Thursday 18th of August 2022

All those in favour of lower wages say aye...

All those in favour of lower wages say aye...

Fear and stick from Karl Max Howard

The union movement has scrapped old-style industrial warfare action against the Government, conceding it cannot counter the Coalition's power in the Senate or risk alienating "Howard's battlers"

flag sentiments

I agree with your sentiment, however I think the background flag should have been the flag of the Ustatians, with our Aussie flag being just visible in the bottom right hand corner.


(South Australia - now part of an elected dictatorship)

Ps. Maybe one day you'll remember the Eureka flag, and what it stands for. :)

Flagging flag

I totally agree with you wolf.... But the flag used by the little Johnnee in the background of his porkies is that of this country... This is why we need to get a new one... He has soiled the Australian flag — by appearing in front of it and telling fibs — far more than any one burning it...

But Gus

But Gus, Mark Latham also appeared in front of the US flag... and I assure you, my email to his office about that occasion was very pointed.

To me, and my way of thinking and observing, it does not matter what party is in "charge" of my country, don't matter what business people, don't matter what Union.

Everyone is flying the Ustatian flag. :( 

Sad isn't it?