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move over saddam .....

‘People tell me that Saddam Hussein is a very bad man.
Probably he is. Ok, really he is. He is egregiously immoral and ghastly. Should
he be put on trial? Can such a trial be fair? This is where it gets

If all heads of state who commit
violent acts were to be tried as criminals, we would live in a very different
world. It would be a world without governments as we know them. Let's say that
you like that idea. You might argue that lopping off Saddam's head is as good a
place to start as any.’ 

The State In
The Dock

but ….. 

‘Wasn’t it evil for the US to bomb Iraq for a decade and
to embargo medicines for children? When US Secretary of State M. Albright was
asked if she thought an embargo that resulted in the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi
children was justified, she replied, "yes." 

The former terrible tyrant ruler
of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, is on trial for killing 150 people. The US government
murdered 500,000 Iraqi children prior to Bush’s invasion. When the US
government murders people, whether Serbs, Branch Davidians at Waco, or Iraqi
women and children, it is "collateral damage." But we put Saddam
Hussein on trial for putting down rebellions.’ 

The Evil Is In Our

one of the gang .....

A video documentary by Jacques
Charmelot & Arnaud Hamelin …..

An historical account of the
relationship between America and Saddam Hussein. 

Reveals the complicity of America
in Saddam's atrocities. Forty years of secrets, incomprehension and incompetence
led to the occupation of Iraq. 

America's Best Enemy

Dangerous profession #1

From the ABC

Saddam lawyer killed: reports
By Middle East correspondent Mark Willacy

A senior member of Saddam Hussein's legal team has reportedly been shot dead in Baghdad.

If the killing is confirmed, he will be the third defence lawyer to have been killed since the trial of the deposed Iraqi dictator began.

Iraq's Interior Ministry says the body of Khamis al-Obeidi was found dumped in the middle of a roundabout in the Baghdad neighbourhood of Adamiyah.

The Associated Press news agency is quoting court officials as saying the defence lawyer for Saddam was killed after he was abducted from his home by men wearing police uniforms.

Last year, two other members of the former dictator's defence team were murdered.

Two days ago, the chief prosecutor in the trial of Saddam called for the deposed president to be put to death if found guilty of crimes against humanity.

From a dictator in prison to a moron in command

From the New York Times

In a 5,000-Word Letter, Hussein Blames Bush, Iran and Israel Supporters for Iraq’s Troubles

Published: July 21, 2006
BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 20 — Saddam Hussein’s defense lawyers on Thursday released a letter Mr. Hussein recently wrote in prison that tries to convince the American people that the United States should leave Iraq because President Bush misled them into a deadly quagmire.

The 5,000-word letter is a rambling treatise outlining what Mr. Hussein asserts are the false reasons the Bush administration used to justify the war in Iraq, from illicit weapons to links with Al Qaeda. Mr. Hussein said he had written it at the behest of Ramsey Clark, the former United States attorney general who serves on his defense team.

Mr. Hussein blames Iran and pro-Israel interests for helping lead the Americans into war. He invokes the specter of the Vietnam War and the spirit of Mao, saying the Chinese revolutionary is “laughing in his grave because his prediction has been fulfilled and America is a paper tiger.”

The letter is dated July 7 and was handed by Mr. Hussein to Mr. Clark, said Rasha Oudeh, the office manager for Mr. Hussein’s eldest daughter.

“People of America, the misfortunes that have afflicted you and afflicted our Arab nation and within it our heroic people — including the breakdown of America’s standing and reputation — were only caused by the reckless behavior of your government and by pressure from Zionism,” Mr. Hussein wrote, according to a translation of the letter e-mailed to reporters by both his defense team and an insurgent Web site...

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