Tuesday 16th of August 2022

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From the ABC …..

US orders ethical training for troops 

A top US commander in Iraq has
ordered combat troops to be trained to abide by moral and ethical
standards on the battlefield. 

The move is an apparent reference
to allegations Marines killed civilians last year. 

The commander of US combat troops
in Iraq, Lieutenant General Peter W. Chiarelli, said: "Of the nearly
150,000 coalition forces presently in Iraq, 99.9 per cent of them perform
their jobs magnificently every day". 

"Unfortunately, there are a
few individuals who sometimes choose the wrong path," he said. 

US defence officials have said
charges, including murder, may be brought against Marines following a US investigation
into the deaths of 24 civilians in the western Iraqi city of Haditha in

The US says the training will
take place over the next 30 days.

spinning our "new" core values .....

ah yes Gus, give us
another dose of those “new” core values: the sort of values practised by the US
“commander-in-thief” – the values you’d expect from a draft dodger, an election
fraudster & war criminal.

Yes sirree, the inspiring values
of a two-bit politician who has illegally ordered “shock & awe” &
killed tens of thousands of innocents at the flick of a switch & without
batting an eyelid & calls it “collateral damage”. 

A “war leader” of churchillian
proportions: who promotes fear over hope; lies, cheats, deceives, practices
extortion, is incompetent, puts himself above the law & encourages torture.
The “great decider”, who inspires with words like “yer with us or agin’ us”
& whose “core values” would make Caligula proud. 

Of course the American servicemen
who commit assaults, rape & murder in the name of “freedom & democracy”
should be punished for their crimes, but it would be a greater crime to blame
just a “few bad apples” for the carnage the little bushit & his cowardly
accomplices have visited on the world, if they are also not held accountable. 

As a former director of a number of
companies, I always knew that my every action would be scrutinised by my
subordinates & if I expected them to behave to the best possible standard,
I would have to observe that same standard: in other words, lead by example. 

How can we blame young American
servicemen for losing their way, or Australian servicemen for that matter, when
the example set for them by their leadership encourages them to do just that? 

We have a prime minister who is as
guilty as little bushit when it comes to the war crimes perpetrated against the
people of Iraq & Afghanistan. Worse, we have a prime minister who allowed
an Australian company to give aid to the “enemy” who threatened the lives of
our servicemen & women. Worse than that, we have a prime minister who takes
us all for fools by claiming “he didn’t see, didn’t hear, wasn’t told, didn’t
know” anything about it. 

And worse than that; worse than
the myriad of brutal crimes committed against the innocent civilians of Iraq
& Afghanistan by the “coalition of the willing” is the “core value” adopted
by us – shameful, silent, cowardly acquiescence.

Bushito warrior code

Core values -

1. Don't get caught.

2. Look for a scapegoat.

3. Refuse to acknowledge error.

4. Set the dogs onto critics.

5. Recruit God.

I am the War President. Good for nuthin'.

core values training .....

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by Mark Fiore