Wednesday 26th of January 2022

promoting democracy, level 2

how to achieve democracy in australia.

delegitimize the rule of politicians by leaving your ballot blank. publicize your demand for democracy by writing " cir-now!" on the ballot.

that was easy, wasn't it? if only one person does it, nothing happens, as well i know. but if the day ever comes when 10% of the electorate does this, cir will happen. since elections are commonly lost by much fewer votes, when a losing party realizes their margin of failure can be attributed to not espousing cir, there will be a seismic shift in australian politics.

this will of course require that you do not 'participate' in your 'democratic duty'. it takes a bit of education, a bit of reflection, to realize where real democratic duty lies, especially if you still get a thrill out of being invited to lick the electoral boots of your parliamentary 'star'.

but leaving the direction of a whole nation in the hands of a small group of people working in secret for their own ends is a formula for disaster, as human history proves by endless example.

please give careful consideration to changing the political dynamics of australia in a peaceful and gradual process which is within every voter's capability.

that's all it takes to get the process started: "cir-now!"

I read with interest your

I read with interest your post on cir-now. I am more in favour of CIR that is binding called BCIR. There have been citizen initated referendas in this country eg wtare fluoridation issues, but the respective state governments did not see the outcome as binding.

I wish to draw your attention to a new website called Play It Forward Australia at

Play It Forward Australia supports the BCIR process and has a page devoted to it. Also of interest is an default BCIR letter which can be sent through Play It Forward's Email Your MPs or Email Your Editor's facility. Alternatively you can use these 2 facilities to notify your MPs or Editors of important issues that concern the disempowerment of the Australian citizen.

Play It Forward Australia does ask however that visitors to the site not to abuse the facility.

You are also enouraged to read the letter and help in your part of forwarding on to your fellow Australians.

Kind Regards


more on cir, and general ranting...

you may wish to visit:

all welcome, but i'm dieing to meet the first ozzie who says: " you're right, we have to get off our bums and actually do something."