Sunday 26th of June 2022

Cracking the ice...

Cracking the ice...

And he is OUR foreign minister....

From fairfax Digital ""Australia has caved in to pressure from its Asian neighbours and agreed to sign a regional non-aggression pact in return for an invitation to the inaugural East Asian summit later this year. The federal government previously ruled out signing the treaty of amity and cooperation, which would ban Australia from making preemptive strikes on terrorist cells in other countries. Mr Downer maintains the Australian government will not have to sacrifice its policy of military pre-emption by signing the treaty. Because, he said, debate about pre-emption is purely hypothetical."" Gus says: hypothetical moron not knowing a contradiction of pre-emption and cooperation....?

No worries, ASEAN,... if it happens, Dubya did it.

Austraya' s involvement in a pre-emptive strike would most likely be in the form of utilising our contribution to the U.S. Missile Shield.,  the Aegis missiles on the warships being built in Adelaide.

As such, in terms of diplomatic semantics Downer can easily dodge and weave.  If we strike at an ASEAN sovereign state, it will be Dubya who gives the order. 

Blair on song, too.

Mr Blair insisted that most faith schools - Muslim, Jewish, Anglican and the Catholic ones his own children have attended - preach respect for other faiths and "realpolitik" would prevent him closing them even if he wished to do so. "September 11 for me was a wake-up call. A lot of people woke up for a short time, rolled over and went back to sleep again ... We need to confront these people at every single level, not just their methods, their ideas."

Public mood has hardened over terror cases, Blair tells judges

All the more reason to get in first. Expunge evil thoughts!