Sunday 26th of June 2022

Raising the bar

Raising the bar


Apologies good people... I seem to have swamped the site with my pidtures today... I will use a bit of moderation tomorrow... Sorry.

luv your work .....

Don't apologize Gus:

We LUV your work!!!

Not sure what you are

Not sure what you are apologising for?

Or did ya get an email from some unknown source to do so?

Apology about my apology

After having drawn four cartoons, planned three for today, written a 2,500 words on lobbyist becoming government advisors — a blog that demanded a subliminal fight with the guru of science, Robyn Williams, re GM crops and a beef about 30 per cent of the US population (25 per cent in Australia — the growing overweight people, 25 per cent kids not included ), posted five comments to other comments and blogs on the site and carefully considered whether I was right or wrong anywhere especially when expressing my 1960s views about cancer and catalytic polymerisation of life — and about to write an apology to the potatoes of the world for lampooning their root species by comparing them to spud spies — all in a few too short hours, I must have gone soft in the head... But it was looking as an accumulation of unpaid bills and complaints from the bank that pushed me over the edge. I had to find a way to get me off the fantastic treadmill this site is. It was the apology I had to have to myself for not doing my “work

Cut yerself some slack

Piss-taking is an honourable profession, Gus, and here's the spoof.

Karl Rove: the real story

Now, where's today's 'toons? Chop chop!