Wednesday 26th of January 2022

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‘When you hear that we must bomb Syria because it allows Iranian weapons to transit its territory, remember how our own Dutch allies have been deliberately turning a blind eye for years as one of its major international airports is used as a transit point for our shipment of illicit, non-conventional weapons into the Middle East.

Remember too that at the exact same time that the US Administration was demanding that Iraq be sanctioned and its children starved because Saddam Hussein was developing Chemical and Biological Weapons, our Department of Commerce was (and presumably still is) issuing export licences to facilitate the production of exactly the same weapons in Israel.

And next time you hear George Bush talk about the gift of democracy that we are bringing to the Middle East, reflect on the transparency and accountability of our own democracy, and particularly that of our Dutch ally, which preferred for years to leave its own citizens chronically ill and without a diagnosis of their condition, rather than reveal the kinds of operations it was allowing Israel to carry out at Schiphol Airport.

And remember when you hear that we have to bomb Iran for its alleged and unproven contravention of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, that the US – a member of the Chemical Weapons Convention – really is facilitating proliferation of Chemical Weapons to a non-member state (Israel).

Just remember the aftermath of the Bijlmermeer air disaster, and you'll never have to ask yourself again why so much of the world listens to our rhetoric, and thinks we're just full of it.’

"Specialty Chemicals"

War! Huh!

Passing on a link to a map of global traffic in small arms, from The late Edwin Starr* gets his answer...

lies and politicians

it's their nature. expecting philosopher kings in politics is as sensible as expecting hyenas to be vegetarian.

 if you complain about their lies, you legitimize their position. if you really want to live in a just society, you must change the social structure, not complain about about the boofheads who currently occupy the top of the baboon society we have inherited.

i believe that only genuine democracy can save the human race from the various ecological disasters coming ever more strongly into view. i also believe that the chance of achieving democracy in time to avoid disaster is very small. if you're in your 20's, you are going to find out what life in a 'brave new world' is like. that's if you're lucky. if unlucky, you will experience life in '1984', with the added charm of genetic engineering making resistance literally impossible.

and of course, these political evolutions will be driven by famine and war arising from catastrophic climate change.  of course, maybe "she'll be right, mate."

good luck.