suspect the fault lies with them.

the charmingly ironic aspect of this story is that the money israel funnels into the american congress is american money! unlike the saudis who can fund their own bribes, israel must first beg a subsidy from congress, then channel some of that back to influential congress reps,who get them more money, etc. this is a whole new level of corruption. perhaps it's not so suprising that the israelis are sensitive to carter's claims.

Death game

From Robert Fisk...

I pondered this madness during a bout of severe turbulence at 37,000 feet over Colorado. And that's when it hit me, the whole final score in this unique round of the Iraq war between the United States of America and the forces of evil. It's a draw!


Gus: actually I believe it's a only the progressive score of a dangerous game which of course ends up with the referee being bashed up, while the various barmy crowds on the hill kill each other with sharpened religious knives and explosive mortars of morality... But as long as the petrol fill our Christmas stockings, we can go on a binge of Season's Greetings and stuffed turkey... May next year be the year of proper and enlightened democracy during which we do not kill anyone, we do not stuff up our environment and bathe in happiness...