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american terror

‘Iran has long been a focus of the small clique of "global dominationists" - led by Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and their acolytes - who engineered the invasion of Iraq.


This group is determined to "whack Iran", as one insider put it & they're not at all discouraged by the debacle in Iraq; indeed, to them it's a rousing success. Their first objective - openly stated years ago, before Bush took office - was the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime & the planting of a US "military footprint" in Iraq. This has now been done.


The fact that it has plunged the Iraqi people into a hell of violence, chaos, terror and extremism is of no real concern to the clique. Their lofty rhetoric about "freedom & liberation" is meaningless sham, shuck & jive for the rubes.


By the admission of the clique's own publications, they seek strategic control over the world's energy resources in order to preserve and expand American geopolitical and economic hegemony in the new century.


Everything else - including the security of the American people, put at increasing risk by the clique's reckless policies - is of secondary importance.’ 



American Terror

Sources for global dominationist objectives

John: can you point me to any reliable sources for the statements of this clique? I know about the PNAC stuff, but do you know where else I can find straightforware statements of their intent?

On PNAC, by the way, I've shown the website to workmates in the past. When they've read (open-mouthed) what's openly stated in these publications, the reaction has been that the site must be a forgery put up by left-wingers, designed to damage the neo-cons' reputation. The stated reason for believing this was, in a couple of cases, that if anything that outrageously militaristic were really being put forward by people close to the US leadership, it would be all over our media, surely. Oh, how I wish it were so.

War of the future

The US administration is not planning for peace of the future nor how to implement it... It only plans for "wars of the future" and is madly equipping the US troops with new technologies to make them sure winners... The strategies and new weaponry are beyond belief. Yet these strategies are precisely worked out way in advance (up to 30 years), in bunkers at the Pentagon... Including apparent blunder by apparent blunder designed to fool the general public as to the real intentions, but with the determination and morality of a wolf pack.

Holy s...ites...

While many Muslim leaders are signing a Fatwa to curse terrorist bombers who use Islam as an excuse for their deeds, a very serious US politician seeks tit-for-tat bombing of Muslim holy sites... Holy mackerels!!! Holy s... Is this bloke nuts or what? _____________________ from the ABC... A US congressman from President George W Bush's Republican Party has called for Washington to respond to a future Islamic terror attack by bombing Muslim holy sites. "If this (terror attack) happens, and if, in fact, we can prove that it was perpetrated by some fundamentalist Islamic - Islamo-fascist is really I think what we should call them - then you might think about this as a threat, the retaliation on their holy sites," US Representative Tom Tancredo said on US television. "We are talking about a situation where our very lives are at stake, not just the life of the United States, but of Western civilization," Mr Tancredo told Fox television. ___________________________ Stop!!! I know, I should have guessed it... This blurt was aired on the FOX channel — the channel of the fulsome backslapping Murdox... No need to look any further... We definitely are on the Road to Peace-a-lily...aren’t we? And yes I agree with the PM... we wuz bombed before invading Iraq... And no, I disagree with the PM, the war in Iraq has increased the number of potential terrorists by at least four, if not five times what it was before...

Eternal bonds

The other night, we squeezed into a church hall in leafy, elite 3126, to hear Li Cunxin talk about his life, as described in his autobiography Mao's Last Dancer.

I lost count of the times he referred to his mother. Li's origins are clearly part of his being. His intense love for his mother could, perhaps, be stretched to embrace the motherland. Li is as part of the West as anyone, but we know where his heart is, and he cherishes the memories of his childhood in a dirt-poor peasant family. Li speaks of his parents wedding day. They saw each other for the first time that day, and have been each other's "shadow" since then. This inbuilt sense of origin, regard for family, devotion to duty and capacity for hard work, if it extends to DPRK, makes George Bush look like a bumbling fool. There's plenty of evidence that the Korean sense of volk is as inviolate as granite.

From Remember the Pueblo.
It's a bad sign that the Western intelligence experts who monitor North Korean ports and examine satellite images didn't notice that the Pueblo had moved. President Bush's refusal to engage North Korea, as the Clinton administration had done, has already led the North to revive plutonium production. Mr. Bush's backup plan is to stop North Korean nuclear proliferation by intercepting nuclear materials as they leave the country - but that's wishful thinking. If we couldn't detect the transfer of a famous 176-foot ship, it's ludicrous to think we could stop the smuggling of a grapefruit-size chunk of plutonium.

The Chinese probably look at the Arabian peninsula, and US military bases all over western and central Asia, and say "never, never, never, ever; to the last drop of Chinese blood".
How many US bases are on Taiwan? None, although the genius in the Oval office is figuring out how to incite a blow-up over the Straits, perhaps with a carelessly aimed mini-nuke.
What is the chance of the CIA funding black ops in china, to incite underground rebellion, like they did to Afghanistan and trying to do to Iran?

China according to the Pentagon

End of the US-China honeymoon


Question: Which is the second richest largest economy in the world after the US? Answer: The Chinese outside China (Source: well guarded...)

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Sorry to be so tardy in getting back to you.

I find that one of the best sites (both in terms of quality of information & reputation) is Foreign Policy Foreign Policy

I subscribe, so can get access to everything but even if you just register without subscribing, you can still access a vast array of material.

You'll find a storeroom full of stuff on the usual suspects: from Bush to Dick Cheney, Robert Kagan, Ari Fleischer, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Lewis Libby, Karl Rove etc.

Just for openers, this article offers a matrix of the various reasons embraced by members of the Bush cabal for the war in Iraq Foreign Policy: 21 Rationales for War

See how you go here anyway & let me know if you need more.


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The "War on Terror" is no more. It has been replaced by the "global struggle against violent extremism."


The phrase "War on Terror" was chosen with care. "War" is a crucial term. It evokes a war frame, and with it, the idea that the nation is under military attack - an attack that can only be defended militarily, by use of armies, planes, bombs, and so on.


The war frame includes special war powers for the president, who becomes commander in chief. It evokes unquestioned patriotism, and the idea that lack of support for the war effort is treasonous. It forces Congress to give unlimited powers to the President, lest detractors be called unpatriotic.


And the war frame includes an end to the war - winning the war, mission accomplished!


War on Terror: Rest in Peace