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an order of convenience ...

an order of convenience ...

This past week (4 March 2019) saw the first anniversary of the incident in Salisbury England where former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia became ill in a public space in the centre of town. Within a very short time (12th March) and before evidence could possibly have been adduced, United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May was making a statement in the House of Commons attributing blame to Russia.

The then foreign secretary Boris Johnson had already (6 March) drawn parallels with the Litvinenko death in 2006. On 12 March (before May’s statement) Johnson went further and said that the substance responsible for the Skripal’s illness had been identified as “A234” and that accordingly, in the British assessment “it was highly likely that Russia was responsible for the attack.”

In the succeeding 12 months the British have not deviated from that view. This is despite a wealth of evidence contradicting that assessment, and a multiple of variations of the official story that have emerged. The British have also ignored the manifest impossibilities of many of their arguments, and the emergence of other, far more plausible explanations.

SKRIPAL: One Year Later Some Things Are Clearer

James O’Neill

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the spy plane...

On the Corbet report, there is a rehash (possibly updated with 2019 information) of the 1983 KAL007 crash after having been shot down by USSR pilots. Conspiracy theories are explored with a grain of salt and real possibilities.


On September 1, 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by a Soviet fighter interceptor as it crossed through Soviet air space. But what was it doing so far off course, flying over Soviet military installations the day of a secret missile test? What happened to the bodies? And what does all of this have to do with Larry McDonald, the sitting US congressman who was on the flight and warning America about the coming of the New World Order? Find out this week on The Corbett Report.


It is also posted by Off Guardian:


Here, one has to refer to an episode which I may have mentioned on this site with less details. Unfortunately, the reference I allude to is only available in French, and I believe the book has since been banned for re-edition. My good Friend Jules (Letambour) provided me long ago with a detailed English verbal explanation of the content. 

SDECE Service 7 L'extraordinaire histoire du colonel Le Roy-Finville et de ses clandestins

by Philippe Bernert

This is a book on the same level as "Double-Cross system" by J C Masterman. I already have made a reference to Le Roy-Finville and his death as seen by an Algerian journalist

But this is about civil commercial flight being used as "spy planes". The chapter Jules refers to is title "Les Sites de Missiles" (Missile Sites).

General Boursicot, the director of the SDECE, asked Le Roy-Finville (a "travelling salesman" — his cover while being a spy) , the head of the "Section 7" of the SDECE, to help the Americans. LRF (Le Roy-Finville) hates the idea. He runs the most secret section of the most secret service in the world, and fears that his existence could be compromised. His main expertise is to open and shut without detection, most unaccompanied diplomatic bags that carry very precious information.


LRF (hidden) assists at a meeting between French and American spy services. At the time, the French airline, Air France had just been the only airline allowed to fly to Moscow. Roll, one of the director of Air France was a friend of (and a spy for) LRF.

The Russian had pushed for the French airline to use an "Ilyouchine-18" but Roll convince the Russians that AF (Air France) should use its new planes, the Caravelle. The Americans wanted the French pilots to deviate from the narrow allowed flight corridor and take pictures of the ground with a special camera using a special film provided by the Yanks...


You know the rest... Pictures taken by the pilots were supposed to be shared between the French and the Americans. Only the Americans had the processing facility for the "special" film and would make duplicate for the French. The Yanks cheated and only gave the French the "not-so" revealing or blurry pictures of Russian Missile Sites. Taking all the risk of being shot down, the French were a bit peeve because they knew some pictures were missing. The French managed to discover the iodine processing of the "special" film and gave the Yanks unprocessed duplicates. The Yanks in return gave the French processed duplicates which once again were missing the important pictures. The French knew for sure the Yanks were cheating and stopped sharing forthwith. 


Meanwhile the Americans had started their U-2 spy planes missions which stopped when the Russians had missiles accurate enough to shoot one down. The next stage was "satellites" technology, which the Russians were ahead of the Americans at the time... This for another time... (see also: Let's say that the USA has more than 200 "government" spy satellites and use more than 90 private spy satellites, on top of many communication satellites that can be used by the NSA and other agencies.