Thursday 30th of June 2022

Action button

Just thinking more about branding, and taking action. As we have said before, I think the simplest way of providing action is to utilise external sites for petitions, etc. What we need, is a button/image which we all use to link to the action. This is perhaps always placed at the top of the post, so it is visible from the teasers. I'm not a graphic designer, but below is a suggestion as to what this button could look like.


great Nigel .....

Hi Nigel.

Looks pretty good to me ...

Would it be very hard to set-up?

We would need to "authorise" its use, given it is coming from the YD site & we are responsible for content. Maybe users could prepare a draft for clearance?

We would need to publish "user" instructions.




In it's simplest form it

In it's simplest form it will be trivial to set up. It'll just be a matter of turning any "Action" links into images before publishing. As for authorizing people, see above. If we maintain the current system of moderation then we can in essence Authorise it.

And on that topic, perhaps turing off comment moderation could be considered. The creation of forum topics, and blogs will remain moderated, as will promotion to the front page, but comments could be delt with in retrospect if required?  Just a thought. It might make things flow better.